Friday, April 6, 2012

Round Top and Little Einstein

The other day Little Einstein asked if Round Top was still "going on" and if so would I take him out to look around.  I told him it was and we made plans, then I asked what he was looking for. His answer was, "What do you look for? I think I'll know it when I see it mom." That was a good enough answer for me, but then again him asking to go out was good enough for me.
At one of our first stops he completely stopped in his tracks at a dealer with tons of Pennants and asked if she had a Harvard one. Which she did, several actually and one was leather (and very expensive, but really really neat). Littel Einstein loved the leather one and after seeing it, he wanted it (he wants to go to Harvard).

While ooooohhhhhhhing over the leather Harvard pennant Little Einstein caught a glimpse of a case of Astros memorabilia and in a spilt second Harvard was out of the picture. Astros take precedents over anything. Little Einstein loves baseball and more importantly he loves the Astros. When we were about to leave this dealer, he said, "Mom, it's just so hard to walk away."
Little Einstein checking out some antique toy guns.

Little Einstein's big purchases for the day: two pocket knifes, a crystal, and two old books. Plus a 1993 Astros Pennant, this was when the Astros switched uniforms and retired the "rainbow" look and introduced the midnight blue and metallic gold, it was the first time orange was not a part of the teams colors.
His total purchases came to $44
On the way home Little Einstein said, "Mom I had the best time with you today, I can't wait till fall to come back again."
He melts my heart.
This is a picture from the other day on a trip to Round Top with a friend of mine LaNae (on left) and me (right). We are in front of Royers.
Happy Easter everyone.


  1. Henry is wonderful, we love him! And LaNae and you look fab as always.

  2. Precious story....
    we took our son yesterday and he came back with one of the engraved pocket wood knives, a steal at $ 9.95...wished we would've had more time there...found some great stuff at the Arbors, my fave!!
    Happy Easter....

  3. Jeanette (JVW Home)
    thanks, I would have loved to meet you. Your blog is beautiful. My son also picked up the engraved pocket knive on a different trip. And your are right the Arbors... LOVE!!!

    my sweet friend, thank you. Henry had the BEST time with P the other day, he's still planning their oragami making you tube video. cute!
    Happy Easter,