Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Love and Hate

Do I write something personal today, something funny, show some pictures of pretty things, what!!!!!
I know what I'd like to write but an anonymous blog would be the better place for that, but I think ANONYMOUS is about as cowardly as it gets. What I say is rarely popular, but you know I said it.


1. People think they know me because they know who I am. Yes you KNOW who I am, that does NOT mean you KNOW me. Now I know that with that comment I will get a few Anonymous comments from one hateful woman who probably lives with a ton of cats. To her I say, they have a show just for you it's called Animal Hoarders and if that doesn't work turn on Intervention.  But I LOVE to meet people, talk to everyone and I love the overall kindness of strangers (not the creepy kind of strangers).

2. Children, teens, anyone who addresses me as Ms. Tikaa!! WHAT is that? My last name is FAR easier than Tikaa try using it!!!!!!!!!!!!    Children should not be addressing anyone is such a manner, who started that and what does it teach them. But I love that those same children are half way to getting it correct, they do get credit for the Mr./Ms. part.

3. I HATE when people use a Walmart, Target or whatever the brand of plastic bag for a means of toting their stuff around. If you are 1 or 100 and you are carrying a plastic bag around with your flip flops and towel you look HOMELESS and in need of a shower!  I LOVE when people recycle those grocery bags into the box outside the grocery store made just for recycling.

4. I hate when my mascara goes on like crap. YES it happens and I love mascara, it's almost worst than a bad hair bad.

5. I love when people gain weight!!!! I had to throw that one in because I hate that no one admits that! Every woman knows she does not want to be "the fat friend" and when your friend or enemy gains weight its like winning the lottery.   What size my family and friends are doesn't matter I don't pick my friends on there size but IT IS A BANNER day when the enemy gains weight.  YOU KNOW I AM RIGHT!   You can all start building the stake or getting the rope, I do not care.

6. I love that in our town a pool party means a cocktail dress and hate that a lot of times it includes barbecue.  Cocktail Dress + Barbecue = #%&*%#^#^#%@$#%&^&#%!!!!!
I hate barbecue, I really consider it satins creation. Think about it, fire, smoke, heat, a big slab of meat. GROSS.

7. I hate chickens, I love eggs

8. I love my children's school and HATE when certain (or any) moms do not do the drive through correct. In one and only one direction and exit one direction, it is not enter and exit in the manner that suits you best.  I am strongly suggestion that the school make a special magnetic sign for all the parents that do drive through wrong and it be placed on their car until that can do drive though correctly!!!!!!!!!!!!

9. I love one of our neighbors, she is the sweetest, cutest woman. Yesterday after playing in her yard my son said,"Mom I like her, she's nice and she smells really good, like flowers." Which would be the reason I hate her ( I do not really hate her)! Her yard is sooooooooooooooooooooooooo pretty and everything blooms with  gigantic burst of color and fragrance.

10. I love that our small town has a newspaper, and the best part is they make MORE mistakes than I do. I swear their computer systems must be as old as the paper itself, they rarely have an issue that doesn't consist of a dozen or so missed spelled words.  My all time favorite newspaper moment was an add that was suppose to read "Free skin cancer screening for the month of May" instead our local newspaper put "Free cancer for the month of May"

11. I hate that when I mention missing the city I get CRUCIFIED.  Recently a twelve year old girl (same one that called me Ms.T) did just that, when I meantioned missing Houston. MISSING a place is not slamming the town I live in currently. At a dinner party this child LIT into me. Bless her heart she freaked out, HOW could anyone miss Houston. I did mention she was twelve and only ever lived in our town. She's young and hopefully her views of the world will one day include things, events, occasions and experiences that will open her eyes up to a world full of people who do not always agree with her or feel the same way as she does. After all isn't part of life and growth  the interactions we have, disagreements, community involvement, experiences both good and bad, . I love that she is so dedicated to her town, I hate that she could not respect someone else for saying they miss a place that was home to them for almost thirty years.

Take me serious or don't, everything I write is not to offend or enlightenment (far from it), it's just a moment in my life, my day, my thought. I write about what pops in my head at the moment and try to do it with a little light heartiness and a lot of sarcasm. You don't have to like it, you could start a blog yourself, you could read another blog, but what you can't do is leave an anonymous comment. Leave all the comments you like, with your name. If you are going to say it, stand by what you say or shut it!  I'd love to write about more details, crappy things that happen or people say, great stuff that happens or people say but then again, what would I have to put in a book if I put it all on my blog.

Love and Limes,


  1. First to post! Good for me. I respect your preference to be called Mrs. Cone by children. However, I grew up in the deep South...not Texas...and felt privileged to refer to my Mom's friends by Miss whoever and as an adult LOVE when the children of my friends call me Miss Sandy. BTW, you don't offend me at all...:)

  2. This is one of your best posts. I've missed reading your blog.

  3. Absolutely one of your best posts. Keep them coming.

  4. I'm cracking up! Just yesterday, I was so irritated with a carline renegade that I wanted to get some road spikes and throw them at him!!

  5. Your on a great ROLL! Keep it coming.. lol..