Saturday, July 24, 2010

Batten Foundation Luncheon

Batten is a rare, fatal autosomal recessive neurodegenerative disorder that begins in childhood (usually around the age of 4 to 10 ). It is the most common form of a group of disorders called Neuronal Ceroid lipotuscinosis (or NCLs). Physicians use the term Batten Disease to describe all forms of NCL.
Overtime affected children suffer mental impairment, worsening seizures and progressive loss of sight, speech and motor skills. Eventually children with Batten Disease become blind, bedridden and demented. Batten Disease is a life limiting disease, life expectancy varies depending on the type or variation.

For the past few years the Luke & Rachel Batten Foundation holds an annual fundraiser here in Brenham to raise money for research. Ann Watson is a local woman who has two grandchildren with Batton Disease (Luke and Rachel). Ann host the luncheon and several of us fine Brenham women help Ann out.
On top of helping Ann organizing the luncheon we donate a seated luncheon for twenty to be auction off. I also donated another seated dinner with my mom for the fall. Dinner parties and luncheons of any kind always bring in the best money for fundraisers. Below is the Summer seated luncheon for 20 a few of us did. Thank you to the ladies that bid, and the sweet ladies that won the luncheon. They were precious. It was a joy to serve them this summer. They bought this auction item last year. I think they might like it.
Each guest was greeted with a nice chilled Mimosa (champagne and orange juice). They were popular, and why wouldn't they be,  chilled, yummy  Champagne and vitamin C. Perfect!

All the flowers used for the day came from one or more of the hostesses. None of the flowers were purchased. None of the tomatoes, basil or cucumbers were purchased for the meal. Some of the hostesses are real country girls.

 The menu was constructed of card stock, held together with a tiny wooden clothes pin and fresh rosemary.

The Menu

Gazpacho with Shrimp
Spring Mix Salad with Strawberries, feta cheese, pecans and a homemade blush vinaigrette
Chicken and Artichoke rice salad
tomato, mozzarella and basil skewers
Fresh fruit
Assorted mini muffins
Lemon pound cake with fresh cream, raspberry sauce and mint

One of the tables
Another table.
The third table.
The third table again, this table had several different colors. Each table was unique in it's own way but they all tied together, or as my niece would say they were similar but not the same.

  I got really busy doing my part and didn't get pictures of every course.Which I could just shoot myself for, everything was beautiful but, the main reason for the event was supporting Batten Foundation and it is important and dear to us all. We love our friend Ann.
The hostesses for the day were:
Tikaa Cone,Donna Cummins, Cathleen Davis, Sharon Dettling, Karen Gunn, Cissy Kopycinski, Kathy Parker, and Shannon Webb.
The event was held at the home of Shannon Webb.

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