Tuesday, March 16, 2010

New Favorite Thing

Hunter Boots (The Orginal Wellington)
A friend of mine has a pair in the famous green color and she had mention I should get a pair before going to New York. Now their are two things I must stop and explain first, my friend as sweet as she is and as cute as her boot are is not know for her fashion. Second these are rubber boots we are talking about, I couldn't imagine packing rubber boots to New York.This turned out to be a MISTAKE, HUGE, GIANT, I really should have listened I wasn't five minutes out of the hotel in New York and Hunter boots were everywhere. It was like a giant poke in the eye or maybe stomp on the toe is a better description. I jumped on my phone so fast to google where to get a pair and lucky me Saks Fifth Avenue was close by. I called, requested my size and color to be put on hold please, please, please and "I'm sorry we're out" AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! Never fear their is always the internet and the upside to the Hunter website is the amount of colors available. I know I mentioned Saks Fifth Avenue a sentence or two back, but not to worry the Original Tall Welly is only $115.00, visit Hunter's website usa.hunter-boot.com
When your wearing your fancy rubber boots you can feel like royality. The Hunter company receieved the royal warrants in 1977, which is a mark of recognition to people or companies who regularly supplied goods or services for at least five years to certain members of the Royal Family. They have always been reqarded as a mark of excellence and quality and are highly prized.
Your can feel like a Queen or King (available for men and childre)in your boots.
Don't be surprised if you see me in town in mine, Round Top,the fair (horse), barn, you never know what I might put them on with.


  1. My niece Laura got hers for Christmas! She loves them and with the really snowy winter they had, they came in handy!

  2. I have had mine for about 2 years and I LOVE THEM!!! I have the green and Red ones!!! love, love, love them!!!