Saturday, April 24, 2010

Kate's Wedding Shower

This is the start of a beautiful ending. We made a mess, but the end result was so pretty and the party was a success. Now Shannon and I are not Jeff Leatham (who is an incredible floral designer for the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris, who by the way took his first job as a floral designer never working with flowers before) but we can create a pretty little arrangement.

We started with the Gladiolus and elected to tie them together with a little raffia and then place them in a huge vase, our next decision, what to keep them upright with! Key Limes, yes, that was the answer. Only problems was we didn't have any and the party was only hours away, Shannon was in her gown I believe and I was in no shape to run into HEB, I had huge hot rollers in my hair and no make up on, NOT exactly HEB appropriate. So we made a phone call and in no time at all 10 bags of key limes were in our hot little hands (little did we know we need 16 bags).

The Gladiolus went in to the vase and we did need all 10 bags of key limes to stabilize the Gladiolus and keep them from moving. It worked and they looked great. There is a better picture later.

Next we worked on the roses, After Shannon cleaned the stems off and bundling them together I began to wrap the stems with french ribbon. Be careful of the thorns! The roses were also going to be surrounded by key limes so we needed to stabilize the roses and pack in the key limes, only we were out of key limes AGAIN! Never fear, another phone call and 6 more bags of key limes appeared.

We used a floral frog to brace the bouquet, before we put it into the vase and added the key limes and water. The floral frog is a must, I'm not sure you can get around using one.

The end result.

We made a couple vases of Rosemary and Pink Spray Roses, Shannon has oodles of Rosemary in her yard and when added to the other line up of arrangements the Rosemary and Roses not only were a pretty compliment but an extraordinary smelling one to.

The flowers before we left with them to go to the shower. A pre-line up of how it was going to look.

The table at the shower (not my home, the shower was at a ranch in Chappell Hill). That's Anthea and Sharon (another shower hostess) in the background.

Some of the shower food, it was a tea party so if there is tea and scones then lemon bars will be close by.

These scones and clotted cream were delicious, I am embarrassed to admit how many I ate. They were Oh so Yummy!

Stuffed Strawberries. There are lots of options when stuffing strawberries, cream cheese and powdered sugar with a little vanilla, some stuff them with cheesecake, tiramisu, creme brulee, and chocolate.

Tea anyone?

It was a bridal shower, so a little heart shaped love cookie was made for fun. I didn't get pictures of all the food, I would start talking and forget or go serve a few drinks (we did serve twelve bottles of champagne)there was other food in addition to the sweet. Sorry I get carried away sometimes, in the mix of it all I forget to get more pictures of the other food.

The shower was picturesque with the pretty flowers,dainty food and wonderful guest. The day was beautiful, the bride is sweet as can be and the wedding will be very special.

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  1. What a beautiful day it was!! Everything was perfect. You guys know how to throw the most wonderful parties! Thank you!!!