Friday, January 27, 2012

Margaret's Paintings

This fall I was at my friend Monica's home in Houston and had the pleasure to meet her cousin's wife, Margaret. How the topic of her painting came up I do not remember, but I am sure glad it did. Margaret is young, adorable and way cooler than I could ever be, plus she had been given this amazing talent. Margaret Alvarez is a full time art teacher at a private school in Houston, where she was born and raised. I love that!!!!! Her mission is to continue to teach and build her painting portfolio. Margaret's students are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo lucky, I bet they all adore her. Margaret compares her style of painting to that of the Pop Art movement. To have your precious pet painted by Margaret on a 16" x 20" canvas will cost $125.00, larger portraits are available and range in price from $150 to $300. Commissions vary and range from $175 to $500 depending on size and picture. Another awesome quality Margaret possesses, is that is is super dedicated to her work and can get a painting done in as quick as a week, two weeks at the most. WOW!!!!

Below are several different pictures and the portrait Margaret painted for her clients. To see more of her work and get in contact with Margaret go to

 Of course I had to show you all this one, it's a Yorkie, I'm guessing a female Yorkie from the pony, Rupert would never let us put a pony in his hair, well actually Rialey would never let me put a bow or pony in his hair. I've tried, she had a fit.

 I know the types of dogs we have and after that I'm strictly guessing. So, my best guess is that this adorable dog is in the terrier family. I don't know, but who cares he(or she) is so stinking CUTE! Margaret, I love this ONE, the dog, the turquoise, all of it. Cute, cute, cute!!!
Your pet portrait can have any background color you would like.

 I had to admit when I saw the picture I was thinking how on earth is she going to make this view of the dog looking up work. She did, and he looks like he's looking right at his owner. 

So there is probably a story behind the glasses, and I love how looking at her portrait you just want to squeeze that fluffy sweet dog. Henry saw this pet portrait while I was working on this post and said, "Mom I want one of Sara."  Sara is our miniature Schnauzer and I must say she has to be THE PRETTIEST DOG IN THE WORLD!!! We love Rupert (our Yorkie) and Harriet (our Airedale Terrier) and they are precious but hands down Sara is BEAUTIFUL.

I know I have went on and on about the precious pets (sorry I love our animals), but Margaret's work with family portraits is fun, a little quirky (which I love) and they feel full of energy. A little silly with serious, and what combination could be better. I love it, capturing loved ones in a less formal and typical look you might normally see in paintings. Margaret makes the painting feel very special, full of life and happiness. What is not to love about that.

Again she revitalized the picture and created a beautiful piece of art for a family to love and cherish. I have another friend who paints and I have always been jealous of people who have this gift. Everyone sings in the shower and kind of daydreams of being a rock star, but I always thought that being able to use your hands and mind to create beautiful works of art would be my personal rock star moment. Thank you Margaret for sharing your creations with me, I am jealous. I loved to have your wonderful talent. Keep up the great work.

Check out more of Margarets work at


  1. What a talent! I love her contemporary style.

  2. these are precious! i'll save her info b/c they'd be great to do one day.....thx for sharing!

  3. Tikaa - Another GREAT post!I love reading ALL your posts and always anxious for the next!And I ALWAYS ALWAYS have pen and paper in hand to gotch down all your amazing finds and MUST HAVES,I'm currantly waiting now for things I have purchased and can't wait to get in my mailbox and front door step!!
    The turquoise background is Margaret's own Boston Terrier. His name is BOOGER. He is the sweetest, funniest, coolest dog ever.. We LOVE him and he goes EVERYWHERE Maragret and her husband GO!Love you Margaret.. your an amazing person with AMAZING talet!

  4. What a coincidence this post is for me! I discovered your blog a few weeks ago after Cote de Texas wrote the post on her sister in laws beautiful closet and and also talked about your amazing closet. I live in Houston and my daughter is a student at the school where Ms. Alvarez is the art teacher!!

    A few weeks ago I was dropping something off in Margaret's art room and noticed the painting of "Booger" on the wall. We ended up having a 15 minute conversation about how much we love our dogs and I learned that she painted amazing pet portraits.

    The students are indeed very luck to have her as an art teacher. My daughter loves her class and they make the most amazing and creative art.

    I plan to contact her about painting our boxer "Stella" after seeing more of her work featured here.

  5. Thanks again Tikaa! I shared your blog with all my friends and family. I appreciate the compliments so much.