Friday, September 21, 2012

Pre Round Top Sale

Going to try and make this a quick post, it's late, I'm sleepy and I have another busy day tomorrow. Today and tomorrow (Saturday) we have a Pre-Round Top Sale. It's the second one we have had (first one was last spring) and they have been fun, hectic, bustling with women, an overall success.  Basically Round Top has started to buzz, even thought it is not the official week of, but then again doesn't everyone go out early (that's the best shopping, great deals and fab fines). I love walking around the pastures, barns and tents during spring and fall Round Top, I literally will go everyday. The sale we have is a great way to kick it all off.
It all started because a friend of ours who has a great space at The Arbors during Round Top came to town early last spring and we could not wait to get our hands on her stuff. Her business is Ole San Miguel (when she's not at Round Top, she lives in San Miguel) and she sells Mexican dresses, fabulous tops (all embroidered and beautiful), belts and other goodies. The picture above is not of her things, but from The Creative Mill (owner: Melinda Mills) she has a shop in Shiner, and also participates each Spring and Fall at Round Top. She sells Consuela, great pillows, handbags, and my absolutely favorite rings and bracelets by DeCarol.
A closer look at the DeCarol jewelry.
This is in the entry and a few of the dresses Ole San Miguel sells, during our sale they set up over seven double sided racks packed full. They have some adorable Game Day dresses and tops (Oops I forgot to get a pic and I'm laying in bed typing in the dark so I won't wake anyone up so I'm not getting up to take a picture of mine.) I have Game Day shirts for University of Houston (me), aTm (The Judge), and my sons baseball team colors and my daughter's school colors...I hate when I read something back and start contorting my face! That's a lot of Spirit Wear, well in my defense they are cute tops not t-shirts and they do NOT have rhinestones on any of them shaped like footballs, baseballs, nor do they say "baseball mom" or I heart football....that would be Icky!
Apparently I had a jewelry issue today. These earring are designed by Irene and are a must in every woman's jewelry wardrobe. They also come in silver for the silver fans and she makes some incredible necklaces too. Her timeless earrings can be located at The Arbor when she heads to Round Top.
Another one of Irene's creations.
These are from Jan (you can find her with Irene) and what a great price. Two different crown napkin rings, six of each would make a pretty addition to any table (why I think of 12 when it comes to setting the table, I do not know, but I do...wait I know why, my dining room table seats twelve).
Another item from Jan, super cute dog collars. Harriet (our Airedale) would look like a model in one of those. Yep, we DO think our dogs are cute enough to model...have you seen them? We have the three cutest dogs, hands down!
Look more jewelry. All handcrafted by Ruby and I have to say she has the BEST prices. Most of her necklaces are between $40 to $80. She designs, strings and assembles all of her necklaces and her husband makes all of her incredible clasp and closures.
The pictures are only a tinnie tiny portion of what is offered at our Pre-Round Top sale, but I was busy (talking) and didn't take more pics. Also available: Call Me Gourmet (mustard sauce and trash mix), Personalized Cups, Bosom Buddy Bags, Elizabeth Vallone Cheesecakes (she is so tiny...I'm jealous, she makes incredible cheesecakes AND is itty bitty, she's nice too). I hope I didn't forget anyone, but I bet I did ( I'm sorry, remember I'm typing in the dark, it's almost one in the morning).
What's your favorite shopping day or favorite place to shop during Round Top Antique week??


  1. It was awesome! As much fun as Round Top is, it was great shopping in the icy cold a/c and the deluxe fitting room. :-)

  2. Are the earrings and necklaces available online?