Monday, November 2, 2009

The Christmas Book

Okay, this is the catalog of the Christmas season, no doubt about it, no questions asked, it is the holiday catalog of all holiday catalogs...The Neiman Marcus Christmas Catalog. Now, I know it's been in for a couple of weeks but I wasn't blogging then, so forgive the time delay. Why is this the Jackpot of all Christmas catalogs, strictly for the fantasy of it! Who doesn't want matching his and her Light Sport Air crafts (ICON A5, on pg.52-53) for $250,000. Maybe your scared to fly, well there is something for everyone (not every budget, definitely not mine) in this catalog what about a Wine & Art Experience (pg.55) for $20,000 or the 2010 Jaguar XJL Supercharged Neiman Marcus Edition (pg.57) for $105,000.

Those of you who know me, might know I love to read and do as much as possible, and about anything and everything. I always have a book, magazine or both in arms reach. So when I turned to page 51 in THE CHRISTMAS BOOK, my eyes about popped out of my head! The Algonquin Round Table Experience (this was even a jeopardy question once), for $200,000 I could (or you, or anyone for that matter) sit at the legendary Algonquin Hotel with ten of the brightest minds in modern literature, journalism, and art. Not sure I could breathe, let alone speak! But, don't worry my oxygen levels will remain safe, the closest I'm getting to the Experience is reading some of the books by the amazing authors on the line up - first I think I might start with, Frannie in Pieces by Delia Ephron. Let ya know how it goes.
On one of my tables in my house I have a tray with all my favorite books on it: To Kill A Mockingbird,by Harper Lee (I wanted to name my daughter Scout), Charlotte's Web,by E.B.White (this was all I wanted for my birthday in 3rd grade, I still have my original copy, minus the cover I read it so much it fell off), The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End, by Ken Follett (I LOVE these books and cried and stayed up hours and hours unable to stop reading), and a new favorite Julie and Julia,by Julie Powell. A dream would be owning To Kill A Mockingbird and Charlotte's Web 1st Editions, but I don't have Oprah's money, so my 3rd grade copy of Charlotte's Web and anniversary edition of To Kill A Mockingbird will be just fine. I do have however 1st Editions The Pillars of the Earth and World Without End as well as Julie & Julia. When I like a book, owning the 1st edition is an obsession, or a sickness.

Moving on, these really great bracelets are by one of my favorite designers,John Hardy. I love Hardy so much Henry had a John Hardy bracelet from the time he could walk, grew out of it and I had to get him another one. After Dian Malouf I have the most of his pieces. These leather and sterling bracelets are part of his "Kali" collection and come in red, black, brown, orange, and blue. They are considered men's bracelets but that would not stop me from wearing them. They are on pg. 37 in The Christmas Book and cost $195.00 each. Great price for John Hardy.

WOW, what a great dress, retro collar, pleated party skirt, side pockets and rhinestone brooches to top off the details, and it's in Pink!!! Oh, you can find it on pg 78.

Above all accessories my passion is a awesome handbag. This is amazing, a black patent Chanel tote with silver tone chain and grosgrain ribbon. It screams FUN, and could be yours for $1,995.00 (on pg. 99).

You know what I say about bracelets,"If one is good, ten is better" I guess in this case five is better. These bracelets are neat, I love them. Located on pg.113 of The Christmas Book they are Accessories & Beyond Bead, handmade in Brazil, and available in black leather, silver plate, gold plate, bronze metallic, etc... and each is $240.00. One bracelet or the books from the list above, hummmmm, I'm going with the books, but the bracelets are sooooooooooooooooooo neat!


  1. ...absolutely love the pink dress...and i think i want the limited edition jaguar xjl! xo, mickey

  2. Ok now you got me curious. I am buying the catalog!

  3. I got the Christmas book recently. So fun to look at!