Sunday, February 28, 2010

Tea Time at the Gidding Stone Mansion

I guess about a month or so ago I recieved a call from a lovely women who is a community legend asking if I would like to participate in the Brenham Hertiage Society/Gidding Stone Mansion Tea Party. I have particiapated before and considered it a huge honor to be asked again and agreed to decorate a table.

This is the beginning, I hauled all my things in. This was Saturday morning and honest I brought a ton of stuff and while hauling it all in I was in a bit of a panic because I still had not decided what I was going to do exactly. I had my china, I bought flowers, and even had a burlap table topper made, but that was it. The night before in a MAD panic I ran to Wallies and grabbed some pete moss, kraft paper, ribbon, and white thin bar towels. I was hopeful I could "Make it work."

The tea was on Sunday, and I bought all the flowers on Thursday. I know, kind of risky but I really wanted the roses to be as open as possible and I knew I could keep them all cold and happy. On the chair is the party favors for my invited guest. For the tea party you are welcome to purchase your table and invite whom ever you wish or the Society will fill your table for you. I purchased my table, and since I was inviting friends to join me, I of course wanted to have party favors for everyone. Wrapped in kraft paper and tied with a pink grograin ribbon everyone recieved a small box of chocolates and a box of tea.

To start I covered the cloth that was already down on the table with a burlap table topper I had made ahead of time. Then added the pete moss in the middle and crossed my fingers and went from there.

Adding the china and crystal and working on spacing, still not knowing what I am going to do for a center piece and getting a little nervous, but I like the pete moss. I like the natural elements of the moss and burlap and I have two bags of small green apples waiting in the wings.

Finished with bare neccessities, but still no center piece and wow factor.

Okay, what do you think? I work best under pressure.

A closer look.

More pictures.

There were several other tables and I took pictures of most of them they are shown below.

My guest: Shannon, Sharon, Courtney, Becky, Mallory, Cynthia and Cissy

The center piece now at my home. I have to start pulling out the Easter decorations, it's my daughters favorite holiday.


  1. Beautiful and amazingly creative! You always do a great job. I also usually do a table and it is great fun, but I had to be away this weekend. Hope the tea was wonderful, too.

  2. I love, love, love, your table arrangemeny. It is lovely. I had an undeniable urge to put lemon rind curls (very small amount) in with your apples and I slapped myself on the back of the head. I am not a decorator, I do not have any infinity to decorate anything, lol, but now, I have this image of small lemon peels in with your apples. Don't mind me, I love your table.
    Aunt Lona

  3. Hey! I thought the flowers looked great. Very pretty! I hope ya'll had a great time!
    Missy Robinson