Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Round Top

Welcome, welcome, welcome
it's that time of year once again and even though it comes every spring and fall I get more excited than a kid on Christmas morning. First things, first, yes some dealers (a lot of them, okay most of them ) have been set up since on or about March 24. The official show starts this week with Marburger opening today!!!
A few business details
Marburger: Early buy is Tuesday, April 3rd 10:00 a.m. - 2:00p.m. admission is $25.00 (after 2p.m. Tuesday admission is $10 and closes at 5:00p.m.) and includes parking, your wristband is good thru Saturday. Wednesday - Friday hours are 9:00a.m. - 5:00p.m. and Saturday 9:00a.m. - 4:00p.m. Marburger has nearly 400 dealers, 12 historic buildings, and 10 gigantic tents. A portion of the Marburger Spring Show proceeds benefit Texas Children's Hospital. For more information check out Marburger at www.roundtop-marburger.com or  call 800-947-5799

Big Red Barn: will be open April 4-7, Wednesday 9:00a.m.-7:00p.m. , Thursday and Friday 9:00a.m.-6:00p.m., Saturday 9:00a.m.-4:00p.m. Admission is $10.00.  For more information about the Big Red Barn go to www.RoundTopTexasAntiques.com

Blue Hills at Round Top: hwy 237 between American Legion and the Big Red Barn. Park and Admission is FREE.  www.bluehillsatroundtop.net

Arbor: One mile North of Round Top square on HWY 237, look for the white tents and sign. FREE parking and admission. Dealers start setting up March 28-April 7
Some of my favorite dealers are located at the Arbor (see pictures below). The Happy Belly is also at the Arbor and makes the best Granola and vegetarian lunches.
Clutter: Warrenton on HWY 237, just South of FM 954 and it's next door to EX CESS, FREE admission to both

Cole's: at the intersection of HWY 237 and FM 954, FREE admission and open from March 29 - April 7, 9:00a.m.-6:00p.m.

There are so many dealers, locations, fields, barns, etc... to shop during the Round Top show, I have only named a few. Check out the pictures I snapped the other day while out walking around.
My first trip out to Round Top this spring was March 24th and this dealer had the above 24" diameter, wood, ornate cutting boards (or whatever you choose to use it for) for $35.00 and had about 300 or more. I took this picture a couple days ago and this is all that was left. Yes I bought one. I did mention they were $35, and solid wood, look fabulous and I can imagine a thousand of possibilities. OH, you can find them in the Bar W Field (under the red and white tent). Admission and parking is FREE at the Bar W Field and I always find the BEST things here. I love Bar W. It's usually the first place I go and I go EARLY!!!!!

This was also in the Bar W field. I liked the height, the size of the drawers, they had it in red. Every room needs a little red.
Need a Turquoise tray, or Olive bucket, metal stool, or burlap??? They were everywhere! With that being said, the turquoise trays are simple, functional and stylish, the olive buckets are LOVELY, and the metal stools I adored (perfect for a little boys room).

While out walking the fields, I noticed several old typewriters and thankfully the ones I saw still had most  if not all of there keys intact. I think they are interesting and in a home office or library could be a great addition. When I was a kid we had this really old cash register (this typewriter made me think of it), I mean solid iron, wood drawer, four keys. The drawer opened and my mom would keep stamps in one of the dollar slots and money in the other and coins, we used the money for lunch and whatever. I always wished I had that old cash register. My kids would love it.
In the Bar W Field close to the bridge there is this man named Peter, who makes lamps out of anything. His business is Peter Sardelis Custom Designs "Recycling Relics"
 He's an interesting man and that's all I'm saying about that. I think it's all part of Round Top, the people, the atmosphere all of it. 
I did like the parking meters made into lamps (again for my son's room).

One of my new favorite spots to stop is Charles Keyton & Company. It's not new to Antique Show but I have not generally stopped in much in the past. It's located in Sommerfeld Place and we found the BEST prices and prettiest pieces. I didn't buy the Rose Medallion, but oh how I wanted too. The antique Chinese porcelain, usually with a gold circle (the medallion) contains a bird and flower. I am not a huge collector of Chinese artifacts or antiques, but the Chinese Porcelain, Rose Medallion is beautiful, and one day I would like to own some.
These trays were also at Charles Keyton and Company (as well as everywhere in Round Top).  I have a strange addiction to silver trays, but who doesn't??
Right next door to Junk Gypsy in the field, I saw this swing. Loved It! This dealers whole booth was great.
Vincent Peach (man in white t-shirt to the left), makes jewelry. About three or four shows ago I bought a great silver Tibetan bracelet from him (apparently he doesn't make everything he sells), and since then he has slowly moved into making jewelry out of pearls and leather, silver, etc... I like pearls, but I never have considered myself nice and sweet enough to pull off wearing them. Anyway, I liked his display, the trunks, the lamps (I didn't notice the lampshade at the time or I would have fixed it).
LOVED her boots.

one mile North of Round Top square on HWY 237, FREE admission and parking.
After 15 years of coming out to Round Top I have of course developed a list of favorite places, dealers, fields, etc..  Arbors is on my list of favorites. The dealers at the Arbors are fabulous.

Everything at this booth (at Arbors) is upholstered in burlap.  See the tee-pee in the back ground? What little boy wouldn't love to have that in their backyard?

The ladies from Wendow Fine Living are set up at Arbors, they did a super stylish job. All the women in the tent were oohhing and aaaahhing over their space. When they are not in Round Top you can find Wendow Fine Living in Austin, Tx at 1512 W35th Street, #512-284-9732

Still at the Arbors, metal stools, chairs. I definitely think it's time to redecorate my son's room. I kept seeing inspiration everywhere.

Antique Lobster Basket from Maine, the dealer bought it to make his space look beautiful (and it did) but it wasn't for sale. BooHoo!! It was much, much, much better looking in person, the picture does not do it justice. The dealer's shop was Rustique from Marietta, GA, you can find Rustique at the Arbors.

Also from Rustique was this museum quality piece inlaid with real ivory and had already sold for $15,000.00  I double checked my zero's and I entered them correctly. I did get two great antique french riding helmets from Rustique. They are the first two antique helmets I have purchased but think they would make a great collection to consider working on for my daughter (who rides).

Not that I collect, like or know anyone who does...I could not help myself when I saw these scary baby doll heads, I had to take a picture. You see it all in Round Top.

And sometimes you see it twice! Please stop disfiguring baby dolls.

These are out in the Bar W field and are burlap, $45.00 and can be purposed any way you like. I bought two a season or so and have used them at each end of my coffee table, under a table, at the end of a bed, and currently in front of a fire place.
To end, I am kicking we did not go back to get a price on these turquoise plates. The dealer was missing in action on the day we stopped in. She had a set of twelve, which is as shocking as it is to see such a pretty turquoise. The Italian Florentine box on top is precious. I'm not wild about the gold charger but then again I never have been a huge fan of chargers.

I know it's the week of Easter and we are all getting ready for family, friends, church, eggs, and chocolate bunnies, but if you can squeeze it in make your way to Round Top and walk around. You'll be so glad you did. I'd love to hear what you find. Where is your favorite place to shop in Round Top/Warrenton?


  1. Had so much fun! Great info for RT newcomers.

  2. can't wait....going on Friday!! really wanted to be in Warrenton this past Friday but our plans changed...
    LOVE LOVE those boots too!

    thx for sharing info ...we've been going for umpteen yrs but I learn a new area everytime....there's alot to conquer while there!

  3. Anne it was fun. Anytime your ready I'll drive (the twenty five minutes). I could (and sometimes do)go everyday.

  4. Jeanette,
    I can not get enough of RT and Warrenton. Those boots were great and the girl wearing them was adorable. You are right it's a lot to conquer but the best part is you can always find something you haven't seen before.
    Enjoy your RT/Warrenton time.