Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Personal Challenge

Yesterday I arrived home, missing my children, dogs, home, my everyday life. I couldn't wait to get back...WTH was I thinking!!!!!!! With the exception of the children, everything has been a mess!
I just finish sending someone a text that included a rope, a tree and me dangling from it (no kidding). I'm pretty sure I have said "SHIT" about a thousand times today, the first reason being that when I turn the water on anywhere in our home, that is exactly what it smelled like. Second reason...I like it!
Back to the first reason I have developed tourette's...the water...I called the city and thankfully (odd that I am putting thankfully and my water smells like shit in the same sentence) they have received many, many, many calls today about the exact problem. There solution...I'll let you know when I do. My solution...NO ONE DRINK THE WATER, we are eatting out, oh wait we can't do that the water problem is all over the city. SHIT, I can not get a tea from Sonic, we can not eat out, don't drink the water, the laundry I washed today all smells like poo, OH no you have a volleyball game and you have baseball practice! I need a Diet Coke...no ice (poo water), no Diet Coke.

Back to the tree, rope and me dangling from it (an actual text I sent), remember I got home yesterday from a cruise with seven other couples I should be relaxed, happy, and full of energy.  Should be, but no I felt guilty for leaving the children and the dogs and last night let one of the children and two of the dogs (the little ones) sleep with me. What could I do, I missed them, they missed me, they (child and dogs) are to cute and why not. The why not is because on the rare occassion that scenario happens I get about six inches of the bed and never want to roll over in the night because I would hate to wake up a little dog (I didn't say wake up my child, because he could sleep though a car hitting the house...wait, that actually did happen, that's another story, and they didn't wake up).  Back to the rope and the tree, I'm pretty sure the poo water was enough to make me want to hang someone (maybe not myself), the lack of sleep (normal, no hanging neccessary),and the yard guy using the weed eatter to "weed" the flowers down to dirt,leaving the pile of hacked up flowers and grass at the front door, and leaving the gate open for the dogs to get out are all unfornuately normal. The best part of the day was when I looked out the window and saw the yard guy (who totally hates me, we've had a battle of tourette's before) filling his water bottle up from the WATER HOSE (remember, poo water)!!!!  Yep, I was smiling. I had to tell the judge that if said yard guy calls in sick tomorrow, it might be true.
I leave to go pick children up from school and upon our return home (they had to change and get to games) the city was flushing out the fire hydrant and poo water (in smell only) was all in the street. This next part is BAD (remember I warned you), and in my defense I had two teenage girls in the car talking to me, and a fourth grader. I turned on our street, drove through the water and splashed it all OVER the city worker.  I am a bad, bad, bad person! That was awful ( I did not plan it), and I still can not believe it happened. The girls/boy in the car all let out this "AWWWWWWWWWWWWWW gross" at the same time and I let out "oh shit" (and I was not trying to be literal). I honestly feel terrible that happened. HONESTLY!!!

So rope, tree, etc.... I am not nice! I did like it today when the yard guy drank out of the water hose (NOT NICE), but I did feel terrible when I splashed (soaked) the city worker with poo water (I should have been more careful). I said SHIT about a billion times today (not nice), and sometime this evening I totally refused to answer the phone ( there was no telling what I might say or do). My personal challenge is to be NICER. Roll your eyes, whatever but I am willing to admit that I am mean sometimes. What you are never mean? Right, I'm the only one. I'll admit I made a german chocolate cake two weeks ago just so the judge would eat it (he's been on a diet), that's not nice. The other day I waved at someone and may not have used all five fingers. My personal challenge is not to become so sugary sweet that I'm running through fields of daisy's chasing butterflies but to stop someone (even if I don't like that someone) from drinking poo water, not bake to fatten people up and wave with a smile. In addition to being sweeter I promise to work really hard on not saying the "hit" word (shit).

Keep looking, new design could pop up tomorrow and a GIVE AWAY is the first post I am doing in honor of the new design. Oh crap, spell check just gave me the finger (it's not working). Forgive the mistakes, I'm sure there are MANY.

What would you like to change about yourself? Leave a comment about your own personal challenge. You never know you could win a prize.


  1. Oh darlin' poo water does not sound good at all!!

    My thing I would like to change is how I speak to others. When I am trying to give some constructive critisism it always comes out wrong!
    Say I am trying to tell someone their shirt and pants don't match, I mean to say "Honey isn't there another shirt that would compliment those pants a bit better" but it comes out as "Ew your top looks horrid with those pants, go change now!".

    I don't know why, but I am jusy blunt and way too honest, even though I know what I should say in my head.

    Hope you're feeling better!

    & I am so looking forward to those bow giveaways!! :)

    Ebony-Rose xoxo

    (PS. If I sent 2 comments I'm sorry, just use this one, my computer was being silly)

  2. Ebony-Rose,
    So far this Wednesday morning is off to a gReAt start! No hint of poo water, YAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!!!! I'm shuffling children out the door and then off for some tennis (again, YAYAYAYAYAYAY).
    Don't beat yourself up about being to blunt, I to have suffer from that affliction. I've always said if you don't want my honest answer (or opinion) then PLEASE do not ask. Problem is, I sometimes offer the opinion without the desire from the other party to hear it. Ooopps, oh well one personal challenge at a time.
    Thanks for the comment.

  3. I'm still laughing about the poo water...that would drive me back to Diet Coke, FOR SURE!!

  4. Haha YAY about the poo water!
    And I am so glad I'm not the only one who is sometimes a little too blunt and forward!

    Also, your new design looks fabulous! xoxo

  5. My day was greAt! Tennis, fabUloUs lUnch, all aRoUnd goOd dAy!

  6. Side Note (day 1 of Personnal Challenge): I was NiCe to everyone today but said the "hit" word about 3 times! Overall I would consider that improvement.

  7. You crack me up! Your ability to put your thoughts into print is fabulous.
    I will say, something that I learned from you years ago and I still use today is "That's not my favorite".
    Have a great day!

  8. Had to leave another comment: love the new design! :-)

  9. You are always so funny. Miss you T, also everyone can be mean. It's human nature.

  10. You are always so funny. Miss you T, also everyone can be mean. It's human nature.

  11. I'm a nice person with a mean streak. My husband says it best, "You have a way of being mean without being mean." I guess my thing is that I'm not a patient person towards others and can't seem to be quiet with my opinions. I like to work on my patience, but let's see how long that lasts.......

  12. Tina "Mrs007_MI6 "JohnstonSeptember 23, 2012 at 12:09 PM

    Oh Thank you Tikka! I have been missing Brenham and you gave me a huge smile and I am dying about the whole poo water- I hate those days. Seems like someone says it happens when the lake "turns"- I don't miss it!