Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Few Christmas Decorations

All the Decorations are up and all the trees are decorated. Yeah!!!!! Here are a few photos I was able to take tonight before me camera battery went dead.
Today I had the Judge hang three towel bars for me in my kitchen (he thought I lost my mind). Then I hung some of my favorite Christmas linens. Don't worry I have plenty to hang after the holidays, I love a pretty linen. Who doesn't.

One of the mantels with my collection of Vintage Santa Pitchers, Santa Mugs and tons of ornaments (balls) and ribbon. The decorations in this room are more whimsical and  light hearted and the polka dots and Santa's are a perfect fit.

Christmas crackers are wildly popular at our house. The children love them and why I have no idea, they are filled with basically nothing. I'm not getting that excited over a plastic paper clip or an yo-you the size of a dime, but they really seem to enjoy them and so I buy them and we pop away. I plan to make some this year and fill them with fun and exciting treats. Second check out the GREAT deal from (recently), the place setting is monogrammed with a "C" on each piece (dinner plate, salad plate, soup bowl, cup and saucer) all done in  white with a simple silver border. The best part is a 20 piece place setting is $67.00, what an incredible deal, and from HORCHOW. The best part  was mine were a gift (thanks Mom). I like the initials, it's a treat and fun for everyday, special occasion or no reason at all. I love them. They only come in white with silver and not every letter is available. Check out Horchow for yours
Candy, Candy, Candy!!!
No we do not eat all this candy, but I am a sucker for any kind of Holiday candy (not just Christmas candy). It's fun, yummy and absolutely precious. A foiled Santa screams Christmas tradition,Gingerbread House is a must, ribbon candy is one of those that I have no idea how it taste and it is a huge challenge getting it out of the box without breaking most of it but I can't imagine Christmas without it.

Another look at the candy, I also love mercury glass for Christmas. The mercury glass on the table is from Pottery Barn, don't forget the candles when ordering they are not a standard size.

A simple skirted table (made by Michelle Fritz) next to the couch. On top you will see a Marye-Kelley decoupaged plate and tissue box cover,, she has the prettiest decoupaged things. If you are in Houston she has a store front or you can find her items online or at  her GREAT booth at the Houston Nutcracker Market. Also on the table are three bowls of small simple red ornaments. The lamp shade is a custom made linen by Michelle Fritz. You can contact Michelle Fritz through her blog MAKE at  
 Ooops I should have removed those roses they are looking a little icky.

These are only a few little peeks at my Christmas decorations, I'll post more soon. I'm, working on two blogs on stocking stuffer ideas and a million other things, plus I must find a job.  I hope they grammar in this post was not too horrific, it's 2:30 a.m. and I'm exhausted.  Have a great weekend.

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  1. Those towel bars are a great idea! And I still cannot get over the monogrammed dishes from Horchow, that is one of their best deals...ever!