Monday, October 26, 2009

Halloween is coming.....

Candy Bar, there is something for everyone here, not just candy, you can find crayons, googy mice, spider rings, giant pumpkin lollipops. I placed all the treats in different containers, crystal, silver trays and bowls. Don't look at the lamps, the shades are horrible. I have to get new ones, but the candy bar is defintely cute! Right?

Decorations for Halloween have been done for weeks, but take a look at the mantle. I love skulls and bones this year.

A few bones and skulls for the dining room, mixed with real artichokes,pumpkins and pomergranates. I'm not a photographer so forgive the picture. I love, love, love the lampshades on these lamps, they are linen and custom made right here in Washington County (Michelle is awesome).

The library. There is another Candy Bar in this room to behind the green couch. Candy everywhere,it is the holiday for it!

Little touches by the sink. Adorable cookies, kitchen linens, and always fresh flowers.

Silver candy dishes, filled with Candy Corn (our favorite),Test Tubes full of gummy eyes, brains, and fingers. Plus, more skulls.


  1. OMG...By following your blog I might actually learn to cook!!!!!!!!! I love it!