Monday, September 27, 2010

Leftovers Antiques

Leftovers Antiques
3900 Highway 290 W
Brenham, Texas
Leftover Antiques is located at 3900 Highway 290 West in Brenham.They are open daily from 10:00a.m. - 6:00p.m.  The 10,000 square foot building is brimming wall to wall and beyond with the most appealing things. The owners Michael and Ed have a stunning touch.
The above picture is of the most popular fall decoration to hit town in forever, velvet pumpkins in a variety of sizes and colors, with real steams. They are soft,squishy and luxurious. I love them. 
Any place you put them they look perfect.
When you are shopping at Leftovers you can and will find everything you need to make your friends and family envious of your home.
 These pillows would look great in my daughter's room.
The upholstered furniture is uncomplicated and elegant and never busy. 
Decorative accessories fill the store and each one is more inspiring than the next.
You can find any piece to fit your personality.
These fit my personality perfectly, and the oval one came home with me.  Sophisticated, classic and charming, what's not to like. I think I might put mine in the bathroom with tiny soaps, which you can also get at Leftovers. Why not use it for something other than what it is intended for.
Since I did just mention soap, Leftovers has an entire section of bath products with so many deliciously smelling soaps it's hard to pick. The soaps pictured are made of goats milk and have a nice clean cucumber scent. I love the sponge and they do smell yummy ( I bought one so I now speak from experience).

I took this picture because I like the candlesticks, they are sizable, huge and make a statement. Pretty, pretty, pretty.

The store is so tremendous by the time you get to the Christmas decorations you've forgotten you just left a velvet pumpkin patch. The Christmas decorations are unimaginable and I only took two pictures,because you should see them in person. The time, energy and creative talents that made the Christmas wonderland deserve the oooohhs and aaaaahs you will make when you see the stunning Christmas decorations.
Why I picked this tree is simple, it is full of handmade ornaments that consist of sequins, ribbon, fancy pins and satin balls. I was convinced once I was going to have a tree like this, I love the idea of each one being handmade,the novelty and unique characteristics of each. My intentions were good and after two ornaments I was ready to poke myself in the eye with the needles I was using. What I quickly learned from the experience is, I have zero patience and may never have a tree like this. I will however always admire one when I am lucky enough to see one.
My velvet pumpkins, which I am without a doubt getting more. I didn't buy traditional pumpkin colors, instead I went for turquoise and pink. 
Leftovers Antiques brought allure and style to Brenham. I know when I need a little time alone or want to wonder around without thinking or need a special gift I can go to Leftovers and stroll through the store and look at books, bedding, extraordinary pieces to fill any home and I always leave with a long list of wants but more than that, I leave relaxed and looking forward to my next trip in. 

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