Thursday, July 12, 2012

Batton Affair

I know, I know, I know, this post looks similar to the last one. True it does, but there are a differences. We thought we might as well continue with the theme since the Catrina's were still out from the last fundraiser. Different group of people, different event, why not.

This was a luncheon (one difference from the last post), so we pulled out the brightly colored place mats and flatware (also different from last post) and blue wine glasses.

Another view, since it was a ladies luncheon handing out bottles of Patron was out of the question, but putting roses in Patron bottles was okay. I must admit we did not hand out bottles of Patron but we did give each guest a Coronita with a turquoise ribbon ( they looked so cute on the table).

Nothing screams class like giving your guest beer as a party favor.
They were adorable and so were the roses in the Patron bottles. Cute, cute, cute.  Remember, all in the name of fundraising.  Don't judge I have admitted before I love mascara, would drive a pink car and always have a diet coke in my hand.  I draw the line at rhinestones and glitter, and I would never wear my slippers to WalMart. Give me a break, I have some class. Well if I'm being honest I did wear my slippers to Home Depot ONCE (HONESTLY I totally forgot I had them on, completely embarrassing).

This post I worked really hard at remembering to take pictures of the food, now please keep in mind that I took them in a hurry and usually as a second thought. So they are not perfect (then again none of my pictures are), but you get the idea. First course was NOT salsa and guacamole as it might appear, but was chilled avocado and cucumber soup and gazpacho with baked Parmesan pita chips. Perfect for a hot summer day.
Next up was a salad trio: chicken salad on a bed of greens, a festive fruit salad and pasta primavera with arugula and lemon and basil dressing.  During this point and dessert the conversation got very interesting, a couple of the guest had been nurses and WOW the stories they have, one included a chicken bone and another included a pump (and YES exactly where you might think....UGH!!!). Two jobs I was not cut out for: Nurse or Teacher. I could not handle having vomit on me and wheter your a nurse or teacher I bet vomit comes with both jobs. One of my children have actually thrown up on me and how I managed to not vomit at that moment I do not know.
Thank you to all the women who are nurses and teachers.
A couple other topics we hammered out today at lunch:
1. No one should let their husband, brother, father (any man you know) wear a t-shirt if he has man-boobs. Its a BAD look, tell them to stick to button ups or invest in man Spanx's
2. Next, it does not matter how fabulous your furniture is, ALL furniture looks horrible in the bed of a truck (if your moving rent a uhaul).
3. The big one: if "they" can put a man on the moon then "they" should be able to figure out how to make Styrofoam environmental safe. RIGHT???? A Sonic Diet Coke would never be the same in plastic.
I know you are all probably disappointed that we did not hammer out world peace at lunch but it was raining, we were relaxing and it was a cause at a time.
Dessert was simple - Bowl drizzled in a milk chocolate, Blue Bell Mango Ice Cream and a Summer Berry Mix Ice Cream, topped with a cookie.

When most of the guest had left we entered into another earth shattering conversation about a post I did, where I mentioned that everyone LOVES when a enemy gains weight. At first the group was of the side that NO they never want someone to gain weight, to which I called BULLSHIT out loud. They collapsed and agreed with me. 

All in all, a great event. The food was fabulous, the conversations were interesting, everyone was delightful and we have all agreed to stamp out man-boobs.

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  1. Everything was wonderful, I had a great time! The food was fabulous, and the conversation....even better.