Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Fourth of July Table Tops - table top Thursday, early!

One week I'm right on with Table Top Thursday, on week I'm late and now I'm's a process. Any whooooo, this week is coming early to throw some ideas and inspiration out for July 4th celebrations.  Here's what I've been working on the last few days.
Using all the traditional colors, flags, etc... But I love mixing patterns (who doesn't) so why not mix it up for the Fourth. The "placemats" are not wrapping paper (this time) but are those hanging pinwheel fan thingys, found at Hobby Lobby in the holiday and party supplies sections. 
I bought the chalkboards at the dollar store yearsssssss ago (about fifteen of them, they were a $1). They have been so useful so many times, grab a chalkpen and have some fun. 
I love the look of the bamboo flatware. If you see a great/good deal on gold bamboo flatware give me shout. It's on my must have list. Because gold bamboo flatware is a MUST HAVE. 
Navy monogrammed linen napkins because something had to be monogrammed, right?
Polka dots! 
Generally we attend a parade Fourth of July and it's long and adorable. So a snack and cool drinks are a must. Let me honest if I can find a reason to pack a fun treat I'm going to!  
All closed up with napkin and cutlery on top. The polka dotted boxed where out at Valentine's Day and I bough them on sale knowing July 4th would be here in a flash and they would be perfect (i do that at Christmas also). To not forget what I purchased in a off season, I put said items in a holiday drawer in my work room. It's a draw for things I buy off season for any holiday.  Makes sense, right??
Closer look, dang that's a crap bow. Some days I can't tie a knot. 
Inside is blue gingham waxed paper with individual bowls of treats: finger sandwiches, chopped tomatoes, sliced radishes and watermelon (apparently a very red diet). 

What would a Table Top Thursday post on a Wednesday be without some wrapping paper.
Once again the placemats are wrapping paper I cut and bought during Christmas. 
That glasses with the gold stripes are from Hobby Lobby (recently)! I've got to get some more. They are nice. I'm kind of loving them. 
The picks in the bow are both intended for cupcakes...rules are made to be broken. 
 I actually am very happy with the three different looks and it's hard for me because I'm not wild about red. I don't dislike it but I'm not naturally drawn to it. 

   It's been a hard week over here but better days are ahead. No one goes without struggles once in a while. We will celebrate the struggles and success of our country on Saturday. It's a part of life and growth.

Have a wonderful 4th.

Love and Limes,

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


The advice, thoughts, prayers and kind words have all been extremely helpful. Helpful in that I do not feel as alone as I did nor as guilty as I was. I'm not alone, so many of you were kind enough to send me emails and comments on Instagram. Thank YOU!
     I love the idea of recording my Dad acting out, that is an excellent idea and I will pass it on to my Mother. I unfornuately will not be able to record his aggressive verbal outburst. We as a family have made the decision to remove ourselves from there (both my mom and dad) lives. I know it sounds harsh and likely hateful but I can not help him and my mother will not help herself. There is nothing I can do but walk away.
     If this was a situation of an aging parent who needed my help with doctors appointments, physical help, to hold there hand, I would be there. 
    Since I am dealing with an aging parent who refuses to go to the doctor, is convinced his spouse is conspiring against him and won't acknowledge that maybe he has a problem - I have to walk away and am. I have begged my dad (through text messages, you can not have a conversation with him without aggression) to seek out medical treatment, it's not going to happen. I am sorry that is his decision, I hoped we as his family meant enough to at least go to a doctor. I would love nothing more for him to go to the doctor and prove us all wrong. I would gladly listen to "I told you so" everyday for the rest of my life. Please, please, please prove us all wrong- go to the doctor and make us regret our concern for your health.  
  My mom is concerned with primarily how it "looks" that I have posted this family issue on my blog and Instagram. Oh DEAR LORD, that seems so misdirected!  But that's her issue and not mine. My advice to her, don't read my blog or instagram. Seems pretty easy. 
     Now I'm PISSED not going to lie! Super duper pissed and super duper concerned all rolled into one. Honestly more pissed than concerned today, and I don't see that changing for a long time. There's not a single person reading this that will disagree with me when I say the reason I am so FUCKING PISSED OFF (Yep used the F-BOMB).  I could take all crap my aging ill father could dish out, all day long (wouldn't enjoy it but could take it) BUT since his verbal assaults and aggressive behavior has had a direct effect on my son tonight, I draw the line. 
He ruined something so special for my son that it's inexcusable. Something he's worked so hard for and has always meant so much to him - what he got was a lifetime of remembering how his grandfather ruined his moment. Seeing his face and disappointment and knowing his grandfather had done that to him, I wanted to get in my car and and drive to my dads house and rip his heart out. 
   Then I realized that might look like I care and I just don't! My mom told me to tell everyone he's dead. My response - no one cares, including me. 
Terrible I know, but I don't know if I do care after tonight and watching my son. 
Not exactly the pretty picture most of you had of me I know, but it's TRUE! I have said the F-word about ten times today (all in relation to my dad), have felt pissed off and angry and wanted to rip a persons heart out! I have to walk away, this is not who I am and I'm not about to turn into him. I'm tapping out!!!

Love and Limes,