Monday, January 9, 2012

spring and summer must haves

Winter has not exactly hit here yet and I already have spring fever. I can NOT wait for spring and summer. In missing the spring flowers and summer sun a few things came to mind. I like to switch out a few accessories in my home and lighten the atmosphere.

A big fluffy down pillow with a linen cover is light and feels fresh, and these were incredible finds on (shop: cottage and cabin). I believe they were two for sixty dollars, and they HUGE They remind me of spring, the soft linen and color. They look fabulous in our family room and lighten up the couch.

Moroccan Straw Tote, these bags are little rustic, simple and (google Moroccan straw tote), they SCREAM spring and summer. I am addicted to them. They are incredibly inexpensive and super stylish.

Buy good knives and you will never regret it. These are from Laguiole (a French company), they have the little fly on them. I have the same knives but with a wood handle. Laguiole products have a cross on the side of the handle (the Three Bishops Cross), at the top of the handle, a fly is present on each piece (respresenting Aubrac Cows herds flies) some will tell you it's a bee. Laguiole not only make knives but flatware, wine openers, cheese knives and spreaders, champagne saber, cigar cutters, and lots of other interesting items.


I have had a white kitchen aid mixer for fifteen years and this Christmas season I think I made one batch of icing to many, because now it acts like the the bowl is going to fly off the stand because the paddle is hitting the sides. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT HAPPENED.. After fifteen years I can not complain.

I gave these to a couple of people this Christmas (but monogrammed in red and one in turquoise), they are two quart acrylic drink pitchers. We drink a lot of strawberry lemonade (the children love it) and it measures and holds the perfect amount.  To find this pitchers (for about $24) go to then search for the store Lime Tree Gifts, they did a flawless job and shipped super fast. This pitcher will be great to take outside for a spring dinner with the family and no one has to worry about it breaking.

Everyone should own white linens and these are a perfect update on a linen placemat and napkin. The tiny ruffle edge is simple but elegant. They are by Charlie Linen Napkins by Pom Pom At Home.

I love cheese and if I could break up with all things cheese my butt would shrink in size automatically. So since I've added a personalized spreader to this list, you can gather I can not turn my back (or big butt) on all things cheese. These adorable spreaders are made of  vintage butter spreaders and you can have anything put on them. I found these earlier in December and ordered some for a friend. To find them go to and search for the store Blithe Village.  They would be precious at a picnic in your Longaberger basket.

Does everyone I know have these glasses??? Maybe not everyone but at least seventy-five percent of the women I know do. The main reason they are so popular is obvious, the bee is lovely and the shape, weight and look for the glass is a classic that will hang around for years to come. You can find the Bee Tumblers at

If you have not seen or heard of Vagabond products, run to your computer and google it, FAST!!! The above Vagabond is their Bird Cheese Stand ( it retails for $315.00). This was a gift and I can not wait to use it. More Vagabond products are available online and locally at Leftovers Antiques, you can go directly to the Vagabond website   Vagabond is, in my opinion the updated version of arthur court products (those are pretty too).

iomoi cocktail napkins
The colors on these cocktail napkins are some of my favorites and we have over ten horses so show me pink, throw in a horse bit, add linen and an initial and I am SOLD. You can find these online at

Yes it's retro, but how stinking cute is this radio!!!!!! On a picnic, at the pool, it is THE summer must have for  a mom of two who can not get enough time in at the pool. Roberts Revival Radio can be purchased directed from them online or Anthropolie all for about $199.00

If you are looking for a wicker chair then this is the one to get, the Kooboo chair. Everywhere I look, read, google, this chair appears. It is sturdy, stylish, afforable and easy to find (World Market for $129.00).

Everyone pulls out the sterling for holidays, special occassions and parties. I use mine all the time, because...well why Not? Francis the First does however remind of spring, the fruit and flowers.

Light and airy, beautiful with delicate details, these Juliska cake/dessert stands are the picture pecfect addition to any home. Find them at

I have blogged about this basket/tote before, but it is still my all time favorite summer accessory. Made by Longaberger it is handwoven wood (not straw) with a leather handle (each Longaberger piece is signed and dated on the bottom), you could also purchase a removeable hard plastic liner (which makes it great to ice down drinks and use at a party, pool, etc...). This particular basket/tote is the Large Boardwalk Basket and I believe it is currently unavailable but thanks to the wonderful world of ebay, you could probably still find one ( I have found them on ebay for gifts). Check out Longaberger for other great baskets.

This is the Jon Hart Big Chill, I have it pink and OOOOooooohhhhhhhhhh it is CuTe!!!!! Carry your drinks to the pool, on the boat, any gathering. It is made of durable coated canvas and leather in San Antoino,Texas, each piece can be monogrammed and comes in almost every color under the rainbow. The Big Chill is $267.00, thank goodness mine was a gift a couple of years ago. To find a retailer near you or order directly from jon Hart Designs go to

Just a list things I adore, I'd love to hear what screams spring and summer to you.


  1. Francis the 1st is my mother's silver pattern and now mine. I have several other and it is and hopefully always be MY FAVORITE! Just used it at my daughter's first birthday party. Wish I could upload a photo here and I would show you! Larissa

  2. Fab gift ideas! Thanks so much for sharing all the finds....I'm going to keep these for future reference. Love the butter spreaders that are personalized!
    Enjoyed the closet posts so much too!
    Have a great day!

  3. I've always been a fan of the moroccan straw bags, too. So many great gift ideas! What screams spring and summer to me? Anything Lilly P., madras and Jack Rogers' sandals.

  4. Love all of these pictures but especially the cake stands! For several years our cake stands were featured in Southern Lady, Victoria Magazine...etc...and we shipped these babies everywhere! We finally had to quit carrying them but I saw them again at market and felt the urge to do it again! I knew my precious women that work at the shop would not be happy!! Anyway...loved your blog post!
    Carolyn Bradford