Saturday, December 26, 2009

Fork, Spoon and Knife OH MY!

Michelle Obama Makes Presentation On History Of WH State Dinners

Photo is from the White House State Dinner this past November.

I probably should have done this post in November to prepare for the holidays but, it didn't happen and here it is now. Still in time for New Year's parties and starting the new year off with the right fork in hand.


Common Plate Sizes
Bread and Butter 6 inches
Dessert 7 inches
Salad 8 inches
Luncheon 9 inches
Dinner 10 inches
Service 12 inches
Charger 13 1/2 inches
Dinner with Audemars Piguet Golf Ambassadors Vijay Singh & Thomas Levet

When setting your table your plate should be placed 1 inch from the edge of the table. From there handles of the FLATWARE are aligned at the bottom. The forks (no more than three) are placed to the left of the plate, in order of use, working from the outside in. The oyster fork is the only fork placed on the right side with the knives.

Types of Forks: Seafood, Snail, Oyster, Child's, Pastry, Four-Tined Salad, Three-Tined Salad, Four-Tined Dessert, Three-Tined Dessert, Four-Tined Fish, Three-Tined Fish, Luncheon,Ice Cream Fork, Three-Tined Dinner and Table.

Once you've set your fork move to the right side of the plate and we can start with he knives. There should be no more than three knives at one time to the right of the plate. Place the knives in order of use, with the cutting edge toward the plate. Spoons are placed to the right of the knives.

Types of Knives: Butter, Child's, Fruit, Fish, Steak (large and small), Luncheon, Dessert, Dinner and table.

Types of Spoons: Mustard, Child's, Demitasse, Baby, Extra-Small Teaspoon, Small Teaspoon, Ice Cream,Teaspoon, Large Teaspoon, Fruit, Bouillon, Cream Soupspoon, Sauce, English dessert, Large Soupspoon, Large Iced-Tea spoon.

The Dessert Silverware - the dessert fork and spoon are above the plate, the bowl of the spoon facing left, the fork below and facing right.

Glassware - Again glassware like flatware is generally placed on the table in order of use from the left to the right and no more than four glasses. Keep in mind each type of stemware has a unique shape and should be used for their respective drinks.

Several sizes of napkins each with a specific use, Cocktail, luncheon and dinner.

Cocktail Napkins are usually 5 inches square
Luncheon Napkins are 10 to 13 inches square
Dinner Napkins are typically 22 to 24 inches square.

Golden Globes Menu Preview

Photo is from the preview for the Golden Globes at the Beverly Hilton Hotel.

Emmy "Rolling Out of the Red Carpet"/Press Conference

Photo is from the 58th Primetime Emmy's Governor's Ball- "Rolling Out the Red Carpet"
Sneak Peek Of The Primetime Emmy Governor's Ball

Another photo from the 58th Primetime Emmy's Governor's Ball - "Rolling Out the Red Carpet"

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