Sunday, January 29, 2012

Pink Lotion!

About a year or more ago a nice woman who's husband takes care of my dad's ranch gave me a jar of lotion that she whipped up. She has psoriasis and swears by this lotion, and since I have psoriasis she was nice enough to pass a jar along to me. Now I have to be totally honest and say I was NOT ripping the lid off and lathering up my legs with it, I am very hesitant to use any home remedy on my psoriasis. The likely hood that it will burn and not actually work is far greater than not. I used some but did not stick to it like I should have. My brother and I both have psoriasis and mine had been much more manageable than his, until recently. When you have psoriasis it's genetic, not contagious but is made worse by certain "triggers" like stress, injury, and other things. As much as I hate to admit this, but hopefully it will help others, my stalker situation has created some stress for me (score one for the stalker) and set my psoriasis through the roof. Now, with that being said I am at a point where I will do anything to get some relief from the dry, itchy skin, and so I have made a batch of this lotion in great hopes it will work. I did a google search and found another blogger who has a problem with dry hands and swears by this same mix (she calls her Miracle Lotion). Her blog is Primitive Betty and you can go to it by clicking here
If you have psoriasis or just dry skin this lotion is perfect for you, give it try.

Pink Lotion

You will need:
1 large bottle of Baby Lotion
1 large bottle of Aloe Vera Lotion
1 jar of Vitamin E Cream
1 large jar of Petroleum Jelly
4 Half Pint jars
Plastic bowl for mixing
a mixer
a spatula

Betty (at Primitive Bettys blog) suggest and I totally agree that you should have a mixer, spatula and bowl dedicated to making this lotion. I would NOT recommend using this items to mix food or anything you may eat or drink after making the lotion. Betty (from Primitive Bettys blog) also suggest as well as the nice lady who orginally gave it to me, that the products you buy do not need to be name brand.
I had a hard time trying to get all the baby lotion out by squeezing the bottle, so I cut it in half and used the spatula to scoop it out.

Dump all the ingredients into the bowl and mix until well blended and smooth.

Put in your jars and enjoy. I will be ordering some plastic jars for next time. I am clumsy and I am worried that lotion on  my hands and a glass jar might equal disaster (for me anyway).
The jars are adorable.

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  1. Thank you for this post! My nephew has this condition and it is a continual battle. Must make some of this for him. Also, sounds like it would be good for any dry skin.

  2. Thanks for sharing this solution; will try for my dry skin.

  3. My 5 year old daughter has severe exzema. Do you think this would help? Every lotion we've tried burns.

  4. Shae,
    I don't know if it will burn or help. I have been told it helps. I am so sorry she has to deal with exzema, I completely understand how uncomfortable it is. Bless her heart she's only 5! I'd listen to her dermatologist.
    Best of luck.