Monday, February 3, 2020

Current Make Up Products


I have a couple I love, I'll list in order of most loved, click on the word "here" to find each product.
1. This one is my FAVORITE of all time ( HERE) but only when I pair with this one ( HERE ), there is something about starting with the liquid primer (the first one) then adding adding the second primer to my nose, chin and forehead thats a winning combination for me.

2. This primer is good, don't let it being in second place fool ya, I;ve been through two tubes and will buy again. Its light weight, feels wonderful and makes my skin look nice. Find it HERE

3. This I feel like is technically a primer but there are days I wear it all by itself and no foundation, find it HERE

1. I have been wearing this one for years and years, its great, I mean really nice. Not full coverage but medium, works well with my dry skin and all the primers I mentioned (although i don't think you need a primer with it.....I still use one). It is a go to foundation, hands down! Find it HERE , I wear it in shade: medium.

2. For full coverage I have been using and really liking, this one HERE . It doesn't feel heavy ( don't use to much), plays well with the primers I like and last all day.

3. I love this one particular brush so much I bought two, find it HERE and don't forget a sponge, I have two favorites, this one HERE its a great deal, but better than the price is how it works. I originally saw it on instagram and rolled my eyes so hard they made have gotten stuck for a minute. I WAS WRONG to be skeptical , they are great!!!! The other sponge I love for under my eyes (it works great all over too), you can find HERE

1. For under my eyes I like this one HERE in shade 110
2. My other favorite for under my eyes this one HERE
3. I use THIS ONE (in custard) for spot correcting and as a primer before shadow.

1. I use this one HERE under my eyes and sometimes all over my face, but its BY far my favorite for under my eyes. The pressed version is wonderful as well, find it HERE

2. All over my face, I like a couple different ones (depends on my mood and what I am wanting for the day).  This one HERE is great, no complaints, lots of people rave about (for good reason). You can't go wrong, but when I need (actually when I want) a change, I use this one HERE and it beautiful, plus it smells great too.

On Instagram live here and there you may see me use a contour palette by Tarte but like I have said I am only trying to use it up and be done with it. My favorite contour is THIS ONE, I've been through at least two and don't plan on quitting it any time soon.

I have a weakness for bronzers and have a few I really like and there is no real order or favorite.
I have one particular bronzer I have repurchased at least three times if not more, THIS ONE
Another go to bronzer is THIS ONE in Rosewood.
My favorite drug store bronzer is THIS ONE in deep bronze, don't let the shade name scare you. It goes on much lighter and is a really nice bronzer. I just picked up a new one,

Everyone knows when it comes to blush I am three ring circus, all on my own. I like color and on my walls or on my cheeks it doesn't matter. I've been HARD hooked on THIS ONE , it is SO PRETTY!!! It's actually a palette and I LOVE everything about it, so much so I have used THREE of them from 2019 - 2020 an I am about to purchase my fourth. HANDS DOWN its my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
When I travel or want to change things up a bit I grab THIS ONE in mood exposure. It's really pretty, and last on the cheeks. Another go to blush that adds a pretty glow and more natural color to the cheeks is THIS ONE in pillow talk.
I recently saw THIS ONE and have it in my cart to purchase, it look like a beauty spring blush.

I have a couple highlighters I really like but this one in THIS PALETTE in peach pearl. Y'all it is so GOOD.  A second favorite highlighter is HERE its pretty, no glitter and a nice shine.

I have a couple palettes I have had in rotation lately, most used at the moment is HERE I almost returned it, and I am so glad I gave it a second try. I REALLY love it, especially when I add THIS ON TOP  in shade full metal bronze and or THIS ONE in shade Totally Whipped.

Eye Brows 
I have two favorite products one is THIS DRUG STORE PRODUCT . The other products is both a micro liner and a felt tip and I LOVE IT, find it HERE

I keep it simple when it comes to eyeliner, I only wear it on my top lid and black, and drug store THIS IS MY CURRENT FAVORITE

I try a lot of mascara but I seem to always go back to THIS ONE and have for a few years now. It is the best mascara in my opinion. Sidenote: I like a wet, thick formula that creates mostly volume but adds a bit of length ( I have long lashes), THIS MASCARA does all those things and I LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVe it.

Setting Spray
I get questioned here and there on how I keep makeup off my shirts ( collar), I don't think there is any fool proof way but a setting spray is very helpful!  THIS ONE is great at setting your makeup and taking any powdery look away.
Another setting spray I use frequently and usually have in my bag is THIS ONE , I have dry skin and quick spray here and there in the day feels nice and keeps my makeup looking fresh.

I am going to share  some of my most used
and favorite products.
Lip Liners:  THIS ONE IN THE SHADE EVER is so pretty and very natural and neutral. THIS ONE IN THE SHADE OH SNAP is a much loved and used liner also. I use either of these with the lipsticks and glosses I am sharing.

The fan I use to set my foundation and then again to dry my setting spray is THIS ONE

The above linkS are affiliate links,  which means I  receive a commission should you decide to click that link and make a purchase. It does not affect the price of the item or my opinion. My content is not in any way influenced by affiliate links. I do my best to share where I purchase items or find as similar as I can to something I have purchased in the past and is no longer available

Friday, December 27, 2019


I guess I need to share this before the New Year, because....Keto ( the recipe is not keto)!
You may or may not have seen me share making this Cheesecake recipe on Instagram stories ( I share a lot on stories). Below is the break down of how to make it, I have the best results making it 
in a 9 x 13 glass pan ( think Pyrex). The original recipe ( which I have changed only a tiny bit since I started using it in 2005) says to use a springform pan but I DO NOT use one. I’m sure someone is thinking, why a 9 x 13, is it even a cheesecake in a rectangle dish? Trust me on this one and use your glass 9 x 13, it makes a great thickness, you can serve it in nice square pieces that are not huge or overwhelming, and who really wants to mess with a springform pan anyway???

Before we go any further it’s important to say:


Now to the HOW TO:
Preheat your oven to 350 degrees

Make your crust first, ITS EASY DO NOT STRESS
1 3/4 cups Graham Cracker Crumbs ( make your own if you want, but I buy them all crumbled up in a box already)
1/4 cup of Sugar
1 stick of Butter ( melted )
Mix graham cracker crumbs and sugar, then add melted butter. I do this in a bowl and use a fork to mix up, EASY! Press into the bottom of your glass 9 x 13 pan BUT not up the sides (only on bottom of pan), and DO NOT grease pan.
BAKE  at 350 degrees for 5 minutes 

4 - 8 ounce Blocks of Cream Cheese ( I prefer Philadelphia Cream Cheese, but YOU DO YOU and use your favorite brand) / Cream Cheese needs to be soft, and putting it in microwave kind of makes it gross so DO NOT DO THAT.
4 Eggs
1 Cup Sugar
1 Teaspoon Vanilla
Mix all together, I hand mix and use a whisk, but once again its a personal choice and if a hand mixer or stand mixer is your jam, go for it!
Pour over crust and bake at 350 for 30 minutes. 
When your timer goes off and you are taking the cheesecake out of the oven it may jiggle a bit and you’ll probably think its not done. A little jiggle is ok, a LOT of jiggle needs to stay in the oven a bit longer. Use your judgment. If your making cheesecake your not new to the kitchen and you get what I mean. Also DO NOT turn the oven off you are not done!

( and YES you have to make the topping)
1 pint sour cream ( 16 ounces ), I do NOT use low fat or light....HELLO its cheesecake and you just used four blocks of cream cheese, do not use low fat or light sour cream. SERIOUSLY don’t do it!
3 Tablespoons Sugar
1 Teaspoon Vanilla
Mix all tougher (by hand or mixer its your call), pour on top of cheesecake and smooth out. Bake at 350 degrees for 8 -10 minutes. My oven takes the 10 minutes.  Remove from oven, let cool then place in refrigerator oven night ( I cover with plastic wrap) 
SIDENOTE:  Sometimes my topping my cracks after I bake it, and sometimes it doesn’t and I have no idea why, but good news is, crack or not it does not effect the taste so no worries.

You can serve plain, or with fresh berries, sometimes I add a little whip topping but you do not need it at all.....the fresh berries are REALLY nice with it!


Thursday, August 29, 2019

Snake Print Shirt

I ordered this top and had little to no hopes, it was very inexpensive and I was getting a vibe that the picture online was going to be better than the actual item. WOW I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO wrong. It is great, I love it!!! You can find it HERE I purchased the color yellow ( there is NO yellow in this top its basically shades of brown and bits of black). I ordered a large it fits great and arrived quick.

I get a lot of questions about my necklaces and they have come from all over, travels, internet, years ago...... anyway I linked a few that I have or are similar. 
This one is a great look that is making a comeback, love it!!!! Find it HERE
This is a great NECKLACE to layer with and would mix well with the one above.

Recent purchases on their way:

This SWEATER in white, I think it comes in about six or so different colors and I plan to wear it with THESE JEANS. All the sizes in those jeans are currently available. 

I also grabbed this SWEATER  which I am super excited about the color, and can't wait for cooler temps to wear. I found it from MIATCU on instagram, she's a doll. 

To wear with both I grabbed a new pair of booties, because.....its fall and we all love a cute bootie.
To find the booties go HERE . I can not wait for them to arrive, I am absolutely wearing them immediately. 

Thanks for stopping by, hope the information was helpful and you have a wonderful weekend.

The above linkS are affiliate links,  which means I  receive a commission should you decide to click that link and make a purchase. It does not affect the price of the item or my opinion. My content is not in any way influenced by affiliate links. I do my best to share where I purchase items or find as similar as I can to something I have purchased in the past and is no longer available