Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hotel ZaZa & The Menil

5701 Main
Houston, Texas 77005
Toll Free: 888-880-3244
Phone: 713-526-1991
Fax: 713-526-0359

I have been wanting to stay at Hotel Zaza for a little while. I love boutique shopping and the intimate experience you get, so why wouldn't I like a boutique hotel. I loved it. I never want to stay anywhere else. It might have a little to do with growing up in Houston and driving pass Mecom fountain and someone had put bubbles in the water and they were oozing everywhere. I can remember Hotel Zaza being the Warwick and the transformation is definitely something to experience.  Make a weekend and GO.
 I would not recommend children but your pets are welcome (I'm not trying to be ugly saying that but it is  really not a place for children).
Outside of Hotel Zaza and Herman Circle with part of Mecom fountain.
Museums are on almost every corner and Herman park is across the street. Don't get me started on all the restaurants. Oh, I think I still have Rialey's chocolate covered marshmallow(she asked me to bring her) in my purse from The Chocolate Bar, GROSS!  That is not going to be good.
From the time you drive up, nothing is like a typical hotel. This is the lobby. Big, giant zebra chairs, all of it made me want to sit and watch everything and hang out. It's not really my style but I loved it. It was super busy, yet relaxing and comfortable and some great outfits walked through that lobby. When I did check in I was greeted with a glass of champagne. Maybe two, then told that the Hotel would take me anywhere I needed to travel (in a certain limit) and pick me up. I stayed at the hotel, it was way to pretty to leave.
This was also hanging in the lobby on my way to the elevators. Plus each elevator had a different scene of people painted on the back wall, they were slightly cartoon and circus like, but definitely fit the atmosphere.
My Room - The Magnificent Seven
This is one of the Magnificent Seven Rooms, it is called Fatal Charms. The room has 1,296 square feet and has a lot of velvet, leather,crystal charms and an amazing view of Houston. I did not stay here, are you kidding! I didn't have time to donate blood and a vital organ before my stay. I had a lovely guestroom.

Bella Vita - is 1,584 square feet of Italian influence, complete with a kitchenette. I doubt that kitchenette is big enough to whip up some pasta but I'm sure you will still LOVE your weekend.

It Happened One Night is 954 square feet of jet setting sophistication, full of style from world wind adventures.

Rockstar  is 2,160 square feet and looks like the playboy mansion finally met a awesome interior designer with no budget and good taste. Yes, there is velvet,purple, black, leather, zebra, crystals, but it's definitely a place to stay for fun.  

Black Label will give you 2,204 square feet to get your relaxing weekend started, or if that's not enough you can head out to the large balcony and relax in the tub.

Tycoon is 2,016 square feet of Texas Tycoon.  Need I say more!

For Your Eyes Only is 907 square feet of too embarrassing to type! But, yes there is a mirror!

Ontop of the Magnificent Seven Suites the Hotel also offers Concept Suites:
Geisha House, West Indies Room, Houston We Have A Problem, Moulin Rouge, Casa Blanca, That's Entertainment, SoHo Loft, An Affair To Remember, and Warwick Apartment

The pool
The picture does not look that big, and it's not huge, but it is a beautiful space. The pool and spa are located on the second floor. They do have pool bungalows and villas.
The Spa offers: salon services, massages (with holistic and modern techniques), exfoliation, facials, manicures, pedicures, hydrotherapy and oxygen therapy treatments and more. They have all kinds of packages and the specials are always changing.

My Room, a double bed (all they had) with a balcony. Basic Guestroom (balcony is extra).
The beds are set with deluxe Italian linens, a luxuriously soft down comforter and fluffy down filled pillows. I had a ZaZa guest robe which I had to use when the smoke detector went off in my room while I was in the SHOWER! Weird deal, I'll just say thank goodness housekeeping was a woman and no one else on my floor seemed to care the alarm was going off. I would not let this stop me from staying again. I would definitely stay again. The smoke alarm thing was weird.

The desk  hide the refreshment refrigerator and bar. Ontop was the the butlers pantry full of lots of snacks, things you might forget from home and novelty items. Available to their guest is wireless Internet in your room and throughout the hotel.
The weekend was relaxing, the hotel was so great and I can not wait to go back. The hotel staff was adorable,super friendly and kind. The location could not be better, it is close to everything. The room was perfect, the overall experience was worth the money and has tainted my view of other hotels. I love Hotel Zaza.
Map to Hotel ZaZa

The Menil
When your in Houston you can shop, and of course eat, but one of my favorite places is
The Menil. I use to take Henry there. It's been open since 1987 and is free and gorgeous.
The Menil is home to amazing art collections that encompass many cultures and times. They have unbelievable range and dynamics. One of my favorites use to be the fertility statues, short bodies and and round bellies and the idea that a whole culture adored this type of woman, and cherished her role in their society. I love that. Now I'm amazed by the Antiquities Collections and how some of these wonderful pieces have survived since 15,000 BC and the Byzantine Collection. I could go on forever. The other nice little thing about the Menil is when you are there and taking everything in it's serene and tranquil and you have the moment to contemplate in peace on how awe-inspiring it all is.

The Menil has several collections: Antiquities, Byzantines/Medieval, African,Pacific Islands & Pacific Northwest Coast and Modern and Contemporary.
Objects of Devotion - will be on display from Aug 13 - Oct. 31, 2010 this is a collection which shows hows art validates religious practices in different eras and places. I definitely want to go see this.

Quick info about the John and Dominique de Menil
 John and Dominique de Menil traveled and collected art beginning in the 40's and their collection grew to the hundreds very quickly. When you see there name it is of fen ( and rightfully so) connected with Philanthropists. They have been overly generous to Houston and all who visit The Menil.

My next read, John and Dominique de Menil

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