Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The people in our lives

Who do we really need in our lives? what part does each person play?  There is a difference from who we need in our lives and who we want in our lives, families, everyday experiences. Can we control the flow of people in and out our lives and if so should we. I meet interesting people all the time, kind people and of course  I meet my share of mean people. I may actually met more than my share of mean people, but I bet a lot of us think that. Maybe the moment I am meeting these "mean" individuals they are in the mist of something bigger than they are and the "mean" over comes the "good."
 Saying that, I do have a tendency to give more chances to people than I should, in the mere hope that eventually the "good" will come out.  By no means do I think that I'll bring out that in anyone, but I hope for the good in everyone, and see the potential.

I sat down to work on my post about something completely different, and an experience I had with someone close to me kept popping up, and my disappointment in this person has been so intense that here it has come out.  Now I am asking myself the question I started with, "Who do we really need in our lives?"  I know I'd love to have this person in my life, but it's not a NEED and I will survive.

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