Sunday, August 19, 2012

Plagiarizing Pinterest

First let me start by saying that I love to read and read everything. I read books, magazines, and blogs, and blogs and blogs. I really enjoy reading blogs, and reading about other women's ideas, life, family, etc.... I read book after book after book (which drives the Judge crazy), and I am addicted to magazines (and won't subscribe because I am inpatient, they hit the store before they hit my mailbox and I want it NOW). With that being said, I would not read books or magazines that constantly took ideas, stories and pictures from Pinterest or the Internet and incorporated into their books and magazines. I can (and do) read Pinterest, I do not want the books, magazines and blogs I read to be a repeat of that. I must admit that blogs are the worst at "highlighting Pinterest." I read more than a few decorating blogs and a few I read seem to be the worst at taking the photos for their post straight from Pinterest (or the web) and then blah, blah, blah they have a post of their own, or is it? I think not. I can see, sharing an occasional Pinterest idea or picture, but lately I noticed more and more bloggers getting their entire post (or most of it) from Pinterest and adding a line or two of comments. BORING. Then again maybe it's just me, maybe I should be doing the same, scouting Pinterest and the Internet, taking the photos and posting them on my blog with a comment. Are we not OVER that? How about some original ideas, thoughts, PICTURES of your own???  I'm not saying that we shouldn't try some of the fun and fabulous things on Pinterest and share it, but come on bloggers, go back to where you started. We want to see your ideas, interest and fabulous-ness, NOT Pinterest (or the Internet). I can and do go to Pinterest on my own and pin away.  Leave the pictures on Pinterest (or the Internet) if you did not take them and get to snapping away with your own camera (or phone).


  1. I totally agree with you Tikaa. Though, im not a blogger and maybe shouldnt be saying anything... I like to see people's very own ideas and pictures! You always post from your heart, phone or camera! I like that....

  2. Since Pinterest is not exclusive, the content just keeps getting recycled over and over. I enjoy bloggers who use their own photos.