Friday, April 13, 2012

It's Not Always Butterflies and Lollipops

I'm not Betty Bitter or Sour Sally but UGH I get sick of reading status updates (not on Facebook anymore, that's another psycho story), tweets, and post about how super fabulous everyone's husbands are or how incredible their children are at everything they breathe on (okay I'm a little guilty of that one).  So to all those women who are constantly gushing about their over achieving children and flower bearing, Starbucks carrying husbands to them I say - REALLY!!!!!!! I'm not drinking the kool-aid your serving. I'm not trying to man bash or call someones children "special" but come on, be honest with your sisters in the Mommyhood. We all know that not all men are bad and we all know they are not that good either.

I am happy when my husband brings home a pizza and my daughter puts the clothes from the washer to the dryer and if she turns the dryer on well that just amazing! Now if you can get Little Einstein (my way of self promoting my over achieving children) to take out the trash and put a new hefty bag in the can we are having one HELL of an evening. But like last night (after mention in yesterdays post that my children are perfect) I was pretty sure that one if not everyone in the house (including myself) were all acting out scenes from The Exorcist and everyone at one point or another was playing Regan (Linda Blair).

Everyday, thankfully is not like that and yes we have days filled with ease and comfort but we have days of  OMG where is your baseball glove you have a game in 20 minutes, and what do you mean you have to take brownies to school tomorrow and they have to be gluten free (and it's 10P.m.).

I love my family. The point being please other Mommies join together and admit when it's not all butterflies and lollipops.

Now, I'll probably be punished for saying all that by one of the dogs shitting on the rug tonight.

Success and Smiles,

****On a side note:  A friend and reader has challenged me to do a post,  it would include the following:
She has challenged me to wear THE SAME ONE outfit for five days, but in five different ways. The only changes being hairstyle, shoes, accessories, and jewelry. She said I only have to wear the outfit Monday-Friday 8:00a.m.-4:00p.m. and I can wash it (thank you). Of course I have to take pictures each day and do a post at the end of the week.
Question to you all, should I? What's your thoughts?   Funny thing is I read something the other day that said, do something you've never done before. I thought that was a good idea, but I also thought my first "thing I've never done" would be more adventurous or involve something with more flair or ooh and ahhh. Oh well a girls gotta start somewhere.

I need some limes.


  1. I can't stop true! Are you sure you don't have my house bugged?

  2. I like the clothes challenge. Go for it!!

  3. I think wearing the same outfit would be great. But, make sure you only able to use items in your home. This way it might motivate us to change the way we wear our clothes.

  4. I'll give you a hallelujah on the "butterflies and lollipops" issue!!! And here's a margarita toast to being brave enough to call it out.

  5. Janie and Anon, I'll accept the challenge but remember it's the SAME OUTFIT for 5 days so don't look for oscar winning outfits. I'll do my best and yes only accessories, shoes, etc.. I already own.

    Anne, no I do not have your home bugged. It's the reality of everyone's life we are just normal and not affraid to admit it.

    Anon #2,
    That's for the Margairte toast and I'll see you a Patron shot. Cheers.

    Love and Lime,

  6. Anon #2,
    Oopps, That looked like I already had the margarita and the Patron shot before typing.

    Let me try again:

    Thank you for the Margarita toast and I'll see you a Patron shot. Cheers.

    Love and Limes,