Saturday, March 27, 2010

Round Top Antique Time

It's Round Top Antique time again and the past week and this week will be filled with lots of visitors to the area, but most importantly great shopping. Today I made a trip to Warrenton and Round Top with the tons of other people, but the weather was great and everyone was friendly. Now for a few details:
Tuesday,March 30th Marburger Farm opens, admission is $25 and includes parking. After Tuesday admission is $10, but the passes are good all week. Marburger is a must.
Also on Tuesday but in the evening Arbor Antiques host a wine and cheese party they are located at 1503 North State Highway 237, Round Top,Tx (look for the big white tent, 1 mile north of Round Top square).
Again this Tuesday Rifle Hall will have their preview party starting at 4:45 p.m. they will have live music as well as tons of antiques. Admission is $15 and good until Saturday at 4 p.m.
Wednesday,March 31th is the Grand Opening Party of The Big Red Barn, located at 475 South Highway 237 Round Top,Tx you can't miss it.
Thursday, April 1st is the Junk Gypsy Junk-o-Rama Prom at Zapp Hall, starts at twilight. Fun, fun, fun. So put on your tutu and boots and head out.
Other Favorites already open and ready for busines are: EXCESS, CLUTTER, Cole's, Bar W Field (LOVE IT), and on and on.
The above picture is from a spot in the Bar W field.

I loved this mirror the color was pretty, the style was great. It was going home with someone else. Again this was in the Bar W field.

We probably all have a to many bowls, but this bowl was HUGE and so many amazing things could be done with it. That bowl would look great with anything in it I'm positive. Also in the Bar W field.

These were very industrial and kind of neat. I liked them and they are not me, but people change. The entire booth had an industrial look and feel to it. I plan to go back and look again. You can find it in the Bar W field close to the road.

If industrial is not your thing, maybe bright and bold is. Round Top/Warrenton has it all! You will see everything and everyone wearing almost anything. It's a great place to shop and a super place to people watch. The above picture is very bright, but the ladies who own the shop make a yummy little drink and have some cute things I didn't take enough pictures because I started talking (imagine that). I did go back for another drink,and learn how to make it.

These bags were located at the same spot as the bright and bold picture above, the bags are by Consuela, they are adorable and functional. She also carries clothes (not bright and crazy), shoes and jewelry. The owner's name is Hayley and her business is Cottage Gatherings it is located in the Campbell Building in downtown Warrenton. She is also featured in the new Guide to The Round Top Experience The Ultimate Guide to Antiquing, Lodging, Dining & Year Round Activities.

Just a quick funny picture, this is something that will NOT be coming to my house. Birds freak me out. I do not like them. Now to move on.

Everyone needs a tutu for the Prom. They are cute, but it would definetly be a Round Top only wardrobe item. Plus if you are going to wear the tutu, wear it like you own it, like you mean it, like you love it, like it's best thing you ever put on. Otherwise you'll look silly. Own the TUTU! I think I want one, but what color?

For anyone who likes a drink, Cheers! This was at Leftovers on the way home from Round Top. Leftovers Antiques is on 3900 Highway 290 west in Brenham and the owners Ed and Michael can do no wrong. They have it all and then some. It's a must to check out.

More from Round Top.

Beds -
So many beautiful beds, bedding, everywhere! Who doesn't love a a beautiful bed that isn't to fussy that screams curl up in me.

LOVE,the bedding in each of these picture. Can't say it enought LOVE IT!
Both of these can be found at The Sweat Pea Collection in Warrenton.

Not beautiful, do not want it, can't even believe it's sitting there. But I had to take the picture. In the Bar W field a ton of Bubble Wrap for sale. So if your moving or REALLY into bubble wrap, there it is.

These are again HUGE bowls, and look great. I bought one last year in red. These are from the big red and white striped tent close to the road in the bar w field.

After a long day of walking the fields, tents, shops and roads we all need a glass of wine and maybe even a bottle. When you uncork your favorite red wine throw your cork into the giant glass bottle for a fun. But don't remove the wood it's the best feature.

If I could have found a way to justified spending the money I would have brought this home and would have it one RIGHT NOW! This is the one thing I wanted SUPER BAD. She is beautiful and I know you are all shaking your head right now. But really I promise, she's NEAT!!

When going to Round Top, a white linen top is always good, jeans or skirt, and even a cute dress, and of course a cute tote bag to carry all your goodies. Plus dont forget your sunglasses and great jewerly. Please no Crocs, but Cowboy boots are pecfect.

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  1. Hi I just found your cute blog and was wondering where you got the lab coats for your sons science party??? I also love your round top post. Im not to far from you in Madisonville,Tx. Thanks. Lacy