Monday, October 11, 2010

My New Boobie Bracelet
Love your boobies
The bracelet actually says, "I heart boobies!
What a contagious campaign and October is breast cancer awareness month. These are the uttermost popular bracelets around. Every age is after these adorable bracelets in support, prevention and early detection of breast cancer. You can get yours (and should) at 
The bracelets are 1 inch thick come in 6 fun colors and are only $3.99 each or a 6 pack (one of  each color) for $22.99, so why not buy the 6 pack and pass them out to friends. That's how I got mine, a sweet friend (Melissa) knows I'm a sucker for a bracelet and especially one with a supportive, fundraising effort.

The inside of the bracelet:
art. education.awareness.action

They have an excellent website with a wonderful objective to expose people (especially young people) to means of prevention, early detection and support all through arts, events, educational programs and fundraising efforts. It is an outstanding way to equip all people with the knowledge to make choices and habits that will benefit their health.
Cancer is intimidating, but get the information you need to be aware of signs and symptoms, get regular screenings, and be jammed with knowledge to make choices to empower yourself.


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