Saturday, November 21, 2009

Bake Sale / Holiday Treat

Bake Sale or Holiday Treat

I like to cook and bake, but I don't always have the time to pull off amazing meals or desserts and sometimes even I need Betty Crocker's help and Pilsbury to! One of those occasions was recently when my daughter cheer squad was having a Bake Sale. Now, I may not always have time to make 25 baked goods from scratch, but I have time to make them over the top (decorated & adorable that is). From the picture you can see I started with numerous baking mixes but I did add some extras into the mixes and of course decorated up the end results.
Almost two dozen eggs later, and more than 20 pans and I'm one step closer to Bake Sales Bliss

While the banana bread, pumpkin/cranberry bread, gingerbread, pound cake and others were cooling, I was off to make the tags (to lure our Bake Sale buyers) and get the ribbon ready.

Everything has cooled and time to add a sugary topping and nutty crunch. Under time restraints, the easiest way to add decorative icing - Buy pre-made icing (Betty Crocker or Pilsbury) in Vanilla (not cream cheese or whipped) or chocolate. Put about half of the tub in a bowl and microwave about 10-15 seconds. Stir up, it should be thinned enough to put in a squeeze bottle. Then drizzle back and forth on top of dessert (in this case different dessert breads). You can wait a few minutes then alternate icing (in a different squeeze bottle) and top with nuts, sprinkles, chocolate chips, peppermint pieces, etc....

Add tag and ribbon and done! Precious, and not just for a school bake sale, great for the holidays.

The end, it took almost all day! The results were yummy (to the tummy & eyes), the bake sale did GREAT.


  1. you ever sleep at your house? This is great. Rialey sure does have a great Mom!

  2. No, I don't, at least not enough. Thanks for the comment.

  3. Thanks Tik. Now I gotta make these for my Girl Scout leaders holiday gift! I gave everyone Pumpkin loaves for Thanksgiving. Now they will get the pound cake with somekind of topping for Christmas! Great gift when you have about a dozen leaders!

  4. Tikaa, Tikka, Tikka, you are TOO much. Will you come a do my Christmas baking? KLG

  5. Fantastic idea. Everything looks yummy. If only I knew how to make the tags. You must teach me.

  6. Tikaa,
    You are amazing. I sure wish that I could do even a 1/4th of the creative stuff that you do. Thanks for putting these projects on your blog. You have given me some ideas.