Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Day of the Dead Gourd

A very talented friend of mine, Sharon recently painted this huge gourd for another friends birthday. I have seen many different things Sharon has painted from adorable Easter eggs, wine glasses, furniture, and paintings of beautiful flowers on canvas, and on and on.  This gourd is gigantic (and was grown locally) and the details are AMAZING. I would say that the Talavera design and Day of the Dead Skull are not her favorite to paint which makes this even more incredible, but Sharon knew the birthday girl loves all things from Mexico.

A closer look, every inch of the gourd is covered in extreme detail. Sharon didn't keep track of exactly how long it took her to paint the gourd but she did say it took many, many days and tons of time. On top of it all she kept it a complete secret from everyone. Even as I look at the photos now I am in aaahhhhhh of her talents and the time she dedicated to this piece. It is not only beautiful to look at but touching as well.

I will be going back to the gourd to take more photos, closer pics of the details, the back, the bottom, the skull. I am jealous, this was a labor of love without a doubt. Sharon is a great friend, amazingly talented and a blast to be around.

She might kill me for adding her photo, but she is beautiful and I love this picture of her and her son.