Wednesday, April 11, 2012

S*%T Storm


Last summer I did post about myself that set off a "shit storm." Yep, I said it, SHIT STORM, and again the post was about myself. Long story short I have been very hesitant to open up and share or freely blog since then and have been pressured to stop blogging. Again the post was about myself.  With all that said, I have been doing a lot of thinking lately and have decided that yes my feeling get hurt sometimes, but this is my blog and I love it and if you don't then file a complaint.  I am going to be as honest as I can be and it may help and it may hurt but either way it is what it is.

A few things to get straight:

* I DO say naughty words (not constantly or like a sailor) but I do, and once a month I play cards and our favorite word is the big "F" word (no children are present). Its once in a while, take a deep breathe, its ok!

* I drink Diet Coke constantly, yes I know it's filled with toxins and horrible crap, but that horrible crap fills my veins with love and comfort.  I can not get enough and usually have a pink cooler in my car filled with them on ice. Save the speech!

* My children are perfect in my eyes ( don't you think yours are), don't go near them.

* I wore the same pair of jeans twice this week (it's Wednesday). I'd rather clean toilets than fold clothes.

* Liposuction - HELL YES!!!!! That's one of those, if I won the lottery what would I do...
Knee, then arms. I hate my knees the most and my arms are second.

* Apparently I have a gluten allergy and I SUCK at managing it. But I am a PRO at managing my BEE allergy.

* I'm loud, hardworking, creative (so I've been told), and sleep very little.

* I love, love, love, to stay up very late and tend to buy the worst infomercial stuff. Everything looks awesome at 3:00a.m.

* Here's one I believe most people are not truly honest about when talking to others about (especially about their children) - Whether they are competitive or not, the whole sink or swim, we are here for fun or are we here to win, 1st or last it doesn't matter, you get the picture. Well I'm being honest so (and this is NOT a secret if you know me) I am VERY competitive and believe it is only natural for people to be competitive. I do not think it has be bad, it does not make you a bad person unless you choose  for it to make you a bad person. I have had an unfortunate time or two or three where my competitive nature did get the much better side of me and for that I apologize. Overall competition is what I believe pushes people, makes some strive harder, it's a driving force. Use it for good and not evil.

* I am organized, down to my obsession with lip gloss (and every shade of pink made especially by MAC and Chanel), and designer handbags. 

* Mascara is a beautiful thing (my absolute fav brand is It Cosmetics, Superhero), I am a Make Up Junkie and I am positive Tammy Faye Baker and Mary Kay Ash could have been my BFF's.  I was meant to drive a pink Cadillac.I do not sell MK cosmetics, and I do not care if driving a pink Cadillac sounds tacky, I am from Texas. Here most would say, "The higher the hair the closer to heaven" I am not about the high hair, but the longer the lashes, the louder I am!
    * Saying all that reminds me of Mary Kay clear lip gloss when I was child and which they still had the pretty pink tube with the gold lid and candy scent.

* I love silver serving pieces, china, crystal and cutting boards  (cutting boards are odd, I know). When I do cook I am insistent the table look beautiful.   ( Update: reading this back now six years later, I have always loved setting the table and to think now I have a line of dishes and ornaments with Lenox ( the china company) makes my head spin. I couldn't be more thankful.
* I've always secretly wanted to be a horse judge (not a secret anymore).

* I do not have a tattoo. Not my thing, if it's your thing ok, I don't care. If you catch me looking I swear it's only because you put it there, why can't I look. If I have on jewelry and you look I promise I will not be mad.

* I never ever thought I'd leave Houston and live in a small town. I still wake up some mornings in shock.

* I read all the time, and everything. I am the person who reads the directions. I cry when I finish reading a book.

*  LIFE IS TO SHORT TO PEOPLE PLEASE.  I might have more friends if I did that, but the friends I have are great. So quality over quantity.

*  I am probably the only woman on earth who does not like to wear black. I know I have a black dress on in my profile picture, I swear I must have just come from a funeral. I hate black clothing. I love white, tan (kind of flax color), denim, turquoise, but really I like white for personal style (clothes) and big jewelry. For my home I'm open and feel like every room needs a little something ( a box, a pillow, tray, something) red in it.  My formal dinning room is like a big green apple, I love it.

* I always wanted a dog when I was a little kid, and now my children have three ( a yorkie/ Rupert 7 yrs, a miniature schnauzer/ Sara 4 yrs and an Airedale/ Harriet 7 of 2017 Sara has past away and we now have Hazel a 6 month old Airedale). We love our dogs. I want to add one more to the mix, I swear we are not animal hoarders, but I want a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel. Okay maybe we are, that sounds really creepy when I read it back. No more dogs.

* I'm scared to death of rodents and birds.  The bird story involves a bag of Cheetos, my hair and screaming.

* I live in Texas and yes we wear boots, and sometimes hats, we do have horses, and I am as unTexan as it gets with the next sentence I am about to type - but I HATE bar-be-ques. I do not like the smell of smoke, the sauce, the fire, flames or flavor. All of it makes me want to vomit like a child being forced to eat spinach. Now put a hamburger in front of me and I'm as happy as a alcoholic with a bottle of Patron.

* I love my family, all of them even the ones that hate my blog....update: they love it now.


  1. Love the REALity of your post, it's so refreshing. Keep it up!

  2. I loved ready your post and admire your honesty! Bet it felt good to publish that! Be yourself and don't look back - a fellow Texan

  3. Anne, Anon, Janie,
    Thank you, I must admit especially since the post is about being more honest, it was not easy. I did not sleep well worried to what I might wake up to and still may get. I can take it.

    Success and smiles to EVERYONE,

  4. Tikaa - Although I love everything you write about, I LOVE THIS POST THE MOST!! It's AWESOME! Keep telling the truth girlfriend! Now to the people that hate on my friend and read this blog! IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, DON'T FUCKING READ IT! (Sorry people I do say bad words) And if you dont like her, well then you dont like her.. For whatever reason. I met Tikaa in our 10th grade cosmotology class, at first I wasn't sure if I was going to like her, but, I got to know her and we have been friends ever since. She is the same person she was back then. She was competitive, neat/organized and VERY creative. She didn't just wake up one morning and say to hersef, Hey, I think I want to be like Martha Stewart, Come'on people!! She was just BORN TO DO IT!! And if you are jealous of that, then BOOO HOOO to you.. Get over it.. Tikaa is a normal girl just like we are.. YES she is very loud and sometimes takes things over the top but, thats who she is! I'm a loud, big mouth person and I do CUS way more than I should but, oh well... Buy yourself some ear plugs.. Ha ha ha.. Anyway, y'all get the point. And TIK, I LOVE BLACK! and white! I can DO WITHOUT yellow too.. And as far as the Patron, somedays I could drink it straight out of the bottle! HELL with the glass lol...

  5. Monica,
    I was not expecting that. Thanks! We have been friends a long time, I'm still laughing at the part where you said "I wasn't sure I was going to like her"
    You are GreAt!
    Love ya,

  6. This post deserves to go viral. Love the lime thing. You are a funny writer. Kudos for having the guts to write from the heart. You might upset some folks but you are strong and will be able to work through any situation with those folks because you have opened yourself up to discussion. I hope this post helps you and your troubled relationships. Obviously you want to work onthem or you never would have brought them up in such a public forum. Go forth and hats barbeque personally I hate Thai food ( it taste like dirt to me)

  7. Good for you tikaa.  The biggest thing I've learned since My grandmother passed away is be happy with you and to hell with what anyone else thinks. Life is to short to please people who don't matter. Spend time and be around those that do!

  8. I'm proud of you Tikaa! I love to see your posts and this one is very refreshing and made me laugh out loud several times.

  9. I've missed you on FB and finally found some time to get back to your blog!! Oh.. I fucking love me some cold Patron straight outta my freezer! Ha! Keep on writn' and we( your fans) will keep on readin' ! Oh, and any fam that reads this, I do drop an " F " bomb, on occasion, so get over it ;-)

  10. AWESOME!!!!! Keep on keepin' on, honey! YOU ROCK!!!

  11. I LOVE reading your blog...honesty is always the best policy. It is not only therapeutic but healthy to get things off your chest and not bottle emotions. Keep doing what you do- you rock Tikka! =)

    Misty Hodde-Maynard

  12. Vickie and Misty,
    Thanks for the support -

    Love and Limes,

  13. this is hysterical and you won't believe how many things you and I have in common! Thanks for stopping by Hampton Hostess--I'm now following you too!

  14. ok i am a dog person, but when i was single my apartment wouldn't let us have dogs, onlly cats so i got my first cat, then another, then another. you might think cats suck, but unless you have raised one since a kitten, you don't know what they are really all about. cats are much more affectionate than dogs actually. a cat will follow you all over the house and then sit on top of you, sleep on top of you and just bug you to death with their affection. they are also super smart. like when they hear a noise in the middle of the night - they freeze, a dog will be barking like crazy and not even hear something, but when you see a cat freeze, get out your gun. you should get a kitten and raise it. they are the best.