Wednesday, April 16, 2014

What to Pack???

My camera is ready, well not ready I mean I plan on packing it and buying several new SD cards, but you get the idea. I am generally pretty good at taking pictures while on vacation, and I am not claiming to be a professional. Overall I tend to take a ton of photos, I'm not great at it but I capture the memory or image I was hoping for and that's the important part. This trip has been in the works since January and I have been mentally preparing for it for at least three months. Only one problem, mental preparation is not the same as actual preparation. Fun facts about me: I work best under pressure (by work I mean pack), and I always make a million list before a trip and can not find a one when the packing actually starts. So overall I am uber awesome at traveling. NOT! I always over pack, and usually forget stuff and can not ever seem to manage my own luggage on my own. EEEKKKK I have a lot to work out before Sunday. Not to mention I haven't called the credit card company to say "oh hey I'll be in like 8 different places that are not in Texas for the next sixteen days." Probably need to add that to the list, that I will lose as well as adding an international plan to my cell phone.Oh...and find my passport.
Now to a few fun deets about the trip, I'm traveling with a friend who WON this trip because she is rocking awesome at her job. I might be a little jealous, lets me be honest..the only trips I've won because of my job are...NONE.  So my friend can apparently rock your friends socks off when it comes to insurance and being amazeballs at it. We will be in so many places I literally have to check the email (some are: Venice, Rome, Capri, Piza, Florence,and I am forgetting some), the other day I realized we were also going to Monte Carlo! 
Back to my list and managing the luggage, WHAT DO I PACK??? Sure the I get the basics: phone charger, passport, money, camera, special pill for the plane ride. YES, I am a nervous flier, I didn't say scared to fly because I get nervous all confined to one space for nine plus hours and I'm super chatty. I know that no one wants super chatty next to them on a nine plus hour flight...I don't! Right now I need to say, sorry to the person next me to for chatting you up till my special pill kicked in and knocking me out. My big plan is to make my pod into a bed, get into my sleep sack, put on eye mask and wake up with really bad hair and puff eyes in London.
Lets talk clothes, and sixteen ish days of them. I'm generally a big fan of dresses and will be packing a few new ones ( a Lilly Pulitzer maxi, EM dress and several sail to sable dresses) and several other basic dresses and separates. Jack Rogers and Tory Burch Reva's are the shoes of choice at the moment but I may need to pack something more practical. What kind of shoe is considered practical and perfect for travel that doesn't look like I work in a cafeteria?? Sperry's are not always blister friendly for me, and wedges are definitely not practical but are adorable. Eeek, I see problems with foot wear malfunctions.  Lets not forget jewelry, what's okay to take and not to take. I probably wear enough jewelry everyday to open a small pop up shop.  I don't know, I just want to pack and be prepared and have an incredible trip full of fun and great memories. The rest is gravy, right???  

Have any great tips on packing? please share.

Peace Be With You

Not sure what to say, but apparently Lee Warren needed his/her moment to get a lot of energy and passion for how he/she feels and I can totally appreciate and respect that. I never aspect people to agree with what I say or write and when anyone puts their opinions, feeling and views on an open forum then he/she (me) have to be ready for others to either agree or disagree. I get that, I have no problem with it. The question I am sure I will get is why would you post what Lee Warren has to response...why not, it's not a reflection on me or how I feel. This person doesn't know me or my family, Lee is responding to his/her strong emotions and feeling! All I can offer to Lee is, thanks for reading and I have to applaud your passion and conviction, peace be with you.

*this was the comment I received this morning from Lee Warren


First, let me say that you're a hateful, ungodly idiot. You and you 100 readers on your free Blogger account may not know Jesus, but He knows you. He says that if anyone causes a child to stumble, they're going to suffer in hell.

Your post was awful, hateful, and sinful, and I hope that you suffer for it as the child and his family have.

I know you'll delete this post since people like you never let anyone else have a say when you post sinful comments like you did and make accusations to CPS like you did, but at least I know that you'll read it since you're vain enough to read all four of the comments you receive every day.

Your kids, if they're lucky, will grow up, see through you, and distance themselves from their upbringing.

But, from their pictures, I suspect they won't be smart enough to do so.

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree, you see.

Jesus hates your actions. And if you persist in your ungodly behavior, I fear He has a surprise for you.

You owe that family an apology. And even if they forgive you, I still hope that someday you suffer for what you've done.

Lee Warren

Monday, March 24, 2014

"What's a Mother To Do" part 2

If you are here looking for the post "What's a Mother to DO?" I have removed it. After four years of blogging I can say that I have never taken down a post. I have been asked to remove a few post in the past and have always stuck to my guns and left them up. So why did I this time...I stand by what I wrote in the post I removed but was asked by someone that I respect tremulously to take it down. I removed the post for her and her only.
It's a struggle for me and I am extremely disappointed in myself for removing it but again I respect the woman that asked and understand her reasons, although I do not agree. My motherly instinct is CRUSHED and I feel like I have let down my children and definitely have let myself down. But once again I ask, What's a Mother to DO?

Friday, November 8, 2013

Fifty Miles To Harvest-The Citadel

 Fifty Miles To Harvest
Location: The Citadel
The first Fifty Miles To Harvest was last Friday evening at an amazing historical location in Washington County - The Citadel. You can read more about Fifty Miles To Harvest here
I was hired to manage, decorate and style the event for The Citadel. Which had not been open to the public in more than a few least fifteen or more years.
The Citadel is available for private events. Here is a small peek into The Citadel as well as  the first Fifty Miles To Harvest (all of the pictures on this post were taken by myself, please do not borrow them).

After walking up the stairs and reaching the incredible porch, you are greeted by five french doors which lead into the ballroom. The above picture is taken in the ballroom room looking to the left.  The dinning area pictured is off to the left with the kitchen to the rear of the dinning room.

The is the view of from the ballroom to the right. Beyond the door to the right of the staircase is a bathroom and a small but roomy space to lounge. The staircase leads to the third floor with one common area and two seperate rooms and bathrooms. The ground floor (which I forgot to take pictures of) has a full working kitchen, bar and several bathooms.

Another look at the dinning table/room. The owner of The Citadel wanted everything simple and streamlined. 
Easy enough...even for me! Updating and changes are still being made to The Citadel...everything happens in time.

This picture is take with the grand fireplace to my back.

The ballroom is spacious, so pretty and has unlimited possiblities. The few pieces of furniture are minor and easily moved for any event.

This is the morning of the first Fifty Miles To Harvest even last friday, Nov. 1st. I was so happppppppppppppppppppppppppy the weather was cool and beautiful. I was seriously worried everyone would be rowing their boats to dinner, but thankfully the rain stopped and the weather was wonderful.

A couple weeks before the event I found a few rugs laying around...11 rugs actually. So why not drag them to the porch.

After pushing, pulling and dragging rugs all over the porch, eight tables and over 60 chairs were placed down the center. 

Rugs, tables, chairs and cloths were in place. Simple table decorations and classic white place settings were next...times sixty.

Almost done.

Getting close to done

The gates opened at 5:30 p.m. with drinks, horderves and a band on the ground level.
 Dinner was served at seven.

I do think this might have been the prettiest place I've seen the sunset in Washington County.

The sky was pink, the table was glowing and I was finally relaxing.

Those pumpkin door stops were CUTE!

Thanks Dai Due for your menu selections and Chef Jesse.

Three new fire sticks ( the things you light your candles or barbecues with) and after lighting all the candles only one worked!

Good food and wine was enjoyed by all. The proof was in the laughter coming down the table. 

The next Fifty Miles To Harvest even will again be held at The Citadel on Friday, Dec. 1st the cost is $85 a person ( I will be there). To read more about the upcoming event or to book a reservation go here

Have a Great Weekend.