Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Current Travel Gear and Favorites

No surprise with this, ya'll see it all the time. I use it every time I am packing to go anywhere. It makes it easy to see everything and plan accordingly for the trip or events. It folds flat so it rolls right under the bed with no fussing.  You can find the exact one I use HERE

I also ordered these to add to my garment rack. I write the day of the week on each tab, and even break down into events, occasion and etc... Then when packing I can organize outfits by days and events. They come in a pack of 20 so there are plenty to write on and make organizing days a breeze. Get the same ones I use HERE

I have shared this little Bluetooth speaker a ton. It is probably the most inexpensive Bluetooth speaker I've seen and works GREAT. It's about the size of an iPhone, its light weight, and easy to charge. If you forget it some where (or drop in the water), there's no crying.
You can find the exact one I have HERE

THIS is genius! It's the small things that make me happy and an external battery that plugs straight into the wall without needing to find a cord and blah, blah, blah....
I mean SERIOUSLY, plug it in and walk away, throw in your bag and done!
Find the exact one I use HERE

Below is the TENS UNIT I use on my back when it is not feeling great. I had a lot of questions about it when you all saw it on Instagram Stories. I would say to consult your doctor first.
The extra tens unit pads I buy are HERE

Again this is the Tens Unit I use, but please consult a doctor before using.  I do travel with it because often traveling makes my back stiff and uncomfortable.
The one I use and have bought a couple of times isHERE

Broken record I know, BUT I love a packing cube. Keeps all my clothes organized, fits nicely into the drawers of a dresser and keeps your clothes from touching stuff ( I know, feel free to roll your eyes). Sometimes I pack per day in a cube but generally I put all tanks and t-shirts in one, under garments in another, etc...
Find a great value and a bunch of packing cubes HERE

This is going to send the "Becky's" over the edge! I like shoes, and I like to keep them bags when I travel because....I'm odd, makes no sense but I like them in a bag. When traveling all the stuff you've walked everywhere seeing isn't getting all over your clothes in your luggage when you pack up again.  These are basic cotton bags ( can be washed) HERE

Again I like shoes and I like to take care of my shoes. I use these to help them keep there shape and look nice. Feel free to judge, currently I'm thinking I'm a shoe freak....spoiler alert - more shoe stuff coming below. Find the ones I use HERE

Yep, more shoe stuff! I always pack a shoe kit with me stuffed with:
shoe polish cloth, a polishing sponge, the blister pads (below), heel cushions ( below), small brush to get any dirt off. I know its compulsive, but I like shoes and I like them clean ( inside and out ). I can not look at the inside of someones shoe and its dirty or you can see where there foot or toes have been ( insert vomit HERE).  This kit is similar to the one I started with and then added the items below to it.  Find the shoe kit HERE

These are blister pads but let me stress - THEY ARE AMAZING and we use them on any situation you would normally use a band-aid. Try them you will be shocked, I can't even....OH my GOODNESS I am going to get a note from "Becky" over this but FOR REAL these blister pads may have the tears of a unicorn and eyelashes from a mermaid in them because they are magical.
Find them HERE or in the foot stuff in a Walgreens.

I have shared wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to many things for feet, someone is going to send me a creepy email thinking I'm into "feet".... I'm NOT!  I keep these in my shoe kit, they are silicone heel cushions and I like them and they prevent blisters, feel nice and are comfy.
Get a pack of them HERE

I always pack one of these, hotels NEVER have enough plugs, its a game changer, everything you need to charge or plug in can be centrally located. 
Find this one HERE
Blow Dryer HERE
Travel Blow Dryer HERE
Curling Iron HERE
Flat Iron HERE
Round Brush HERE
Clips HERE
I use the DryBar blow dryer at home and when traveling. I take the curling iron, the clips and brush with me also.  I like there products, enough said.
These are the travel hot rollers I use, when I wear my hair in a messy bun  or pulled pack I have to use the curling iron or hot rollers first. These are small, get super hot and do not slide out of my hair ( which is a bonus in a hot roller). Find the exact ones I use HERE
I had a bunch of questions about this mat, its for your curling iron. You wrap your curling iron in it when its hot, plus I wrap it around my iron when packing ( all in one place). Once in hotel room I use the mat to set the hot curling on it and the counter stays clean and my curling iron doesn't burn the counter ( I worry about that, is that weird). I have a pink one and the link will take you to the same one with the choice of grey or pink. Find the curling iron mat HERE
I keep two brushes in my hair traveling bag. The DryBar round brush and this one. I keep my hair traveling bag (as well as my shoe kit) pack ALWAYS, when I get home they go into my closet packed and ready for the next trip ( its easier for me)
Find this brush HERE

This smaller brush feels so nice, its compact and I keep it with me in my purse. 
Find it HERE and yes its pricey but it really does feel so nice. 

I have four of these combs because they are kind of AWESOME and my family loves them too. I keep one in my travel hair bag and three in my drawer at home where I do my hair.  I gave a friend one recently and I know she thought it was odd but then used it and was HOOKED. I know its so basic and who would have "A" comb they really like....ME! Find it HERE

I only have one of these combs, its for teasing your hair. I have five strands of very thin hair, I live in Texas, I like big hair, its a necessity.  I feel like a teasing comb is like saying y'all, if you live in Texas it comes naturally.  Find this comb HERE

I have a small little box of hair do dads in my hair travel bag, its similar to this one.  I always need a bobbie pins and pony tail holder.... who doesn't. Find this one HERE

Folded in my hair travel bag is a COTTON Turbie Twist ( I don't like the microfiber ones).  I also keep a couple at home in with my towels. I have been Turbie Towel hooked since the day they made their "As Seen On TV" appearance more than eleven years ago. 
Fun Fact: Turbie Twist had over six million dollars in sales in 2010 ( they were No. 789 in the 2010 Inc. 5000)  THAT'S A TON OF Turbie Twist!
Find two Turbie Twist HERE

I keep this Working Hair Spray in my bag ( and at home) it holds but no stiffness to your hair. 
Find it HERE

I like this dry shampoo and I really did not want to, but I do. I find it HERE

SERIOUSLY did not want to like this texturing spray, REALLY didn't want to, but it made my five strands of hair feel and look like a hundred strands of hair that held their volume (remember in Texas big hair is a requirement).
 It's so DING DANG expensive, DON'T try it, you'll get hooked...LOOK AWAY NOW!!!! Just DON'T, you can thank me later.  Don't look HERE

I do not put any of styling products in my hair while it is wet except this one. Its a light weight conditioner that does not weigh my hair down ( important when volume doesn't come naturally). I have been through bottles and bottles of this stuff. I also use in the summer when I am going to be in the sun or swimming.  I keep a small bottle in my hair travel bag at all times.  Find it HERE , bonus it smells nice, not a strong scent, just a nice light pleasant scent. 

Y'all have seen my hair travel bag and know that I use silicone bottles similar to these to keep my shampoo and conditioner in. They have not leaked, are easy to clean, refill and squeeze all the product out when needed. Find a great set HERE

Since having a Brazilian Blowout done to my hair (which is lovely and I highly recommend)  I have been using this shampoo and mask. I use the mask as a conditioner but in a small amount and primarily on the ends. Every ten days or so I do use as a mask, it feels so nice and my hair response great to it. 
SHAMPOO AND MASK SET ( the exact set of products I use) HERE

I have dry skin, a scrub is nice to get the dry skin exfoliated and moisturize the skin. I have been using this one and the one below ( I like to rotate).  Find this one HERE

I bought this one also, no real reason just thought it sounded it interesting. Its nice. Find it HERE

I've been trying Dry Brushing and to be honest I started hearing about it and thought...why not!  Its literally dry brushing your skin in a particular pattern (before showering) and generally involves brushing the skin toward the heart starting at the hands and feet. Its suppose to be good for your lymphatic system, exfoliates, cleans pores, help with cellulite, and considered to be a natural energy booster ( usually recommended to to dry brush in the morning), it's said to increase your circulation.  Search Dry Brushing for the simple instruction on how.  You'll need a brush, the one I use is HERE and inexpensive. 

I like using a Hyaluronic Acid serum, it helps with uneven skin and dryness. Is said to add plumping properties and brighten the skin. I have been using this one for about six weeks and I will order again. I do feel like my skin response well to it and that it helps with dryness and plumps. It is super duper inexpensive and had over 6,372 reviews with a four star rating....not bad!
Find it HERE

I got this to try out on my lashes and honestly I haven't been using it like I should. Meaning I have not been using daily, when I do use it feels nice, my mascara goes on nice the next morning. Has it grown my lashes, I don't know because I have not used everyday, but I am going to keep using it. 
You can find it HERE

These are small makeup removing towels for travel and I keep them in my travel skin care/makeup bag. They WORK and when traveling its not easy to take a bunch of skin care and makeup removers so I try to scale down, these help. I do use skin care when traveling but try to use my smaller travel friendly sizes. Find these exact towels HERE

Lately ( about six weeks) I have been using the Hyaluronic Acid Serum, Marula Oil ( pictured) and the moisturizer below at night and there are mornings I wake up oily ( I do a different routine in the morning)! I have super dry, dry, dry skin so to wake up and my skin feels a bit oily is nice. That probably sounds odd if you are someone with oily skin, but if your like me and have dry skin then you get it.  I didn't jump on the Drunk Elephant band wagon at first but dang I am glad I have now. 
Find the Marual Oil here HERE

This is the moisturize I have been using in combination with the other items mentioned above. I resisted buying it a bit, I like it! I do like how it comes out to jar ( you do not have to put your fingers in the jar, just push down and product comes out), I do not like how you can not tell how much product is left in the jar ( no idea when I need to reorder till its empty). Find it HERE

I can't deny it, I bought these because they looked fun and they are. I bought the two pack so that I can use one for lotion application ( I do not like applying lotion but I have dry skin so its a must) and I really like it for applying lotion. Is it necessary, NO, is it nice, YES.  The other I want to try and apply foundation with, haven't yet but plan to. Find these brushes HERE

Y'all made have seen me use these on Instagram live. I like them all with the exception of the All Over Brush ( its huge). 
Crease Brush HERE
Foundation Brush HERE
All Over Brush HERE
Contour Brush HERE
Cheek Brush HERE

HOOKED on this brush for bronzer, its LOVELY. Is it a must....I mean sure if you are a makeup loving woman who likes luxury brushes. Are there other brushes that work just as well, YES. It's a personal choice....isn't everything I share??!!??!!! I can say that it cleans back to beautifully white bristles every time. Find it HERE

This is the cream foundation brush ( I think that's what they call it) but I use it for blush. I have a couple blush brushes ( different brands) so that one is always clean and ready to be used. Find this one HERE
I have these in two colors and that should tell you I like them. I have been hooked on fun sneakers. They are not expensive but look cute with all kinds of looks. I wear a 9, I bought a 9, they fit. Find them HERE

This stuff is pricey but I am not going to stop using it....but only on certain items. Its a detergent! I tried it a year ago and liked it but didn't love the scent I originally picked out.  Then this February I was on a girls trip and picked up this scent in Diva. I am so  HOOKED and I think the family is getting hooked. I use it on blankets, jackets, bedding...it smells so nice. Go light on it, I add a fragrant free detergent to my machine then about tablespoon or two of this and its the perfect amount of wonderful. Find it HERE

These are the pony tail holders I use almost daily. They work the best for putting my hair in a messy bun, I am hooked on them. Find them HERE  several shades are available.

Just arrived in the mail, but I had to add to the list because it is my third time to repurchase this bronzer. I was hitting pan and had to make sure I had a fresh one to take with me to NYC. Find it  HERE


Some of the above links are affiliate links,  which means I  receive a commission should you decide to click that link and make a purchase. It does not effect the price of the item or my opinion. My content is not in any way influenced by affiliate links. I do my best to share where I purchase items or find as similar as I can to something I have purchased in the past and is no longer available

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Makeup Tutorial Details

Did everyone enjoy the makeup tutorial with Professional Makeup Artist Kristin Carter?? I know I did, she's a doll!!!! During the Instagram Live tutorial ( are you following me on Instagram), there were lots of questions about the products used. Pictured below is what was used or talked about. I will do my best to find everything.

I am going to go in the order I would normally apply them ( although Kristin applied in a different order), I am doing what I know so I don't forget to list products.

Kristin didn't use a primer, but I had applied a few things prior to her arrival.
Wipes I use EVERY single day before any makeup application HERE
Vitamin C HERE
Serum HERE
Eye Patches HERE They feel great, super hydrating and I loved them enough to buy a second jar (says a lot).
Eye Cream HERE

Foundation used on me was a professional brand used with the Airbrush system Kristin uses.
This system is similar to hers HERE and WOW what an amazing result. 

The other FOUNDATIONS she spoke about
BB tinted moisturizer for DRY SKIN and light coverage HERE
Foundation for DRY skin, light to medium coverage HERE
To build up the above foundation to a full coverage she suggested using this powder HERE
Foundation for OILY skin, full coverage HERE

The powder Kristin used on my face is HERE in the shade she used on me.

The concealer and color she used on my under eyes is HERE

The contour, color and the brush ( it comes with the brush) are HERE
My personal all time favorite ( I loved the look Kristin did)  and daily contour is HERE
Kristin didn't use a separate Bronzer but, my two favorites are 

The blush she used was so pretty and I am ordering immediately
It is HERE and in the color she used.
Two of my Personal blush favorites are HERE and HERE
This is a great blush palette HERE

The Mac blushes she shared and talked about are available HERE (shades are listed below):
Sun Basque
Blush Baby 
Pink Swoon

The highlighter she used was AMAZING, not only did she use it on my cheeks but on the corner of my eyes and WOW. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it. 
Find it HERE
The Highlighter she recommended if you are looking for a softer glow HERE
One of my personal favorite highlighters is HERE

The eye palette she used by Urban Decay is HERE She also used a black shade from an old 
Too Faced palette but this Too Faced palette has a similar black one HERE
She also used a lighter shad by MAC you can find HERE

The eyeliner she used is by Maybelline HERE
Mascara was also Maybelline and waterproof  HERE

False Lashes HERE

Kristin only used liner and lipgloss
Liner HERE
Lipgloss HERE
or in this nude lip kit ( which I really like) HERE

Kristin said most of her brushes had been long time favorites and some may not be around any longer, found what I could and what was very similar.

I found a kit by a brand I know and love that includes the powder brush, blush, fan brush and flat top brush and all for  less than a Mac foundation HERE

Eye Brushes Starting from left to right
1. Flat shader brush HERE
2. Crease Brush ( says blending brush but she uses it in the crease and so do I) HERE
3. Angled liner brush
4. Flat definer brush HERE
5.Concealer brush HERE
6. blending brush HERE
7. pencil brush HERE

Another option for eye brushes is HERE from a brand I know and use, bonus is the whole set is about the cost of one of the above brushes.

What I used to clean my face and be ready for the next day.
I start with THIS to break the makeup down and start cleaning my face. I have been through at least five or more of them and LOVE it. After the makeup is off I continue with the rest of my night time routine.

It was such a fun live tutorial and and Kristin did a fabulous job ( you can find her info on my Instagram page).  Thank for joining us and hanging out.

Some of the above links are affiliate links,  which means I  receive a commission should you decide to click that link and make a purchase. It does not effect the price of the item or my opinion. My content is not in any way influenced by affiliate links. I do my best to share where I purchase items or find as similar as I can to something I have purchased in the past and is no longer available

Thanks again for reading, hanging out with us on Instagram Live and being super supportive.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Current January Outfits and Information

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Listed below are current outfit information, shoes, accessories, etc...  

 Tunic/dress is HERE . It is the softest and most comfortable thing I have purchased in a while. It could easily be a dress if you are not as tall as I am ( 5'8) but for me its a tunic and I wear with leggings or jeans. 
I bought a L/XL and it is roomy. 

GLASSES are HERE in the style "standing ovation" and come in black and tortoise for $22.00. I have them in tortoise and had the reader lenses removed and had my prescription made and added to the frames.

 My friend Betsy recently self published a cookbook and it can be found HERE 

 I had these on recently on Instagram stories and had a ton of questions, you can find them HERE .  They are very comfy, look great with jeans, really any casual look and did not need any breaking in.  I normally wear a 9 but did size up in these.

Again on Instagram Stories I shared wearing these ballet slippers in pink ( have them in white also). I wear them around my house as slippers and they are fabulous for travel.
You can find pink or white HERE 
I wear a size 9 and bought a 9 in both colors, they fit perfectly.

 I bought these this fall and I LOVE THEM, a little breaking in is necessary but not uncomfortable. They look really great with so many outfits. They have been a great purchase, you can find the exact pair I purchased HERE
I wear a 9 and purchased a 9, they fit great.

If you are looking for a less expensive option and a few more color options, check HERE

I bought this passport wallet for our recent trip to Cabo and I am so happy I did. I could easily keep my passport and Mr. Tikaa's passport together as well as my driver license, credit cards and business cards, cash and other miscellaneous items. I loved it, the leather felt nice, it was roomy but not big, looked really nice, all around it was super handy. 
 You can find it HERE and bonus it was not pricey.

I need moisture in the air, its humid in Texas and I have grown to appreciate the humidity (sounds weird, I know) so I have this small little humidifier to use in the car and when traveling with a few drops of essential oils. 
You can find it HERE

We all need a good sunhat, I have plenty of sun spots and do not want to create any new ones nor do I want to speed up the aging process so a sunhat is ESSENTIAL.  Mine is custom made HERE and about a year and half or more old and still looks great, travels in my suitcase and has been all over the place. I love it, plus Reese Witherspoon loves them too!
 Sunglasses are HERE
You can find earring on Instagram: jewelryjuanita or email: jan@ktc.com or message: 830-377-3900
Dress was found during the Round Top Antique Show, find more out about the show HERE

I have wanted this bag for a year now and kept thinking about it and thinking about it. This Christmas I  mentioned to Mr. Tikaa that I really liked it and have had my eye on it for a year.  Guess what, he was definitely listening and it was tucked under the Christmas tree. 
You can find it HERE 
Setting spray with 50 SPF which I used throughout the day HERE
Water Facial Spray to keep hydrated ( plus it feels nice) HERE
Bracelet HERE
Lip gloss Oil  HERE
Towel was found during the Round Top Antique Show, find more out about the show HERE

Kristin Gehm ( find her YouTube channel HERE) introduced me to this powder foundation in October and I have used it HARD since. I think since October I have used it everyday ( that I wore makeup) except for three and those three days I wanted to wash my face and start over and use this powder foundation, I am on my second compact. I keep one at my vanity and one in purse. Did I mention I am seriously HOOKED. I have dry, dry, dry skin and it works, I mean it really works. I have friends who have oily skin and tell me that it works for them to. In the picture it doesn't really show but the compact is a pinkish/purple tint ( its the only on It Cosmetics has that is pinkish/purple compact). I mention the color of the compact because It Cosmetics has several different powder foundations. Y
You can find this one HERE . 
I wear the shade, medium.

This is a picture from November when I went to the Lenox plant in Kinston, NC to see my ornaments being made. What a great day! 
Ornaments are HERE as well as the plates I designed, a couple videos and other fun stuff, check it out on the Lenox website.
 Jacket is from HERE and on sale with an additional 60% off  at the moment.
The velvet pants I wore with the jacket are HERE and on sale with an additonal 60% off at the moment.
  Two of these Bracelets HERE
Necklace HERE
I have the necklace and TWO bracelets attached. 
I get tons of questions on this jacket anytime I wear it ( which is a ton), it is from  HERE and necklace HERE . I have the necklace with two bracelets attached to it, to make the necklace longer ( its made to do that). The charms are available at the same location, with the exception of the elephant charm, I found that one during the Round Top antique show, click HERE for show information.

Well that was a ton of information! I hope it answers any question anyone had or that I provided the information needed to find anything you may have been interested in.

Some of the above links are affiliate links,  which means I  receive a commission should you decide to click that link and make a purchase. It does not effect the price of the item or my opinion. My content is not in any way influenced by affiliate links. I do my best to share where I purchase items or find as similar as I can to something I have purchased in the past and is no longer available

Have a Wonderful Weekend,