Tuesday, July 3, 2012

All For A Good Cause

This past weekend three couples (Shannon, Cissy and Myself) hosted a dinner party donated to our hospital.  Four couples went together and purchased the dinner and Saturday night we prepared and served dinner to 8 couples. The evening was beautiful, full of wonderful food, kind people and all for a great cause.
To start the evening off, cheese trays overflowed for everyone to nibble on as well as a chaffing dish full of delicious Garlic and Rosemary Lamb Lollipop Chops (I forgot to take a picture). Oops!
Our table was beautiful,fun, and not over done.  Okay, maybe a little over done, the place mats were made from zebra hides, set with Francis the First silver, Jan Barboglio napkin rings with white linens. Each guest was given their own bottle of Patron, bowl of limes and salt shaker... after all it WAS in the name of charity.
Closer look at the table, the menu was finished with a small turquoise stone. Accompanying the Francis the First is Laguiole Steak knives, perfect addition to the look of the table.
I love a set table! I don't care if it's for two or twenty, the presentation makes the difference.
Another view
I said each guest received their own bottle of Patron, I didn't say what size. Hey, they had to drive home! We also hired a bartender for the evening, drinks were made according to request. Also on hand for the evening was someone to wash dishes. Do the math: Salad plates, dinner plates dessert plates ALL times sixteen, and don't forget all the glasses!!! Ugh, I would have been there all night.

Two helpers, well not exactly. They dressed the part in their camouflage guayabera shirts but shortly after the guest arrived they disappeared to their little man cave.

Our centerpieces, three different Catrina's (Day of the Dead), a few flowers in turquoise pots and vases, candles and of course the Patron.

Here's were I really dropped the ball on taking pictures, but it was next to impossible to prepare plates, serve and photograph everything. The one picture of the food I got was of the beef tender and shrimp towers with rosemary on top of jalapeno cheese grits and a side of haricot verts,  I drizzled the plate with a Balsamic Vinegar glaze. We also made a wedge salad, and Tres Leche for dessert. The only part of our meal we did not prepare was the Tres Leche, which was prepared by one of my daughter's friends (Kayle). They are incredible. With dessert I made a shot of 1ounce Hazelnut liqueur and half an ounce of Vodka served in a chocolate shooter with a lemon sprinkled with sugar. Sounds a little odd, but it was a hit and super fabulous.

After dinner and a little socializing, cigars were passed around, Patron was toasted and good times were had by all.


  1. The food looks amazing and the table is stunning. I love the helpers in their camo shirts: adorable!

  2. The food looks amazing and the table is stunning. I love the helpers in their camo shirts: adorable!