Thursday, November 5, 2015

Party Drinks with Igloo

Halloween is a big production around here, we love a cute costume and passing out candy. We invited friends and family over to share in the fun, trick or treat together and have a casual meal. It takes a lot of help, planning and prep to be ready for over 400 trick or treaters. 

The Igloo Party Bar (picture above) was a  a hit and huge help in getting everything prepared for my guest. Insulated, on wheels, dividers (Yep, dvividers), and LIGHTS!!! There is even a compartment for wine bottles (or liter soda bottles) that is also removable. The lid is removable or flips totally behind the cooler. There is a bottle opener and catch cup that slides off to empty. The cooler easily detaches from the base/wheels if so desired. It is the cooler that other coolers want to be, it's like the cool kid at the lunch table - AMAZEBALLS!!!!! 
I'm not kidding when every guest was saying, "I want one of those!" 

Another fun yet much smaller igloo product we had soooooo much fun with Halloween night - LIGHT UP ICE CUBES!!! I was walking around dropping these into everyone's drinks hearing - oh and ah's as I passed by. Then hearing, "I want another one." Definitely a party must have and perfect fun for ANY AGE. 
These Igloo Party Tubs were used to hold drinks and candy (over 400 full size candy bars). They hold a ton, are insulated, sturdy and have a drain plug in the back. I had vinyl stickers made for the festivities but see those coming off and fun new ones made for upcoming events. 

Over all the igloo products were taking on a life of there own at the party. I could have auctioned off the Party Bar and I'm pretty sure some of the igloo light up ice cubes went to new homes (totally fine). 
We loved all the igloo goodies and it was such great fun to share them with everyone. 
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Love and Limes,

Friday, October 23, 2015

Start New Traditions while using Lenox

 I have a few simple words and suggestions to make an impact and lasting impression on your family -
USE YOUR CHINA. Don't hide your tableware for special occasions, make eating as a family "the occasion."  I teamed up with Lenox to show you just that. Lenox is timeless and beautiful, share that with your children, family, and friends. Who cares if your serving a grill cheese or a prime rib - pull those dishes out and glam up the family! I swear they will remember your efforts as well as develop a true love for dinning as a family.

When I orginally spoke to Lenox the idea was to share  their beautiful tableware but in a way that expresses my style. I'm not new to the beauty that is Lenox, my orginial wedding china ( did you know that Lenox was the first to develop a bridal registry, how smart was that) is Citation Gold by Lenox (now discontinued, but still one of my favorites...memories).  

Since I announced this project the excitement and overwhelming support from you all has been incredible. From emails telling me what pattern your Lenox is, to SHOW ME what your doing have been a daily adventure. 

 The first pattern I picked out was Eternal, a classic creamy white china with an elegant yet timeless gold boarder. I promise that's a pattern that will NEVER lose it's power to make a punch. If I can pair with gold bones and it makes a presentation to oodles over, then I know you can too!
 Don't be afraid...of using your china. Lenox is made to be loved and used, it doesn't want to hide in the cabinet and wait for Christmas or Easter. The quality of their products is as long lasting as the brand itself.

 I feel like I am constantly telling my friends, "use your dishes, what are you waiting for?" Really ladies, break the mold of the old and release your china. Make memories with your family, they will remember, I promise.
 Don't come at me with the old " they might break" and guess what... they may not, how often are you breaking dishes??? Big picture - would you rather make fun memories that will last a life time or be constantly worried you may break a dish?  What child wouldn't think it was crazy fun to come to dinner and see some gold bones on the table and with mom's GOOD dishes!!!!
 You all can do it and Lenox and I want to see it, we want to wipe away the cob webs of the china cabinet and make a movement to make dinner fun with dishes. Do your children even know that those are the dishes that Mommy and Daddy received as gifts when they married?? Show them the importance of eating as a family, and the fun of what dinner and those times can be.
 I know that not every one has time to create the table settings I often share, but you do have time to pull the plates out the cabinet and throw pizza on it if you want. Your family will remember...I promise.

 Lenox is a brand that embraces family, encourages traditions both new and old. Together we want to encourage you all to make new traditions while celebrating your family throughout the year.

 I can hear you all right now, I don't want to hand wash all that. You don't have to, I bet your dish washer, like my (circa 2005 model) has a china cycle on it. It will be ok, I know your Momma always said to hand wash your china, but heck my momma always said to wash my dishes before putting them in the dishwasher and I don't do that!
 I've carried on about the beauty that is china but have you seen all the amazeballs patterns Lenox has in casual dinning? I have!
 This particular pattern is called Around The Table Stripes, a classic white plate with black stripes around the boarder of the dinner and salad plate as well as the top of the bowl. It makes a PERFECT Halloween presentation, right????  I can see so many options with this pattern, but since I'm in Halloween mood...spiders and candy corn it is.
 The vampire teeth, spiders and candy are from the local drugstore. I can not express enough at how impressed I am with the Lenox flatware, it feels so nice in your hand. Solid and sturdy but not heavy.
 I'll say it again, this was a dinner my family will remember, do you have to be as elaborate as I, NO. Make a memory not an ulcer. You can do it and Lenox (and I ) can help. Look at your dishes differently, look at them as a tool to create time with your family.

 Lenox has it all - from china to causal dinning, flatware, crystal, and so much more. Did you know that Lenox has designed and created the tableware for six Presidents, was originally started as an art studio to create one of kind pieces and is used in more than three hundred United States embassies an over half the Governors Mansions. Why not have it in your home??? I do and have made many years of memories surrounded by using my Lenox. I hope you will open the cabinet and start new traditions using Lenox with your families.

Happy Halloween.
Love and Limes,