Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Back to School

Summer is just about over and I HATE THAT!!!!  I love the children being home, no schedules, sleeping in, swimming, trips, and of course SHARK WEEK. We are extremely addicted to Shark Week, so addicted that one summer we did go and swim with sharks, by we I mean everyone but ME! In my defense the water was freezing and someone had to take pictures. Plus as soon as the instructor said not to kick your legs and to move your arms slowly, I officially freaked out. Oddly enough my daughter (who wasn't super excited about the idea) got in the water twice, and my son didn't make it two minutes. After that experience we all decided we are by far the kind of shark lovers  who admire from the couch.  It is so much easier to be tough and brave watching sharks with a diet coke in one hand and the remote in the other. We have Shark Week going on and back to school to prepare for and I've become addicted to Instagram (but I only like the people who actually take their own photos, not take them from Pinterest and the Internet).

All the pictures on this post (and on my instagram) I have taken and then gone NUTS with instagram and pixlromatic apps. I am hooked on instagram, I love to take pictures (I know I'm not great at it, but Oh the memories...). I LOVE instagram, you can follow me, my user name is tikaac

So with the end of summer arriving, shark week in progress and school starting I am trying to get back into the routine of things. With that being said, I started tonight off with a hair mask (needed some deep conditioning after all the sun and chlorine) and face mask. Why not?  I've never been a big facial mask user and I remembered why tonight, OH my goodness do not get the mask to close to your hair or eyebrows. All I can say is that I am extremely happy that I still have BOTH my eyebrows.

After my hair pulling experience with the face mask (Montagne Jeunesse Fruit Smoothie brand), I've decided to stick with facial towelettes (wipes, soap, cleansers, moisturizer, etc...). The picture is my hoard of wipes, I am obsessed with them and constantly on the look out for my favorite. My current favorite is Yes to Cucumber, it smells great, removes makeup, hypoallergenic,oil-free, non-comedogenic (I had to get the package out to make sure I got that one right), they are biodegradable, and are 98% natural and only cost about eight dollars (Yes to Tomatoes is great too). My face feels refreshed and calm after using Yes to Cucumbers.
 I have used and like the MAC wipes but they are about twenty five dollars and since I live in a small town I either have to plan ahead and order them online or remember to pick them up when I go into Houston. MAC wipes definitely take the makeup off, my skin feels soothed but the scent is a little chemical like (in my opinion).  The Neutrogena wipes are good, but I can't commit to making them my favorite, they remove the makeup fine, smell okay, but the wipes are not as smooth as the Yes to Cucumbers.
During my unofficial wipe research to find the "best of" the Burt's Bees wipes were the YUCKIEST of all, and I have been trying to make myself use up the package I have but I don't see that happening. In all fairness they did remove my makeup, but the scent was bothersome, and my face felt sticky and blah after using them! I'd love to hear what your favorite makeup removing wipes (or pre-moistened towelettes) are.

This summer I have managed to loss some weight and who doesn't want to do that. I'm not a big water drinker, but OH WOW it really does help you lose weight. I have been trying to drink a ton of water and cut back on my diet cokes, but honestly I drink a ton more water, but still drink a ton of diet coke. I'm hoping at least now the amount of water I am drinking is balancing out the amount of diet coke I drink, I have no idea. Unfortunately I have discovered a new favorite drink and right now I will say DO NOT DRINK IT!!!!!!!  The picture above is of the International Delight Iced Coffee in Vanilla and if it wasn't 200 calories for a cup I'd walk around drinking it straight out of the carton. I have to get this out of my house. I honestly thought I was going to hate it when I bought it, why then did I buy it...I had to find out!

I don't think I have to worry about getting dehydrated, between the water, diet coke and vanilla iced coffee. Nor do I have to worry about my drinks getting hot, but more importantly, anything I'm drinking looks cute in these cups. Insulated tumblers with monograms in every style and a few colors (pink, green, navy). I bought the cups, and added the monograms later. With school starting I need cup I can grab, fill up and go...and don't forget look cute.

With my drink in one hand I have to have every one's schedule and list of "to do's" in the other. So I made some personalized and adorable paper (notepads too).
A closer look at the personalized notepads and sheets I made. I never seem to get everything on the list done, but I try...there's always tomorrow.

What does this picture have to do with back to school...NOTHING. I've worn Chanel No.5 FOREVER and you can call me dated for wearing it, I do not care.  Chanel is Chanel, what can you say. I've considered it my signature fragrance for the past twelve years. Then a strip of paper with a squirt of Gucci Guilty and two weeks later and I was still thinking about it, so I decided to try a small bottle. There was only one problem, the Gucci Envy Me sitting right next to the Gucci Guilty was just as fabulous and what was I suppose to do!  Remember it's been twelve years since I've tried another fragrance.  Yay, Little Einstein just told me "Mom that smells" and he didn't mean in a good way. I guess I can mark Gucci Envy Me off the list.

I really got off track with the perfume. Both children of course needed a new backpack for back to school,  they ended up with the typical boy backpack in camouflage (I added his monogram in hunter safety orange) and a Vera Bradley in Va Va Bloom (again monogrammed). If I was getting a new mommy backpack, it would be this Louis Vuitton Raspail. As mom's we deserve a back to school bag too, at any given moment you can look in my bag and I am carrying around band-aids, Kleenex, chapstick, someones ipad, maybe a skylander, the other day one of the dog's collars. Next to "Mom" I hear "hold this" from both my children about a million times a day. We Mom's should get a new back to school bag.

I really dread back to school, even with one starting high school and the other fourth grade I will still cry the first few days of school. Then about a month into the school year I will be crying for a different reasons: crazy schedules, sports, homework, and activities. With all the routines and new schedules, I've planned ahead  with these adorable flask. If it gets to crazy I can fill them with Patron.

Take a deep breathe, I'm KIDDING!!!!

Back to Shark Week and what we have learned ( I did mention it's kind of a big deal around here):
1. This is Shark Weeks 25 Anniversary
2. Jaws was released in 1975 and was rated R, and had a huge impact on Sharks both positive and negative, and is now available on blue ray. Jaws (although fictionalized) was based a real incident in 1916 which four people were killed by a shark off New Jersey. Martha's Vineyard and Nantucket Island were the inspirations for the fictional Amity Island in Jaws.
3. If you are ever stranded and starving in the ocean and manage to kill a shark DO NOT eat the liver.
4. Also if stranded in the ocean, make as little noise as possible, apparently noise attacks sharks.
5. USA has had the most shark attacks since 1950.
6. Great White Shark's most acute sense is smell.
7. Magnets do not repel all sharks.
8. Bull Sharks can live in salt and fresh water.
9. There are an average of 30 to 50 shark attacks a year, 5 to 10 prove to be fatal. You have a higher chance of being killed by hornets, wasps, bees, or a dog than a shark.
10. Most shark attacks on humans occur within a few hundred yards of shore.
11. Shark "fining" leads to the death of 73 million sharks every year.
 Apparently in China Shark fin soup is a big deal.
12. Megalodon's nickname is Sharkzilla. Although prehistoric, Megalodon is estimated to have grown to 60 feet. That's HUGE!
13.Some sharks are pregnant for TWO years!
14. Before Jaws, Burt Reynolds filmed another shark movie called Shark, real sharks were used in filming the movie. A stuntman was killed filming a scene with the sharks.
15. Swimming with sharks is NOT fun, it's cold, scary and not as cool as it sounds. DON'T do it!!


  1. I have also used the Neutrogena cleansing wipes, but sometimes they are not "wet" enough. I like: Olay Regenerist Micro-Exfoliating, L'Oreal Revitalift Radiant Smoothing, and Pond's Wet Cleansing Towelettes in Evening Soothe. I recently bought the newer ones Pond's introduced that have Kaolin Clay, but have not tried yet.

    Viva la Shark Week!

  2. I love your blog!! Keep monogramming!!!!!

  3. Where do you do all your monogramming at? How did you make your notepads? Did you order them?

  4. Where do you do all your monogramming at? Where did you get your notes pads from?

  5. Thanks for the comments.To Galle/Voler I make the sheets and notepads. I'm a paper dork, so I'm always messing around with my computer to see what I can mix up to make a cute notepad out of. I've done a blog in the past about how to make them. I may need to do another. The previous one showed how to make notepads as a party favor (same process whatever the occassion).
    Anne - I'll have to try those wipes.
    feltlikesuede - THank you!!!! Love those monograms.

  6. SHARK WEEK is HUGE in our house as well.. Josh and I are the biggest fans of it!!!! I however did swim with SHARKS and STING-RAYS in BELIZE. And IT WAS SCARY but i did it and now think what the HELL was I thinking????

    And, as you know I'm HOOKED on INSTAGRAM as well! I LOVE IT and most of my pics I do try and take myself.. I love photography. I'm on my second class at RICE University and it's wonderful!

    BACK TO SCHOOL is HELL! I spent 4 hours of my day this morning transfering and registaring Joshua at Cy-Woods H.S. but we did manage to get some school shopping done and found a cool backpack WHICH WILL NOT BE MONOGRAMMED!! I love all things with my initial or monogrammed on it. Anyway, Josh says 15 yr. old boys do not have thier names on stuff! I wont tell you what he really said! Hahaha!Anyway, let the craziness begin and I will probably have a mini bottle of PATRON in my backpack for after school!! hahaha!! KEEP BLOGGING,MONOGRAMMING and INSTAGRAMMING Tikaa! I LOVE IT ALL!!

  7. Oh and my favorite wipes are the CUCUMBER ONES, my sister got them for me a few months ago and I have been loving them ever since...