Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Damn Snickers Bar!

I've been on "back to school" over haul, by that I mean cleaning, organizing, etc.... During the summer we throw out any schedules or routines and by the time school is about to start I am overwhelmed with the "things" we've ignored throughout the summer (like keeping things organized, schedules, blah, blah, blah). So the last week or more I've been on a roll, I recently ordered this cute little "organized" (an attempt to get back in the swing of things) bag.  Let me remind (or refresh) everyone of the kinds of crap I carry around me on a daily basis: band-aids, nail file, scissors (don't ask), med's (you never know), safety pins, pony tail holders, and the list goes on and on. My purse is the adult version of Dora's backpack, you need it I bet I can pull it out of my bag. Now that I have explained that, you can only imagine what this bag of mine weights, at least a TON!!! So when I saw this little bag that would not only hold all that necessary crap but keep it organized as well and come with most of the stuff I already carry in it, I had to try it out.  The bag is made by In a Pikle (no I did not spell it wrong) and I'm hopeful I can leave it in my car (instead of always carrying this stuff around).  They come in all kinds of prints, solids, etc... You can check out all their details at www.inapikle.com

This is mine, navy chevron and orange trim.

The inside. They come with all the goodies to fill your In a Pickle bag, but there is plenty of room to add your own items.

Since I've been on this "back to school" over haul I thought it would be a good idea to shampoo a few of the rugs in our house (we have wood floors everywhere). BAD, BAD, BAD idea. First mistake was renting a machine. DON'T do it, what was I thinking!!!!! The smell (from the machine) was horrible, then I started thinking about all the hundreds of people who have used it before us and what they might have been cleaning. GROSS! I'm almost 100% positive one of the rugs will not be coming back in the house. If that wasn't enough, I moved a piece of furniture over (about two feet to clean behind it) and scraped every inch of paint off the wall. UGH!!!!! After the smelly carpet cleaning machine and taking the paint of the wall I sat down and ate a Snickers bar (I skipped dinner out of complete guilt. Damn Snickers bar, why was that even in the pantry). Today is yogurt and water.

Later last night I think I may have turned things around when I pulled out my gigantic binder of recipes (which I've had for fifteen-ish years). The binder is falling apart, recipes are in the three rings but more are stuck in between the pages and pockets. The whole thing has become such a disaster that finding anything in any timely manner is out of the question. To redeem myself from machines, paint removal and questionable lunch choices I tackled the binder and took everything out, reorganized it with new dividers, a new binder and added all my favorite Pinterest recipes (I'll share a picture a few tips and ideas later, but soon).

While printing out our favorite and some new Pinterest recipes I came across a few that are NOT going in the binder. First, cake mix waffles, you make the cake mix according to the box then pour into your waffle maker, and done. I could eat the whole BOX! We made (earlier this summer) chocolate, vanilla, and funetti. I thought I was going to throw up. You can't stop yourself. Best advice...Don't Make Them!!!!

Next, I thought I'd make my daughter the "Salad In a Jar" she really likes salad and I thought making those would be quick and easy for her to grab. Until I read you have to have a vacuum sealing machine! REALLY!  I don't mind the occasional recipe that is a little time consuming and involved, but I'm drawing the line at buying an attachment for jars to add to a vacuum sealing machine in order to make salad. As I type this I can picture myself searching the Internet for one later.

A quick, nothing of a post (hope no ones mad) but I'm off to return shoes we bought for school. I LOVE when we try shoes on, purchase them and get home and they gave us the wrong size. The plus is when I call the store to tell them and make arrangements to get the right size, and they have sold them. Keep in mind I live in a tiny town, so to return the shoes will take me one hour each way in driving time.

We all have crazy schedules and busy families. Recently a mom (or maybe she isn't) sent me an email and informed me that she would not, in anyway shape or form be helping at all with any projects, fundraisers, sports, etc,,,, at our daughters school this year. She's busy, going to school, building a new house, watching her animals (she honestly stated this in her email) and to never contact her again for any help with school matters.  Why did I not think of THAT???? I had no idea that caring for our dogs, being president of parent/teacher organization, running to and from sports events and practices, hauling children around, making dinner, washing clothes, blah, blah, blah was all an OUT to doing anything at our children's school. Crap all this time and I could have been eating lollipops and watching butterflies.  I didn't respond to her email, you can't reason with crazy, but give me (and every other mom) a BREAK lady we are all busy. I'd love to give you all her email, but... some people may frown upon that (not me but some people).

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  1. Oh my...I've been reading your blog today and I absolutely love your style and your humor! Just not sure how to "follow your blog."