Monday, September 17, 2012

Celebration Cruise

Recently a friend was approaching a big birthday and to celebrate we took a cruise (eight couples, no children).  Who doesn't like to take a trip. I loVe it but not only do I hate to pack I am horrible at it. I either over pack or forget things. As you can see from the picture, I over packed for this trip. We cruised to Cozumel for four days, arriving back in port on the fifth morning. I am refusing to show you PILE of bags I took on a four day cruise, the above picture is bad enough.
 If only! This is after my luggage was taken by the porter, these are my carry on's. Yes I take a blanket or two (eeeeeeekkkkkkk, hotel, cruise, I need my own blankets). At the last minute I had to download some more books, I didn't think I had enough to read. The list included: In The Valley of the Kings (Howard Carter and The Mystery of King Tutankhamen's Tomb) by Daniel Meyerson, Empire of the Summer Moon (Quanah Parker and the Rise and Fall of the Comanches, the most powerful Indian Tribe in American history) by: S.C. Gwynne and one easy read, Where'd you go Bernadette by Maria Semple. I've mentioned before I read a lot, I'm dork. I read fast and get anxious if I do not have a book or two waiting in the wings. I'll read about anything, and NO I have not read Fifty Shades of Grey. I'm not against reading it, but I haven't finished the other books at the top of my list first ( I have downloaded it, and will read it eventually). With all the books I also took a ton of magazines.
Once we all arrived on board, our cruise director Mrs. Webb (the birthday boys wife) had an incredible spread set up for everyone in her room. Yes we were all grown people on this celebration cruise, but one thing Mrs. Webb and I have in common is our LOVE of  fabUloUs party favors (we love giving great party favors). She did an over the top job. Each quest was given these adorable Mexican bags stuffed to the rim with tanning lotion, medications, jewelry, nuts, candy,Havianna Flip Flops and three different itinerary's for the days ahead.The bags were perfect for the event.

For some reason I can not get this picture to flip to the right side. Oh well. This is a close up picture of my goodie (party) bag. Mrs. Webb tied on pictures of each guest and the birthday boy to every one's individual bags.  Plus she adorned each bag with beautiful french ribbon and personalized photos and tag.
Here are a few of our invites to the weekends festivities to celebrate Kirk's birthday. Each party favor bag was stuffed with great information, I love thoughtful little touches. I am a paper girl, I love an invitation of any kind. Perfect touch Mrs. Webb. I hope your husband realized all the little things you did to celebrate his birthday. I think he did. Four stars, all the work added up to us have one great trip.
Another one of Mrs. Webb's super awesome touches, I know I used this a million times ( I had to work on flattening mine out just to take a picture). All eight couples were on the same floor of the ship, but slightly spread out on that floor.This map made it easy to knock or call the room you were looking for.  Thanks for keeping us informed and easy to find.
One view from one of the rooms, a bar area, sitting area and balcony.
Another view of the room which was decorated in honor of the Birthday Boy. Notice I brought my personalized cups and a diet coke.
I had a picture of the bed...who knows maybe I'll find it later.
 First, this is the blanket thingy that was at the end of the bed and after this picture i folded it up and we never saw it again. My turquoise and pink blankets were much pretty, softer, comfortable, clean and bed bug free. Back to the animal, It kind of looked like a pig, but then again I thought it could be a elephant.  I would have been happier if the room steward had left me a diet coke on the bed. But he was very nice and everyday he got more and more elaborate with his animal towels. I was convinced we were was going to walk into our room on Saturday and find an entire herd of towel animals.
 Friday night we had the big birthday celebration for Kirk.This picture is Kirk opening the gift we all went in together to get him. It was sweet at how touched he was after reading what his gift was.
 Before I show the picture of his gift, I must first say how OVER THE MOON jealous I am (seriously), his gift is AWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWeeeeeesome. I'd love it!
Please, please, please Kirk let me come shoot your new gun with you. It's so pretty! How lucky is he, great friends to have a fun filled birthday and WOW that gun is amazing. Kirk was completely surprised. Did I mention how jealous I am? A silver pigeon, so pretty...Hey Judge I would totally look great shooting one of those.
Kirk opened a few more gifts a dinner, one was a package of sticker moustache's. The picture of Jodi, is slightly altered because he does not actually have a moustache (but neither do I and that night I did). Note to self: next party purchase a package of sticker moustache's.  It definitely added to the silliness of the evening. They were fun.
 It looks like Jodi should be saying" I don't always cruise but when I do I am the captain of the ship."
At dinner EVERY night this magician came to our table and NEVER left. He was really good with card tricks and he always brought a balloon flower with him. He was amazing with those cards. Creepy good!
 Our day in Cozumel brought together two long lost brothers, Kirk and Carlos. They may not be blood brothers but brothers in arms, maybe. They sang together,ate and drank together and I bet even switched sunglasses at one point. Some of the men hung out at this restaurant while the women did a little shopping. I bet Carlos sang a hundred songs while we were shopping.  Harmless enough and extremely happy to be accommodating the men with beer and song. 
Before heading back to the ship, this is one of the stops I made. The water is crystal clear. I could have spent all day there on the beach with my book and a diet coke (or Patron).
Once back on the ship we hung out on the balcony and watched everyone loading back up, then the EMS came, took a stretcher out and entered the ship for about an hour. Everything looked okay when the EMS left, the people right below us (you can kind of see them in the picture) were busy smoking something that smelt like skunk while the boat was docked. HHHHHHHhhhhnnnnnmmmmm wonder what that was...
Sunday, our day at sea we hung out on the deck and laid out in the sun and tried some of the ships "fun drinks" The blow fish wasn't mine, but the coconut was and don't worry I completely got my money's worth out of that coconut. First a drink holder and after your last sip, it's coin bank. Shaaaazam!
  The disco ball did come with a string to attach somewhere so I guess then you could get your groove on later. Who knows.
This might have been my favorite spot. The balcony, you can have a drink, read, listen to music if you want, sit in peace if you prefer, anything.
 The cruise was great fun and going again with a big group of people would be fine with me. Maybe a Royal Caribbean or Norwegian ship next time.
Happy Birthday Mr. Webb, we had a great time helping you celebrate.


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    I'm sorry I gave you two K's instead of two A's in your name on my comment -- please correct it if you can. XO

  2. Oooh Tikaa, that sounds amazing! What an amazing way to celebrate a birthday! xo