Monday, February 20, 2017

Current Clothing Favorites

A couple of my outfits lately from snapchat and Instagram live have sent many questions on where to find the looks I had on. Listed below are either the exact item or as similar as I could find ( a few things I had on I've had forever ). I hope this helps.
Have a wonderful Monday.

These earrings and necklace have gotten a TONNNNNNNNNNNNNNN of questions and comments. Since you all like a pearl and a great looking tortoise inspired/bone chain necklace ( its a classic, definitely a piece to have in your wardrobe), then these two pieces will speak to you.
The pearl earrings are a attached to simple gold bar and hang only slightly ( you all have seen these on snapchat and Instagram). They are 18K gold over brass and come in three sizes ( small, medium, and large - I have the smalls one). I believe all three sizes are the same price of $95 or $98, you can get both the earrings and necklace at Abientot ( in Houston, but they ship and are super friendly).  The sandals I had on the other day with the linen pants listed below are also from here ( will share a pic soon) and the handbag I shared on snapchat and Instagram live ( the beautiful leather tote ). I'll post pics of both those items this week.
There information can be found HERE 
A bientot 
2501 Rivers Oaks Blvd.
Houston, TX
Instagram page: abientot713 

The top I had on with the pants below is OLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD but mine does have three quarter length sleeves, a boat neck and is navy. This one is almost identical and I have it in my cart at the moment ( mine is getting icky and its time of a new basic navy tee).
You can find this tee by  CLICK HERE

I DO HAVE these pants ( actually two pairs, in tan and grey)  and WOW, I like them ALOT!!! They are linen, come  in regular, plus and petite sizes, there are several color options and they are under  $60 , that might be the best price I've ever found on linen pants. I have two pairs both in large.
You can find these pants by CLICKING HERE

Another popular look lately has been my black cardigan, tee, leggings and sneakers. 
I have this exact cardigan and to say I love it is an understatement. I live in a HOT HOT HOT state (Texas) but this cardigan works perfectly for our climate as well as indoors. It looks completely effortless when I pair it with a white tank ( I prefer a higher neck on my tanks), leggings and super chic sneakers. I purchased the L/XL size, I wash according the tag and lay on my sweater rack to dry.
You can find this cardigan by CLICKING HERE

My white tank is old and I have these two in my cart because who doesn't always need a nice fresh white tank. They both have a higher neck ( my preference) are inexpensive and can be paired with million looks. This tank comes in six different colors and is available in sizes up to xl (I have a large in my cart).
Find this tank by CLICKING HERE

This double layer, high neck ( and back) tank comes in three colors ( actually four but navy is sold out). This one gets me uber excited, I mean HELLLLLLLLLLLLLO double layer, high neck its practically been made for me.
You can find this tank by CLICKING HERE

THE GREAT LEGGING DEBATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I asked you all on snapchat and instagram live to share what your favorite legging were. I have had the worse luck with crappy leggings ( they stretch, or are see through, you know what I mean - YUCK).
  This legging was the most suggested BY FAR and you can find it by CLICKING HERE  they have a wide band and  are around $35. You all REALLY like these. 
The other top favorite legging brands were:
Zella, Lululemon, Vince Camuto and Spanx ( lots were recommended but the pair above had the most recommendations, then the other brands I listed). I have this pair and the ones below in my cart as I type this. I will be purchasing them in a large ( judge awayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy), generally in jeans or pants I wear a 12.

While I was shopping for the HUE leggings I came across these and well...I need them!
You can find them by CLICKING HERE

To complete my black cardigan, legging look I have been wearing these sneakers, The day I purchased these I was with a friend ( Amey) and another lady was trying them on. We both liked them so we tried them on and another lady tried them on. All four of us bought the sneakers because they are not only comfy, but we all had the same thought about them- THEY are chic looking for a sneaker and priced great. You can find these sneakers ( in a few other colors too) by CLICKING HERE  I am generally a size nine in most shoes, BUT in these I had to size up a half size and purchased them in a 9.5

I am more than happy to answer you questions and comments on Instagram, snapchat and etc... Posting the things I can here, with the information is much easier. First, you all can find the match to what I have or as close to what I have here and come back if you need and second by directing you all here  it keeps me from saying it over and over on Instagram and Snapchat ( which aggravates some).  Hopefully this way works for you all. If I left something off leave a comment and I add it this week.
Have a great day.

Love and limes,

Monday, February 13, 2017

Baby Shower Dinner Party

Recently ( last week) I hosted a baby shower in our home for a neighbor ( and friend). It was such fun to get all the details together and the evening was a delight.  I have had questions on Instagram and snapchat to see more and some of the details on where things came from or what was served and such, so here ya go. Enjoy!

The mommy to be works so I hosted the shower one evening and decided why not make it a dinner party, so that is what I did! To start I had a table cloth made in all white, with a single ruffle to the floor.  I found two different fabrics in pink (one in a pink gingham and the other a pink toile both from Hobby Lobby)  and had four runners made in each fabric and placed those across the table, alternating each print.  

The invitations were from Katie & Co  notice the bib, she added the baby's initials (how cute is that). 

I'm sure you've realized by now there is a P on the salad plate, and my last name starts with a C, but Baby's last name starts with a P!!!!!
  The china I used was Lenox Federal Platinum, in addition to the traditional five piece set of  Federal Platinum I added the salad plate ( also by Lenox) in Federal Platinum Monogram Script ( also available in gold and block lettering) you can find them HERE

The details on the china can all be found on the links below
Dinner Plate HERE
Bread Plate HERE
Monogram Script Salad Plate HERE
Flatware HERE
Stemware HERE

ALL OF THE FLOWERS were done by a local florist who does BEAUTIFUL work and was more than happy to work with the containers I had on hand ( Revere Bowls). 
Its a week after the shower and I still have flowers in our home. 
To contact Missy go HERE
You will not be disappointed in her work.

Another couple touches I did to help add in the fun and make things extra special were the monogrammed napkins  (from Sequins and Lipstick on etsy)which you can find HERE and after the party I gave all the extras to the mommy to be.
 The party guest each left with a plush hot pink velvet heart from Plush Pumpkin HERE and if you've never seen her products you'll want to hop over there and look, she has more than hearts ( she started out making plush velvet pumpkins and all I can say is WOW).
Take a close look on the table and all the Ruffled Flowers are also from Plush Pumpkins.

The clear boxes were full of pink and silver Hershey kisses. I found the boxes on Amazon, don't make the mistake I did and think that a three inch box would be small. IT WASN'T and took five party size bags of Hershey kisses to fill twelve boxes. I tied each box with pink gingham ribbon I bought at Craft Tex HERE and glued a little pink safety pink ( found at Hobby Lobby) to the center of the bow. In the future I will use a two inch size box. I placed a box at each place setting but we all agreed that giving them to the mommy to be to hand out at the hospital to visitors would be a sweet gesture. Plus remember, each guest left with a plush hot pink velvet heart from Plush Pumpkin HERE

This was taken the night of the event right before guest arrived. 
Salad of spring mix lettuce, seasoned pecans, bell peppers, tomatoes,  and feta cheese tossed lightly in a herb vinaigrette 
Gouda and Spinach stuffed Chicken Breast
Roasted New Potatoes
Roasted Whole Carrots in a Balsamic Vinegar 
Lemon Pepper Haricots Verts
Dinner Roll
Strawberry Shortcake 
Specialty Cookies
* I prepared all the food served with the exception of the stuffed chicken breast I purchased from a local restaurant. 

Closer look at the flatware from Marchesa Imperial Caviar by Lenox which can be found HERE

I served the strawberry shortcake desserts in Lenox Federal Platinum Monogram Script mugs ( found HERE ) 

How could I not include this picture?!?!?!? Harriet is always close by.

The night was lovely, the mommy to be is such a doll and in a matter of seven days should be holding her baby girl.

Love and Limes,