Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gingerbread House - for Habitat for Humanity

The beginning of our gingerbread house, we took to paper to work out the dimensions and details. Thanks to John for his math minded help, without him our windows might have been out of sorts. Truly, thank you John. Once we had our details down we were off to collect our goodies: mints, gum (lots of gum, Kelly went all over Brenham looking for a certain kind of gum,but she found it), powdered sugar (lots and lots of powered sugar), eggs, food coloring, tic tacs, peppermints,fondant, sprinkles (we sorted out alot of sprinkles, we only needed the green ones and a few red), graham cracker crumbs (makes a great road) and on and on. We had candy EVERYWHERE! Now, the inspiration for our home, can anyone guess? Think about who's house this reminds you of and maybe by the end of this blog you'll have an answer.

For almost two weeks Kelly and I have been working on this gingerbread house. Why, to help raise money for Habitat for Humanity. Next Monday several gingerbread houses will be auctioned off at an event for Habitat for Humanity at Unity Theater here in Brenham. When we started out, we knew we wanted big, detailed and beautiful, well...What do you think? It's not completely done (in these pictures), but will be tomorrow when we turn it in and I'll post more pictures

The back of our house, so cute. We couldn't be happier with the way it all has turned out. Who would ever believe this is the FIRST time we have done this.

Our gingerbread house is a sweet sugary replica of Mount Vernon, George Washington's home. Google it and see how we did.

This is our children's(mine and Kelly's) gingerbread house they are donating to Habitat for Humanity. Precious!


  1. The gingerbread house is unbelieveable!! Y'all are good!! I bet it was the best one!!

  2. Love Thanksgiving at the ranch. Table looks great!

  3. Looks great. KWHI must think so to it is on their website!