Sunday, July 17, 2011

Solid Fashion

When shopping for clothing I am automatically drawn to certain colors and fabrics and I can rarely pass up a white button up shirt. All time other favorites are: denim shirts, skirts, linen, camel/tan colors and dresses. I love solid colors and pieces, I do buy patterns but not many. I love solid colors because of how easily it is to make a statement with my jewelry, shoes or handbag

I can not own enough WHITE, button up shirts are my ALL time favorites and I'm guessing I have over thirty, but I also love a white dress and white jeans. The look below is one I love for the summer and do wear a lot. White is so crisp and clean and goes with everything. It's timeless and classic.

Here's another white dress and looks completely effortless with the bold necklace and boots. So many women I know do not wear white because they worry about getting dirty. White might be a little harder to remain spot free in but come on we are adults and can handle it. Plus there is always Shout, Oxyclean and the Tide pen for any spots that may come along.

Basic white shirt, gold large watch (Michael Kors makes a super gold watch) and you can pair with jeans or a skirt and look stylist without looking like you are trying so hard.

A denim shirt is another one of my go to favorites, again because it is easy to pair with almost anything and look polished, stylist and I can put the focus on my jewelry choices. I love the boots in this picture, boots of all kind are always an accessory I have a difficult time passing up.

The denim shirt, a beautiful skirt and great accessories and she is done and fabulous.

Effortless style, if you don't have a denim shirt, invest in a great button up long sleeve one and work it into your wardrobe.

Skirts, skirts, skirt - I love a solid skirt with a a solid top and again great accessories, but this is the one piece I don't mind patterns on. A skirt with pattern and a solid top (blouse, t-shirt, sweater, jacket) is definitely a DO.

Look at her in all solid pieces, and bold accessories (flowers and belt). Classic and wonderful.

Invest in a few great pieces to work into your wardrobe, a white and denim long sleeve button up, a simple white dress (or black if you prefer), jeans that fit great and look great, and a few skirts (both short and long). You can do so much with what I have suggested and what you already own. Good Luck.

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  1. I reallly like your new posts to your blog, especially the white shirts. Karen