Saturday, February 3, 2018

Makeup Tutorial Details

Did everyone enjoy the makeup tutorial with Professional Makeup Artist Kristin Carter?? I know I did, she's a doll!!!! During the Instagram Live tutorial ( are you following me on Instagram), there were lots of questions about the products used. Pictured below is what was used or talked about. I will do my best to find everything.

I am going to go in the order I would normally apply them ( although Kristin applied in a different order), I am doing what I know so I don't forget to list products.

Kristin didn't use a primer, but I had applied a few things prior to her arrival.
Wipes I use EVERY single day before any makeup application HERE
Vitamin C HERE
Serum HERE
Eye Patches HERE They feel great, super hydrating and I loved them enough to buy a second jar (says a lot).
Eye Cream HERE

Foundation used on me was a professional brand used with the Airbrush system Kristin uses.
This system is similar to hers HERE and WOW what an amazing result. 

The other FOUNDATIONS she spoke about
BB tinted moisturizer for DRY SKIN and light coverage HERE
Foundation for DRY skin, light to medium coverage HERE
To build up the above foundation to a full coverage she suggested using this powder HERE
Foundation for OILY skin, full coverage HERE

The powder Kristin used on my face is HERE in the shade she used on me.

The concealer and color she used on my under eyes is HERE

The contour, color and the brush ( it comes with the brush) are HERE
My personal all time favorite ( I loved the look Kristin did)  and daily contour is HERE
Kristin didn't use a separate Bronzer but, my two favorites are 

The blush she used was so pretty and I am ordering immediately
It is HERE and in the color she used.
Two of my Personal blush favorites are HERE and HERE
This is a great blush palette HERE

The Mac blushes she shared and talked about are available HERE (shades are listed below):
Sun Basque
Blush Baby 
Pink Swoon

The highlighter she used was AMAZING, not only did she use it on my cheeks but on the corner of my eyes and WOW. LOVED, LOVED, LOVED it. 
Find it HERE
The Highlighter she recommended if you are looking for a softer glow HERE
One of my personal favorite highlighters is HERE

The eye palette she used by Urban Decay is HERE She also used a black shade from an old 
Too Faced palette but this Too Faced palette has a similar black one HERE
She also used a lighter shad by MAC you can find HERE

The eyeliner she used is by Maybelline HERE
Mascara was also Maybelline and waterproof  HERE

False Lashes HERE

Kristin only used liner and lipgloss
Liner HERE
Lipgloss HERE
or in this nude lip kit ( which I really like) HERE

Kristin said most of her brushes had been long time favorites and some may not be around any longer, found what I could and what was very similar.

I found a kit by a brand I know and love that includes the powder brush, blush, fan brush and flat top brush and all for  less than a Mac foundation HERE

Eye Brushes Starting from left to right
1. Flat shader brush HERE
2. Crease Brush ( says blending brush but she uses it in the crease and so do I) HERE
3. Angled liner brush
4. Flat definer brush HERE
5.Concealer brush HERE
6. blending brush HERE
7. pencil brush HERE

Another option for eye brushes is HERE from a brand I know and use, bonus is the whole set is about the cost of one of the above brushes.

What I used to clean my face and be ready for the next day.
I start with THIS to break the makeup down and start cleaning my face. I have been through at least five or more of them and LOVE it. After the makeup is off I continue with the rest of my night time routine.

It was such a fun live tutorial and and Kristin did a fabulous job ( you can find her info on my Instagram page).  Thank for joining us and hanging out.

Some of the above links are affiliate links,  which means I  receive a commission should you decide to click that link and make a purchase. It does not effect the price of the item or my opinion. My content is not in any way influenced by affiliate links. I do my best to share where I purchase items or find as similar as I can to something I have purchased in the past and is no longer available

Thanks again for reading, hanging out with us on Instagram Live and being super supportive.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

Current January Outfits and Information

Happy New Year!!!!!!!

Listed below are current outfit information, shoes, accessories, etc...  

 Tunic/dress is HERE . It is the softest and most comfortable thing I have purchased in a while. It could easily be a dress if you are not as tall as I am ( 5'8) but for me its a tunic and I wear with leggings or jeans. 
I bought a L/XL and it is roomy. 

GLASSES are HERE in the style "standing ovation" and come in black and tortoise for $22.00. I have them in tortoise and had the reader lenses removed and had my prescription made and added to the frames.

 My friend Betsy recently self published a cookbook and it can be found HERE 

 I had these on recently on Instagram stories and had a ton of questions, you can find them HERE .  They are very comfy, look great with jeans, really any casual look and did not need any breaking in.  I normally wear a 9 but did size up in these.

Again on Instagram Stories I shared wearing these ballet slippers in pink ( have them in white also). I wear them around my house as slippers and they are fabulous for travel.
You can find pink or white HERE 
I wear a size 9 and bought a 9 in both colors, they fit perfectly.

 I bought these this fall and I LOVE THEM, a little breaking in is necessary but not uncomfortable. They look really great with so many outfits. They have been a great purchase, you can find the exact pair I purchased HERE
I wear a 9 and purchased a 9, they fit great.

If you are looking for a less expensive option and a few more color options, check HERE

I bought this passport wallet for our recent trip to Cabo and I am so happy I did. I could easily keep my passport and Mr. Tikaa's passport together as well as my driver license, credit cards and business cards, cash and other miscellaneous items. I loved it, the leather felt nice, it was roomy but not big, looked really nice, all around it was super handy. 
 You can find it HERE and bonus it was not pricey.

I need moisture in the air, its humid in Texas and I have grown to appreciate the humidity (sounds weird, I know) so I have this small little humidifier to use in the car and when traveling with a few drops of essential oils. 
You can find it HERE

We all need a good sunhat, I have plenty of sun spots and do not want to create any new ones nor do I want to speed up the aging process so a sunhat is ESSENTIAL.  Mine is custom made HERE and about a year and half or more old and still looks great, travels in my suitcase and has been all over the place. I love it, plus Reese Witherspoon loves them too!
 Sunglasses are HERE
You can find earring on Instagram: jewelryjuanita or email: or message: 830-377-3900
Dress was found during the Round Top Antique Show, find more out about the show HERE

I have wanted this bag for a year now and kept thinking about it and thinking about it. This Christmas I  mentioned to Mr. Tikaa that I really liked it and have had my eye on it for a year.  Guess what, he was definitely listening and it was tucked under the Christmas tree. 
You can find it HERE 
Setting spray with 50 SPF which I used throughout the day HERE
Water Facial Spray to keep hydrated ( plus it feels nice) HERE
Bracelet HERE
Lip gloss Oil  HERE
Towel was found during the Round Top Antique Show, find more out about the show HERE

Kristin Gehm ( find her YouTube channel HERE) introduced me to this powder foundation in October and I have used it HARD since. I think since October I have used it everyday ( that I wore makeup) except for three and those three days I wanted to wash my face and start over and use this powder foundation, I am on my second compact. I keep one at my vanity and one in purse. Did I mention I am seriously HOOKED. I have dry, dry, dry skin and it works, I mean it really works. I have friends who have oily skin and tell me that it works for them to. In the picture it doesn't really show but the compact is a pinkish/purple tint ( its the only on It Cosmetics has that is pinkish/purple compact). I mention the color of the compact because It Cosmetics has several different powder foundations. Y
You can find this one HERE . 
I wear the shade, medium.

This is a picture from November when I went to the Lenox plant in Kinston, NC to see my ornaments being made. What a great day! 
Ornaments are HERE as well as the plates I designed, a couple videos and other fun stuff, check it out on the Lenox website.
 Jacket is from HERE and on sale with an additional 60% off  at the moment.
The velvet pants I wore with the jacket are HERE and on sale with an additonal 60% off at the moment.
  Two of these Bracelets HERE
Necklace HERE
I have the necklace and TWO bracelets attached. 
I get tons of questions on this jacket anytime I wear it ( which is a ton), it is from  HERE and necklace HERE . I have the necklace with two bracelets attached to it, to make the necklace longer ( its made to do that). The charms are available at the same location, with the exception of the elephant charm, I found that one during the Round Top antique show, click HERE for show information.

Well that was a ton of information! I hope it answers any question anyone had or that I provided the information needed to find anything you may have been interested in.

Some of the above links are affiliate links,  which means I  receive a commission should you decide to click that link and make a purchase. It does not effect the price of the item or my opinion. My content is not in any way influenced by affiliate links. I do my best to share where I purchase items or find as similar as I can to something I have purchased in the past and is no longer available

Have a Wonderful Weekend,

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Girl's Weekend Fashion and Shopping

This black sweater style poncho is AWESOME. When I say poncho I only mean it has a poncho feel to it, but you only have to wear this. its long sleeve, and super loose in the body but fit in the arms, has a great neck line, comes in one size and its going to be a staple in fall/winter wardrobe.
 Its light weight and looks great dressed up or down. I have worn each of them with jeans, leggings, linen pants, there are so many options. I have it in the black pictured above and the khaki color (picture below) and recently ordered in grey....can you tell I LOVE THIS sweater and in Texas its perfect. If you are in colder climate you could easily wear shirt under, a cute many options and the price is amazing and it ships quick. Its a great price. 

FIND them HERE and DON'T freak out when you click and get there, you will be taken to a sweater that DOES NOT look like what I have on BUT under color option you will see the Black, Khaki, and Grey....I PROMISE!!!! 
Khaki sweater in this picture is same link as above for the black one.
The purse is HERE and in the large size if the large is to large for you 
click HERE for the medium size.
Shoes are listed below, look for a closer picture of the shoes.

I bought this sweater online after seeing LisaSZ09 wearing it in Houston during our girls weekend
You can follow her BY CLICKING HERE
The sweater is an over-sized, chunky knit cardigan andl available HERE
The white tank is from HERE
Shoes are below


This is a another great light weight, long sleeve top for fall/winter. Its asymmetrical, mock turtleneck and I see another color in my future. It comes in four colors, and from sizes small to xx-large. I say size up, I have an x-large on in this picture.
Find it HERE

JEANS are listed HERE the link may bring them up in black but the denim option is  on the same link.  Did I mention they are under twenty at the moment and come in sizes 2-20

Shoes (pictured below) are comfy, on trendy and I love the color. I wear a 9 and bought a 9, fit great. 
Find them HERE 
They come in five colors, I have them in the color brown.

Shoes are HERE

I bought this cardigan and wore it last Thursday when everyone arrived for our girls weekend. I wore it with white wide leg pants and the same tank I have on ( listed in an above picture)
The cardigan is HERE

This is a simple black top and I really like the fit, the look and the price. 
Find it HERE 
It comes in three colors and cost less than a drugstore lipstick....seriously. Size up one size.

The tan loose top I had on the other day on Instagram Stories is HERE and available in about nineteen colors and cost less than a pedicure. Size up one size. 

This week ( Halloween day I think) I had these on but in red.  
Find them in all kinds of colors HERE
I think the grey ones are pretty...just sayin, I might need them in that color too.

We did some shopping while the girls were in town and I picked up two new fragrances, a pair of Chanel earrings (see pic on Instagram feed) , and a purse size brush, plus a few things at Abientot (will share on Instagram)

The Fragrances I purchased:
Tom Ford fragrance  HERE
Hermes fragrance HERE  the orange atomizer is a separate purchase but I could not find it online (sorry, I looked several places).

The Chanel earrings I purchased from the Chanel store in the Houston Galleria, they are not available online. There is a picture of the ones I purchased on my Instagram Feed.

The brush is HERE

It's no secret I love this brand and their scents. I have been through several bottles of several scents. When I saw this limited edition holiday set included my four favorite scents and in a mini sizes it was an immediate YES.
Find this set HERE and bonus its under fifty dollars.

These are the two lip colors I have been wearing the last couple days and a purchase because of Melissa Parada (she's a beauty YouTuber) I saw the leopard one on her channel HERE and the other because she was wearing in Houston and it was SO ding dang pretty on her I had to have it.
Leopard lip HERE and it only comes in one color and limited edition.
The liquid lip ( color: no.9)  HERE and just might be the best liquid lip I have ever used. I see more colors in my future.
The other color she wore during our weekend and I am ordering as soon as this blog post is done is
this one HERE  ....LIES, I just paused and ordered it already. 

Hope all this helps for everyone asking. Have a great week and make sure you follow along on Instagram (Totally Tikaa on Instagram too). I'm headed to North Carolina for a BIG share with you all ( watch Instagram Stories)...think Christmas!!!!

Some of the above links are affiliate links,  which means I  receive a commission should you decide to click that link and make a purchase. It does not effect the price of the item or my opinion. My content is not in any way influenced by affiliate links. I do my best to share where I purchase items or find as similar as I can to something I have purchased in the past and is no longer available