Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy Easter Onze

My last post before Easter. Like I've mentioned before I play Onze (a french card game) with three other women once a month. At the end of March Sharon hosted cards and went to town decorating for Easter for all of us. The outcome was precious. Our party favors were  the three hand painted (by Sharon) eggs pictured in the bag. She has painted us three for the last four years and now...
We have a DOZEN.
I hope she doesn't stop, I love them. Sharon is so talented.
I loved the eggs, and then there was another surprise. She painted these candles for each of us!!!! I have young-ish child ) they feed themselves, shower on there own and can make there bed (kind of), but they can not drive, are not in high school, need help with homework and projects and I can not leave them alone.  With that being said, I love this look because it's fun and family (and child) friendly and I feel it includes them more than the adults but looks great. it's set and festive. Please Sharon do not get offend with that being said,  I love the look of a fun, yet set table for the occasion. Easter is my daughters favorite holiday so keeping it colorful and less serious is important.

Our candles painted by Sharon, how great they look lit.

It was cards and we play seven hands, each hand the winner picks a gift. That should explain all the packages. Plus my sweet card group celebrated my birthday and brought me some fabulous gifts (two incredible Jan Barboglio pieces, the Rustic Italian Turquoise Party Tub from William Sonoma and a personalized Melamine Tray with my initials ). It was a great night, the food was incredible, my friends went way beyond for my birthday, the decorations were festive and fun (LOVED) and Cards were FUN, FUN, FUN ( I won the over all game). What a night.

Hope you get a few last minute ideas for Easter. Have a wonderful weekend with your family, loved ones, friends..... HAPPY EASTER.
What's your Easter tradition??

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  1. Sharon is soo talented! All the decor was wonderful.