Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Valentine's ONZE

Every month I play ONZE (a french card game), with three other women, we take turns hosting and making dinner for the group. On holidays we typically make it a little more festive and fun. Everyone brings two gifts, the hostess provides a gift and a grand prize (there are seven hands in ONZE and the person with the lowest score at the end of the seven hands wins the grand prize). It's fun, requires some thinking but not to much you can't socialize and it's a great ladies night out.

Since February was my month to host and we decided on playing the day before Valentine's Day, I of course went with a pink and heart fun, festive table. The meal was not exciting, everyone kind of wanted soup (it was cold) so I made a tortilla soup and a very rushed and desperate dessert (cake with homemade icing). The horderves where sliced veggies in shot glasses with hummus at the bottom (completely stole off Pinterest but used hummus instead of ranch dip & they were so stinking cute and I forgot to take a picture).
The picture above is a quick look at each place setting, Hershey bar, Hershey nuggets and Altoids all covered in scrapbook paper with a heart sticker of some kind added to each (they took no time at all). There is also a cute little cupcake cookie on a stick and each guest party favor was an adorable personalized pen (look above plate).
The candles took terrible pictures (yellow, YUCK).  I added the tortilla chips and shredded cheese to each place setting to top off the tortilla soup.
A wider (and brighter) view of the table before the ladies arrived.
I love pink!

Our group gets carried away when it's a holiday (or occasion) and we all seem to bring a treat for each other. This picture is after the ladies have arrived and started putting all there goodies out.

Now not every month is like this, but it was Valentine's. We love to play ONZE, and for the record I WON, but since I hosted and bought the grand prize (a Moroccan straw tote filled with the latest edition of Martha Stewart's Living Magazine, Country Living Magazine and Vera Bradley Binder Clips) I decided to forfeit my win and we played a few more hands and another lady won (she was so EXCITED and I love that). I am not a big game player, I really can not play any other card games (except rummy) but ONZE is fun and we have been playing together as a group for more than three years, probably more like four.

Happy Valentine's Day.

Next up on the schedule a Horse Show, Good Luck Rialey. We Love You!!!!!


  1. How fun!!! I want to come over the next time you ladies get together.

  2. I LOVE LOVE PINK TOO!!! And I don't know how to play ANY card games except UNO or old Maid! ha ha.. But, I would go to your card party just so I could sit at that TOO CUTE place setting!