Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Elf On The Shelf

Elf On A Shelf ( )is a fun, family tradition. If you are new to Elf On The Shelf the quick run down is; Santa sends his scout elves out to the adoption centers where they wait for their families to bring them home. Each family gives their elf a name (ours is Sheldon, from The Big Bang Theory my children think he's a genius) and registers their adoption online (optional). The elf is Santa's eyes and ears. Each night your elf uses his magical powers to fly back to the North Pole and report the daily activities to Santa. Once back from the North Pole your elf will appear in a different location than where he was originally left. Elves like games and hide and seek is a favorite. There is no telling where you might find your elf. On Christmas Eve the scout elves listen for Santa and fly back to the North Pole not to be seen till next season.

Below are a few fun ideas for your Elf On A Shelf.
Picture of Sheldon (our elf) roasting marshmallows (don't leave the candle lit).

Sheldon hiding in the cabinet with all the Christmas dishes to surprise the children in the morning.

Sheldon hiding out in the Christmas candy bar.

At the dinner table.

In Rialey's morning cup at the Hot Chocolate station. Yummy!

Sheldon playing in the toilet paper, Henry will think this one is funny.

Hanging from the chandelier.

Hide your elf in a collection.

Or in your Christmas decorations.

Of course all elves like stockings.

You can't forget a letter to Santa.

Some additional ideas for your Elf:
playing cards
playing a board game with other toys
couch potato (sitting on couch with remote and popcorn)
having milk and cookies
making faces on a picture of your children.
hiding in the freezer (reminds the elves of the North Pole)

Have fun with your elf, and let me know what great ideas you have for your elf.

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