Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Silver Trays

Silver Trays are timeless, elegant and look classic and indulgent but can be completely affordable, especially on eBay,thrift stores and of course the Round Top Antiques Festival. I have never paid much, definitely not over fifty dollars and that was maybe on one or two. Some of my favorite silver trays and pieces I have found for less than ten dollars.
What a great look, hung in a grouping on a bold wall. I would love to do this in my home.

Another beautiful silver tray. I do not have one of these trays with the raised pierced rim, I wish I did. They are my favorite and are also out of my price range. I have not found one yet for under fifty dollars (which would be an amazing, unbelievabe price), one day I will find one in my price range, until then I will admire the trays I come across and keep searching. Plus, a silver tray without a raised rim looks just as beautiful in a kitchen with any of your necessity.

Another raised pierced rim silver tray, but again you could get the same look with a simple tray. A small rose bowl filled with flowers and a few other personal pretty items and this look makes a great addition to any bathroom or dressing area. I know this picture is of a buffet and more formal (looks incredible), I'm only offering additional suggesstions for a similar look in your bathroom, closet, entry way or bedroom, really a great tray (silver or otherwise) works in any room.

This is a clever idea and adorable. I love it. Simple, tasteful and makes you look twice. The iron rack is originally used for towels but adding in the oval trays with a towel or two is an easy addition and makes a statement with easy and grace.

A more conventional way to use a tray and who would dare say the look is not fabulous.

What a cute, cute, cute grouping!!! A message board.

Enjoy using your trays in any room and don't limit yourself on how to decorate with trays.



  1. I also love silver trays and use them throughout my home. I especially like the idea of the towel rack to display the trays...wonderful idea!

  2. I also love silver trays, and use them throughout my home. I especially like the idea of using a rack to display the trays; great idea!