Monday, September 3, 2012

Friends - both Online and In Real Life

So I have made a mess out of  my blog design, colors, etc.... It's really no surprise, I have no clue about manipulating HTML, and had no business messing with it, but The Judge told me I couldn't... Well in the end he was right, but I had to at least try to prove him wrong. I tried to convince myself I could become some kind of Bill Gates and The Judge would have to surrender his title of:  KING OF ALL THINGS TECHNICAL.
I was beyond WRONG! *Note that I am admitting error and fault. Plus the proof is in this horrible blog design and layout.  The King still reigns and I sUck.Thankfully it all working out for the best, because a sweet, sweet, sweet blogger named Miss Janice from sent me in the right direction to get it all worked out and a new blog design is only days away from Ooooohhhing and Aaaahhhhing everyone. Okay it may only Ooooohhh and Aaahhhh me, I know there are over four million blogs out there for you to read. Back to Miss Janice, she's adorable and completely preppy (which I adore) and she made me think about how lucky I am to have the friends I do.

I love friendly, helpful other bloggers and I loVe, loVe, loVe my real life friends. We have to stick together, right ladies?? Plus who doesn't want to band together with their sisters in the mommy hood and help each other out? I know it's hard to believe but I know a few women who would rather sort socks than help another mom out, but thankfully it's only a few women. I am VerY fortunate to be surrounded by lots of kind, helpful, generous, enormously talented, and oVerwhelMingly fabUloUs women.

If I need help getting one child to practice because I'm with the other, I have a great friend (and mom) who would help in a second and has (Anne). I need a pep talk and motivation, I have friend's who are perfect at that (Anne, Shannon, & Sharon). When I was recovering from foot surgery and had to drive to Houston for doctor appointments, I had a friend who was right there ready to drive me (Patty). I even have a friend who would tell me in a second if I was getting fat (that's a good friend/Kimmy)! I have friends to play cards with and unwind. I have a friend who is all about fun, a glass of wine and relaxing good time (Shannon) and she thinks about me when she's out shopping. I have a friend who knows I watch what I eat and invites me over to a sugar free, low calorie lunch (and it was soooooooooooooo yummy I am still thinking about it),she's a blogger too (Cynthia from I have a friend who would meet me at McDonald's for a Egg McMuffin & Iced Coffee, even though I shouldn't be eating it (Joann). When I want super glamorous eye makeup, full of drama, smokey eyeliner and touch of glitter, I have a friend who's perfect at that (LaNae). I have a friend who taught me to ride my bike (a pink huffy), use hot rollers, drive a standard (I practiced in her Mustang) and who would have never let me get a tattoo (Jennifer). Save the comments, have all the tattoo's you want, I really don't care and on some men they are HOT (The Judge does not have a tattoo,he couldn't pull that look off). Imagine, ME with a tattoo that would be ridiculous. I have so many surgery scars that if I added a tattoo to my body it would look like some kind of bad map.

My point is, that without friends (sisters in the mommy hood) to share life experiences with, shop with, complain to,lean on, have a drink with, lose weight with, let loose, be yourself around then what would life be like? I'm guessing hard!

I'm thankful for my friends, both old and new and look forward to knowing the ones I haven't met yet.

Love and Limes,


  1. Aww! It's so true that life is much more fun with friends!

  2. Awwww man.....what about the friend who calls in meds at any given time???? :)