Sunday, October 25, 2009

Day One

Green acres is the place to be, Farm living is the life for me, Land spreading out,so far and wide, Keep Manhattan, just give me that countryside.
New York is where I'd rather stay, I get allergic smelling hay
I just adore a penthouse view Darling, I love you,but give me Park Avenue.
The Chores, The Stores, Fresh Air, Times Square
You are my wife. Good bye city life.
Green Acres, we are there!

OK, here it goes my attempt at blogging. Hopefully I'll get this down quick without getting to crazy. I have lots of things I would love to figure out how to post and the sooner the better. This week will bring lots of fun things to post, like:
Some great decorating ideas I am checking out tomorrow in College Station,details for the Halloween Cake and cupcakes, next the table scape for Thursday night ONZE (French for 11, a fun card game), and of course all the preparations and decorations for the Annual Halloween Night Party.