Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Kat Von D is coming to dinner

This post could be a little pissy, I just lost everything I was typing and this is my second go at it.
First let me apologize for the horrible choice of place mats yesterday, WTH was I thinking??? Maybe the battenburg was going to class up the day of the dead plates. Epic failure. We all make bad choices, please forgive me (no need to alert Martha).  Now in my defense the plates are pretty damn cute (and not paper). Best of all I found them at this super elite, posh store...HEB (you may have heard of it). I get all my diet coke's there too! At least I didn't say I bought them at a gas station ( I didn't).

My hands are over my eyes and I am shaking my head!!!!!! The close up picture makes it so much WORSE and I am sharing them with you all. But I had to show everyone, there is a bowl available too. I'll get to the double old fashion (once again trying to class it up a little) and the coffee cup in a minute.
After I set the table my daughter informs me that she is NOT eatting off of those plates, they are creepy and devilish. My responsde "Lighten UP, we are not sacrificing a goat!"
She's horrified by the skulls, I'm horrified by the placemats, do I need to explain how different we are (I love you pookie).
Thank goodness a picture that does not send me crinching in embrassement. Those are the coffee mugs they have to enhance the plates and bowls. They are also available in black. Apparently it's okay to stick orange roses in skulls (not as offensive to Pookie as eatting on a skull plate) and yes that is a Patron bottle. Day of the Dead, Patron....uhhhh YES!
I did mention Day of the Dead and Patron kind of have a way of going hand and hand.Take a deep breathe I didn't serve it to the children. There are only TWO bottles on the table. I was really trying hard yesterday to class up this whole diseater I had going on, battenburg, pulled out the silver for the Patron and the skulls and pumpkins. Those are Juliska tea lights on the table and I used my Laguiole red knives. Looks like the queen is coming to dinner, NOT...maybe more like Kat Von D is coming over to tattoo everyone.
For the record I actually have monogrammed everyday dishes (white with a simple silver band, monogrammed at the top in silver). The Day of Dead is fun and I have friends and family over every Halloween so they will be perfect. I love them, minus the battenburg placemats.
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  1. I love all of your decorations ma'am! They are fantastic! :) I even like the place mats!

  2. Hey there!
    Just wanted to let you know I have a photo challenge going on and a few giveaways located on the sidebar!
    Hope you'll enter!!
    Love your blog!
    (I'm following you, can you follow me back?)

  3. Have you seen/bought the Day of the Dead market totes at the local HEB?

  4. Anne,
    Thanks for the info, but a friend gave me one today.

    Alexandrea, I'd be happy to follow you. Thanks.

    Jerrica, thanks for the sweet comment and helping to ease my embarrassment over the place mats.