Wednesday, March 8, 2017

My Favorite Etsy Shops

My Favorite Etsy Shops

You all asked and I am answering, here it goes a list of my favorite Etsy shops. 
They are listed in NO particular order.

 I've been hesitant to do this only because I am so afraid I would forget someones fabulous shop. If I did please let me know and if I have made purchases from them and had a favorable experience, I will add to list.

1. Feather Nest Boutique - Monogram clothing and gifts.
This is where my half zip sweatshirts I have come from, and so much more!!!
Click HERE to visit her shop

2. Sequins & Lipstick paper Co. - Paper goods, party supplies and gifts
All the acrylic personalized trays I have and give for gifts come from this shop as well as personalized napkins and lots of other goodies.
Click HERE to visit her shop

3. Sadie's Stitchery - monogrammed linens, baby gifts and more
Click HERE to visit her shop

4. Mexi Mexi -Handwoven Mexican totes and handbags
Click HERE to visit her shop

5. Preppy Paper Girl - monogrammed napkins, paper goods ( note pads and gift tags), makeup bags, all around cuteness
Click HERE to visit her shop

6. Natalie Chang Studio- party cups, napkins and holiday cards
Click HERE to visit her shop

7. Annechovie - fine art, home decor and gifts.  
Trust me you want to take a visit to her shop.
Click HERE to visit her shop

8. House of Brooke - preppy/bohemian luxe goods
Click HERE to visit her shop

9. Collyn Raye - Tops, Dresses, Skirts and more all hand made and create by Collyn Raye
Click HERE to visit her shop

10. Rysa Ruth - Dresses and Tops all designed and created by Rysa Ruth 
Click HERE to visit her shop

11. Peppermint Bee - Pillows, pillows and pillows
Click HERE to visit her shop

12. Monograms, Etc NC - monogrammed housewares and table top
Click HERE to visit her shop

13. Priss and Pomp - vinyl monograms to top all vinyl monograms, gift tags and more
Click HERE to visit her shop

14. Pink Wasabi Ink - Home Decor, monogram gifts and pretties. 
This is where I get my monogrammed paper placemats
Click HERE to visit her shop

15. Make Something Happy
THE towels I am always talking about on Instgram live,
 the ones I use in my kitchen and for my makeup.
Click HERE to visit her shop

16. Indigo Home - blue and white lovers head here immediately
Click HERE to visit her shop.

17. Redux 121 Design Studio  - stationery and gift tags as well as vintage finds
Click HERE to visit her shop

18. Gnome Sweet Gnome Shop - drink stirrers and 
candle holders (for birthday candles)
Click HERE to visit her shop

19. Dixie Delights - paper goods, jewelry created by Amanda. An all around adorbale selection.
Click HERE to visit her shop
20. At The Post Paperie & Gifts - gift tags, invitations and more
Click HERE to visit her shop

21. Sparkly Pink Polka Dots - posh papers, artwork and pillows
Click HERE to visit her shop

22. When I Was Your Age - personalized party goods like you've never seen
Click HERE to visit her page

23. Instant Gratification - Acrylic cuteness
Click HERE to visit her shop

24. Bird & Pear - mexican dress pillows, makeup bags, etc.
Click HERE to visit her shop

25. Good Sport Designs - personalized straw slippers ( so comfy) and more
Click HERE to visit her shop

26. Simply Monogram - cute cell phone cases
Click HERE to visit her shop

27. Princess Cut Bags -  
Clear arcylic bottom base for your luxury handbags
Click HERE to visit shop

28. Mystery Pearls - oysters with a treat inside.
 What a fun gift, even better idea as a fundraiser for schools, organizations and more
Click HERE to visit shop

29. For Monogram Sake -  monogrammed Easter eggs, 
Staffordshire dog tea towels ( so dang cute) and tons more
Click HERE to visit her shop

30. Hempstead Thread ( use to be on etsy)
This is the only shop that started off on etsy and is not any longer 
but she does have her own site and its kind of really amazing, 
I had to include.
Click HERE to visit her shop.

I did not receive any payment from any of the above shops. I did not mention to any of them I was putting this list together. I get asked a lot on snapchat what some of my favorite Etsy shops are, so why not make a list for you all.

Thanks for stopping by.

Love and Limes.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Lip of the Day

The lip combo I had one today on Instagram live and snapchat 
Liquid Lip (queen b): CLICK HERE
Lip gloss I topped it with (forbidden):CLICK HERE
Nail Polish: HERE

This white top is so similar to the one I have and available in white as well as regular, petite and tall sizes. Find it by CLICKING HERE

I love a gingham and this one is no exception. BONUS, it's on sale for $39.00 and available in regular, petite and tall sizes

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Quick Share

I was looking for an outfit to wear to an event I have coming up and saw this skirt and immediately knew the search was over. They don't have many left and I wanted to share super fast with you all because its a great price point, I love the colors and can see it working with so many different tops and occasions. It also comes in petite and regular sizes.
You can find it by CLICKING HERE

I don't plan on wear this top with the skirt but I had on a top that is very similar to this one today on snapchat and have been asked where to find one. Mine is not available but this is almost identical to mine and is less than what I paid for mine. It also comes in a pale pink color.
You can find it by CLICKING HERE
It comes in sizes 00 to 16 as well as petite sizes.

These are the earrings I had on all day on snapchat and also shared on Instagram. They are from 
Lisi Lerch find them HERE

Super quick check check in today. 
Have a great week and I am working on the towel bar post for you all.

* Skirt and shirt are shared through an affiliate link. That does not effect the price nor my opinion. The skirt was purchased with my own money.