Monday, August 22, 2011

Glamazon GIrls Night

This past Saturday we had a Glamazon Girl Party for a night of mommy fun. The night was full of glitter, falsh eyelashes and lip gloss. We had a great time, I highly recommend gathering your girlfriends and hanging out with a tray full of makeup madness.

This was the table for our night of glittery fun. Place for each guest, each had their mirror, makeup brushes, and as party favors we ( I had a co-host) gave each guest Mascara, Eyeliner and Lip gloss as well as a pair of diamond earrings. I'd mention my co-host name and the guest but with the recent stalker problems I think keeping their names anonymous is probably better.
The table was so cute, we had silver bowls full of false eyelashes (some to put on and extras to take home), makeup sponges, glitter, mini tissues and q-tips and silver containers for trash. Sprinkled all down the table were big diamonds (paper weights, I used once before for a birthday party themed "Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend").
Another touch were these towels I soaked and rolled up that morning and chilled in the refrigerator. They felt so good!
Every party needs a snack. I tried to keep it all light and health, but some bad mad in the mix. I did a mix of cheeses, grapes, strawberries, a goat cheese and basil, carrots and hummus, green beans, soy beans and lots of other yummy treats.

Another look at our light and yummy treats.

I'd love to show some of the pictures of during the party (the before and during of the makeup application) but we decided it wasn't happening. I'll show one of mine, a moment of silliness with the painting in the early stages.
This is not the best picture quality (taken with my iPhone in a hurry), but it is a look of the "after"
The first photo is also "after"  It was a silly, relaxed and fun night. Give it try with your girlfriends.

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