Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Over 40 and Fabulous YouTubers

Let me say if you spend any time on YouTube then you know its the land of the young, without a wrinkly in sight, flawless skin and babies at their ankles ( or future).  Finding mature women to follow isn't easy, trust me I've seriously search: beauty YouTuber's over 40 and had no luck. I found the women listed below either by accident or through another YouTuber.

These women are all over 40, some are over 50 and even a couple over 60. I do watch a few younger YouTuber's but seriously I do not know why, they are adorable, sweet and of course beautiful but I don't think they are fighting dry skin, age spots or wrinkles. The women listed below are like me, like you, they are mature women who are sharing their passion for makeup and aging gracefully.  I feel like as women we can all learn from one another.  

PLEASE let me know of any YouTuber over 40 that is not on this list.  I either don't know them ( and would love to) or simply wasn't thinking. No one was left off because I was trying to exclude them or be mean. Leave me a comment and I can add anyone to the fab over 40 list. 

They are in NO particular order, with the exception of Kristin she's my go to girl and friend.

YouTube Channel: Kristin Gehm
Kristin is 42 and been on YouTube since Oct. of 2009, she has 30,679 subscribers and is as normal and sweet as Texas Tea ( except that she's from Wisconsin ).  She was my inspiration for starting my own YouTube channel. 
I've talked about Kristin on Instagram, Snapchat and even here before. What can I say that I haven't already, she is the real deal!

YouTube Channel: Elle Is For Living
Elle has been on YouTube since August 2013 and has 17,254 subscribers. Elle is this super calm personality that will inspire you to use what you have in your makeup stash over running to purchase the "next" it thing. Her voice will send a peaceful calm over you and she's my go to when I feel overwhelmed or rushed, she calms me in a second.

YouTube Channel: 2Orchids
2 Orchids joined YouTube in January of 2014 and currently have 2,401 subscribers. Lauren ( on the left) is 48 years old and Karen ( on the right) is 51, most of their videos included both Lauren and Karen going back and forth on their thoughts and opinions. The nice thing is they are friends, make videos together but most always they are different products and opinions to share from each other. It's like watching two different videos in one. 

YouTube Channel: Melissa55
Melissa started her channel in February of 2011 and has over 30,450 subscribers and you will not believe how old she is....61!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I mean seriously, she looks INCREDIBLE, seriously!!!! Not only am I taken back at how flipping amazing she looks but uhmmmmmm hello she is kicking hinny at YouTube. Heck I have a hard time editing and uploading without wanting to turn off my computer and walk away and Melissa's over there looking fab and busting out videos like no big deal. 

YouTube Channel: Hot and Flashy
Angie started her channel in October of 2012 and hold on to ya reading glasses, she has over 127,138 subscribers. Seeing numbers like these ladies make me a firm believer that the mature woman is being over looked most places but these ladies are all smart enough to know mature women want to look beautiful, age gracefully and have the information to do so and to get that we head to YouTube.
Angie is over 50, the woman to go to for skin care, she does her homework. She also does a series on foundation for the mature woman.  

YouTube Channel: MissCrystal
Miss Crystal has been making videos on YouTube since February 2010 and had over 30,349 subscribers.  She tackles all things beauty, travel and even hypothyroidism.  She's also another one who has a very calming personality, she's cute, cute, cute and most importantly she shared useful information. You will not see Miss Crystal talking about the latest blue lipstick ( thank goodness). 

YouTube Channel: Frugalistablog
Rebecca is over 40, been on YouTube since October 2011 and had 7,941 subscribers. She's a more energetic personality, she throws in a little silliness and fun (see her fourth of July look), plus she does a series called Bargain of the Week. She pumps out the videos, and hits every makeup topic around.  Need a little kick in your day to jump start you - watch a Frugalistablog video, Rebecca will get ya moving.

YouTube Channel: MsKristinn321
Kristinn had been on YouTube since February 2012 and has 6,896 subscribers. She's a nice blend of peppy and calm plus she's another one who I feel like tries to encourage you to use what you have rather than jumping on the "it" thing. She stays current in her products, shares application, hauls, empties and updates. Shes a delight to watch and very consistent with making videos.

YouTube Channel: Sugar Puff and Fluff
Nisha is over 40, lives in England, has the most addictive accent to listen ( she's originally from Poland) to and has been making videos since December 2011 and has 48,355 subscribers. She does lots of "get ready with me" videos and she is realllllllllllllllllllllllllllly good at it! I started watching her because she is mature and has hooded eyes ( I do to) and so her eye makeup application was just what I was looking for. 

YouTube Channel: Uppiesbeads59
Tammy has been on YouTube since June 2009 and has 64,079 subscribers. She is very open about menopause, hot flashes, dry skin and how to manage all of it. She does lean toward high end products ( that doesn't bother me), but she is super informed! I mean this woman does her research and NOTHING gets by her. She gorgeous, takes amazing care of herself and my thought is this - I want to look as good as she does when I'm in my 50's so I'm watching and taking notes. 

Again if I left anyone off let me know, it wasn't intentional these are the women I could think of off the immediate top of my head at almost one in the morning. 
Plus I hope none of them mind I used pictures from there actual YouTube pages. 

Over 40 YouTubers you all have messaged me about her or on instagram and snapchat:
Christine Richard
Glitzy Fritzy
How Jen Does It
At Home With Nikki
Dominique Sachse
Caroline Hirons

Show them all some love and support. As women we should strive to raise each other up and encourage one another.

Love and Limes, 
you can find my YouTube channel by searching: TotallyTikaa

Friday, May 20, 2016

Slightly Homemade Cinnamon Biscuits

I made and shared this cinnamon biscuits on snapchat ( Tikaac) and have been asked over and over to share the recipe. Its so easy I almost feel silly calling it a recipe.  For the record the day I made these and took this picture I didn't have the Pillsbury Grand biscuits ( they are bigger, flakier and all around prettier). It didn't actually matter to my family but trust me the Pillsbury Grands are better. I mean if you're going to make them they might as well be picture worthy...right ???

* Other picture details: the tidbit plates and cake stand are both from Lenox in the pattern Millo Mello. Millo Mello is exclusive to Macy's. The best part is that Macy's always seem to be having a great deal. 

Cinnamon Biscuits
(from a can)...slightly homemade, that counts, right???

I make two can's at a time, why bother for one can? Trust me they eat the leftovers .

Pillsbury Grands Flaky Layers Buttermilk Biscuits ( 2 cans)
Butter, Butter, Butter
Cinnamon Sugar

2 - Cans Pillsbury Grands  Flaky Layers  Buttermilk Biscuits ( 8 in a can)
1 stick of Land O Lakes Salted Butter ( this is a personal need butter and maybe more than one stick, again it depends on you and your dipping skills. It's super weight watchers friendly...for me anyway, I don't like cinnamon)
Bowl of Cinnamon Sugar - put in a bowl, you will be dipping ( my family likes a 1 cup sugar/ 1/4 tablespoon cinnamon mixture...again its preference, if you family loves cinnamon add more or add less.)

1. Heat over according to biscuit directions, on Pillsbury its 350 degrees.
2. You do not need to grease or spray the cookie sheet BUT I STRONGLY suggest you cover it with aluminium foil or whatever your prefer, the butter/sugar/cinnamon get GOOEY and its a big damn mess.
3. Melt butter
4. Open biscuits, dip a biscuit in butter then in cinnamon/sugar mix ( flip the biscuit all around coating it in cinnamon sugar), then place on cookie sheet. Repeat till all biscuits are done ( on can of biscuits it says to place biscuits 1-2 inches apart, I don't  place them that far apart,  we like them to touch when done baking. Again its personal preference, I mean its biscuits whats the worse your going to do, burn them).

5. This is the tricky part and only that I never remember how long I bake them. The can says 12-16 minutes but it takes a bit longer because I mean HELLO we have saturated them with butter. Best advice I can give is to set timer for 15 and keep an eye on them.


1 Sick of Butter
2 Cups Powdered Sugar
1 Teaspoon Vanilla
2-3 Tablespoons of Milk 

What to do with all that STUFF:
1. Melt Butter in microwave, in a microwave safe bowl ( please)
2. Once butter is melted, slowly added Powdered Sugar. You know what I mean, add a little Powdered Sugar, stir, add a little more, stir....
3. Once all mixed up add Vanilla
4. It will be thick, NEVER in my life have I ever been able to skip the milk part ( you know the milk is really just to thin it out). ADD milk but only 2 tablespoons at first if it's still to thick for you all add the other tablespoon. HELL add the gallon is if you like ( I wouldn't) but it is personal preference and all about how thick or thin you family likes their icing. You all know what I mean, we're not making creme brulee ( although I have a great recipe for that and it's much easy than you'd think).

When biscuits are done, place on a pretty cake plate, platter, whatever you like and drizzle with icing and serve. Save some icing, my kids love dipping there cinnamon biscuits, yours might too.

Hope this helps, have fun with it.

Love and Limes,