Sunday, August 26, 2012

You know you live in the Country when...

Last night at a dinner party a friend's husband started telling us that he had a snake in his car! Which he saw while driving.The snake was under the gas petal making a move to under the driver's seat.  Eventually a few mechanics found the snake and were able to get it out, but not without it taking several hours and lots of frustration. During this conversation it made me think about other things that would/do happen in the country.

You know you live in the country when:

*Directions are giving according to landmarks and barns.

* During a parade there are more people in the parade than watching the parade.

* You've been to Wal-mart and seen horses tied up in the parking lot.

* Stores are close by Noon on Saturday and nothings open on Sunday.

* Your theater has SIX screens and cost five dollars.

* You have more cowboy boots than sneakers.

* The local newspaper is only 5 pages.

* You go to the Feed Store more than the Pet Store.

* Camo is considered a color.

* Bacon and butter are considered a veggie.

* A bad cold will get you prayers and  a casserole.

* You've had a snake in your dryer and a bird in your car (both have happened to me).

* Your children get a day off from school for the Fair.

* The directions to your home include "turn on dirt road."

* You've used a hay bale as a chair.

* The talk at breakfast is about last nights episodes of: Swamp People, Duck Dynasty or Toddlers and Tiaras.

* Your drinking a Perrier water and someone ask, "What kind of beer is that?"

* Wi-Fi is referred to as "wee-fee"

* "Bless your heart" can be both an insult and a compliment.

I could go on and on. What's your best country moment??


  1. We've moved to the outskirts of Austin in Spicewood. We live in the "country" to most people around here, even though we're districted within the Lake Travis schools.
    So far just killing gigantic scorpions outside (and a few inside) are my biggest thing. (although lately the pest control is keeping them at bay)
    But I had to laugh the other day at the back to school bash.....some 8th grade girls noticed a small snake behind a stack of school supplies....all the girls and a couple of teachers came around the commotion and said "oh, he's a pretty snake or isn't he cute?"...I thought I must be on a different planet! Most girls/women in the city would be freakin' out cuz I know I wasn't thinking he was cute. And I'll never think a snake is cute! But I figured most of them have just been raised in the "country" longer and they're not as freaked by them.
    Now , I've NEVER heard of a snake going into the dryer vent!! .. we have a cage thing around the outside vent...but I'll have to ask my pest control to put up an institutional one b/c I'd better never see a snake in the dryer or I'll pass out!

    Have a great week....back to school for us today!

  2. You are asked "Who were you from home?"

  3. Your neighbor's cattle gets in your pasture.

  4. Your neighbor's cattle gets in your pasture.

  5. Guilty of all of the above! ;) Love your blog!

  6. Hahahaha so true, I love the wee fee!