Saturday, May 23, 2015

ROCKETS, Shooting and Saturday

It's been a full week, like always and this morning I was kind of spent. Really wanted to say in my pjs and watch Netflix...and I did till about 10 a.m. Then I had to tackle the mess that was my nightstand. What the heck is wrong with me and this nightstand issue. Clean for five minutes, loaded up with crap six minutes later. 
I figured I better capture one of the five clean minutes for a "proof of life" photo.
It's a REAL struggle, I mean REAL! I get to bed, unload my purse (apparently onto my nightstand), grab moisturizers and lotions and then leave on my nightstand and it goes on and on. Once that was done (seven minutes later), I placed an online order with Sephora.
The sun safety kit is valued at $155 and it can be yours for $32. I haven't tried the sun safety kit before, but I'm looking forward to getting my hands on this one. We are rather pale over her yet we all have different sunscreen needs. This should be a great start to determining what works best for whom.
Pookie's room is still in progress. Paint is done, new headboard is installed and bedding is 75% done. This is one of the two couches we are leaning toward. The other is all white leather. We like them both, we may be flipping a coin. Her room is large enough for a couch and had one before. I'm pretty sure it's her favorite thing about her room. I think I'd like to do two chairs and a table BUT it's her space. 
Saturday evening we had been invited to an event with this lovely lady and dear friend (Betsy). It has been raining for at least two straight weeks, my hair is over the humidity and damp weather. Betsy was being silly (which I adore), her and my daughter love a silly picture. 

Before we left, these two (plus one Dad) headed to the Houston Rockets game. Don't worry Little Einstein was picking up his Rockets jersey and cap once inside. Unfornuately they lost, it happens. It was still a super exciting time for the Houston Rockets they haven't made that far in a while and we are all proud of them. The boys had a great time, and for that I am happy. Thanks Cutter for inviting my son, he had the best time. 
The event we attended was at the West Side Shooting Club, a private sporting clays club. It's Texas we love our guns and shooting at targets or clays (in this case it's clays). I grew up shooting, sporting clays are just FUN!!! 
The tables had these beautiful sunflowers  all over them. The dinner was a Mexican buffet and oh so delicious. 
Had to share this one, first diet coke out and it had - share a diet coke with a Friend.  

There was a band, fireworks and lights strung everywhere. The entire atmosphere was spot on for the event. 

The evening was relaxing and fun, the food was incredible and the people we met were super friendly. Thanks for the invite Betsy. 

Sunday is baseball, horses and misc. I may take the blogging day off. Then it's a holiday and the last week of school for one of mine. Woohoo!!!! It's also Pookie's birthday week!!!!!! 

Love and Limes,

Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Fun

Today was a FULL day, full of fun, friends and fancy shopping. It started up heading to Austin and lunching at Searsucker. Lunch was light and refreshing and the atmosphere was neat.
I had the quinoa salad with shrimp, it was  a nice change from all the meat and know the low carb thing. 
After lunch we headed to the Governors Mansion for our tour and to meet my instagram friend who works for the state, Cammy. 

Inside the gates, past security and headed inside.
They have kept the Texas Governor's Mansion as true to form as they can.Original  furniture, incredible paintings and the chandeliers were spectacular.  
History was all around us.
There are several mirrors in the Mansion I wouldn't mind hanging in our home.
I know that candle is leaning and I wanted to fix it but I also wanted to see the rest, so hands to myself! 
There were two, and beautiful does not do them justice.
Looking UP. 
I loved the yellow and green combo in the parlor. 
Formal dinning room is a pretty blue and the table could not have shined brighter. 
One of the rugs.

My newest obsession! Not sure what the original use was, or what it's called. But I will find out and one day I will have one! It's an insulated container (with lid). Apparently they have used it for ice cream in the past. If you know, help a girl out. Please!!!!!
I'm a native Texas, have been to the Capitol many times and but this was my first time to the Governor's Mansion and I can not thank Cammy enough for inviting me.
After the tour, I couldn't head straight home and Pookie was up for a little stop at the Lilly Pulitzer store. She found a cute pair of shorts and we meet another instagram follower and now friend (@preppositional_phase).

Couldn't make a stop at The Domain in Austin and not go to Neiman Marcus. I wanted to grab a bottle of perfume (check) and take a stroll through MacKenzie-Childs.
Possibly make a stroll through handbags to drool. Valentino is killing me!!!! I love this pink tote.
Hey, MacKenzie-Childs you don't know me, but don't let that stop you from sending this ottoman my way. I love everything about MC, it's cheery, colorful and mixes great with almost anything. I may have a picked up a bowl. It's a collection and an addiction. 
Cargo diaries! 

Finished up in Austin and we had to haul back for a friend's daughter (Congrats Elle) who was graduating from Kindergarten. She's adorable, and exhausted or not I wasn't missing it. The evening was relaxing and James Coney Island catered so it was YUMMMMMMMMMyyyyyyy. 
Isn't that Mexican pot AMAZING!!!! It's in said friends kitchen and it's big, wonderful and looks fabulous.
What's a celebration without a little horse races, especially when you have a house full of horse enthusiast. Those mechanical horses are something!!! 
The day was definitely crammed packed. Started on a high note and ended on one to. I really wanted to lay down on the hammock next to Little Einstein but thought I'd not be able to get back up. 

Hard to believe it's only Friday. Tomorrow is baseball, Houston Rockets and Event in Houston. 

Have a great weekend.
Love and Limes,