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Round Top Time, Again

Round Top, Texas - Antique Show TIME 
How to find all these great treasures: If you are coming from Houston, take 290 west (toward Austin), once you pass Burton you will need to keep going but start looking for Highway 237 (you will turn LEFT).  Basically Highway 237 is the Yellow Brick Road - FOLLOW it, do not get off and eventually you will start seeing all kinds of eye candy to pull over and shop through.
 Another great source of information about all things Round Top Antiques is that's the link to there Chamber of Commerce and a great source of information, right down to a map. On a side note all the pictures in this post were taken by myself and with my iPhone (super professional, right). 
Letters of all sizes and colors are EVERYWHERE this fall at Round Top and they are cute. I couldn't help taking a picture of these when I saw them. I was close to The Muffin Top when I saw these. I even treated myself to a pumpkin muffin, it is fall after all.
These letters were at Blue Hill, which is one of the very first spots you will come to on Highway 237 before Round Top, it's on the left (if you were coming from 290). I have to admit it was hard not to rearrange the letters, but with a name like mine, I thought I better not.
 So if you can't tell by now Letters are a big trend.  These were at a vendor in the Bar W Field. I know Letters are not new to design, but they have gone main stream that's for sure!
 This vendor is at the entrance of the Bar W Field )you can see them from the road, under a big red and white tent. On the left on Hwy 237 (if you originally came from 290). I did break down and purchase a big gigantic C for $40 here and a smaller C for $20.  I have them on top of a armoire in our family room at the moment. Who knows where there next home will be.
  Tolix chairs, seen right from the highway! These chairs are everywhere and if you love them, then I say buy them. Buy what you love, and for $85 that's not a bad deal (considering the reproductions are MUCH more at some of the big brand stores and online). The Tolix Chair was created/designed by Metalworker Xavier Pauchard, who introduced the galvanized steel boom to France (I guess we own him a big THANK YOU).  The chairs have some great history, but this is not a history lesson. Anyway, Blue Hills have these Tolix Chairs and you can see all the fun colors from the highway, stop and pick you up one or two is this is your thing. But, you better HURRY I took this picture over a week ago and drove by there today and there were only 4 sitting out! Wow, those basically jumped into the cars driving by on the highway. They sold a lot of chairs!
 I would love to put these in my daughter's horse barn to hold all the different feed and grain she has for her horses. How cute would that be! If she'd let me those horse stalls would be painted pink, turquoise, and I painted the horse's name on the door of the their stall. Oh, and wouldn't their fan's look adorable painted. These containers would be a perfect addition...IF she'd let me decorate her barn. I'm reminded that "it's a horse barn MOM and not a decorating challenge."  She's all business when it comes to raising, riding and working with her horses. She has ten horses (the number seems to always be changing), and last week the first horse we ever bought her died.  We had Candy for over twelve years, she was close to thirty years old, and from the first day we had her she was always very careful with our daughter.  We will miss her.
These were out during the spring show too, but they have come back this fall There is two sizes a large one about eighteen in diameter (the top) and the base is square and a little larger than the top and the smaller one is about ten inches in diameter across the top . I didn't get a measuring tape to get the exact measurements, that's strictly a guess. The surface is a little rough, the paint is chipping and wearing off (part of the charm). I did pick up a large and a small size last spring. You could do tons with these. Cake plate, serve cheese, display and accessorize. I currently have pumpkins on mine.
  Look at the price on these $15 and $35 (Bar W Field)!!!! Can you see from all the pictures WHY  I love spending so much time out at Round Top during the antique shows????  Today I said to The Judge that the amount of creativity and amazing people, designs and finds are everywhere during the antique show.  It's a great creative source.
 These laundry baskets (or so I call them and use them for) come in a few sizes, but all large enough for any load of laundry you could throw in them. The best part about these baskets is you will look so flipping cute folding towels from one of these.
I know this is not bedroom furniture but who likes rules. Anyway, I liked the color and would love it even more in my bedroom.  This would be  great looking in my bedroom with lamps, silver and my books. 
My parents have a ranch in Uvalde, Tx (with a high fence, they are hardcore), my brother's hobby is raising deer and growing up there wasn't a place they wouldn't go to hunt. Since I can remember my mom has been decorating with antlers, in her Christmas tree, included in decorations during the fall, all piled up in giant wood bowls or baskets.  Antlers are a very natural element for fall decorating, epecially since deer season starts in the fall.  Antlers are a great decorating element for anyone, any time of year if you love them. I do like the look but limit my antlers to a wood bowl, I have a few trays with antler handles and beautiful Laguiole antler handle knives as well as vintage pieces (perfect for our Thanksgiving table), Antler carving sets and spreaders, and I even have a couple antler rings (my brother made them and I love a great looking big ring). 
You can find Antlers of ALL kinds (not just white tail deer) during the Round Top Antique Show. If you love antlers and don't hunt (or do) look while you are shopping in the fields to find some great prices on antlers of all kinds.
*Side note: I have killed one deer and felt bad after and have not killed another since. Save any "letters to the editor" I do not hunt deer (or any animals) because I personally feel bad about it, now if my family, readers, or even total strangers enjoy deer hunting, then I say shoot away, that is your business.  I do enjoy going the ranch, watching the deer and my children, riding around watching the wildlife and relaxing. I do shoot skeet, trap and sporting clays but that is something all together different than deer hunting.
It's no secret that I love silver, silver trays, silver serving pieces, silver bowls...okay anything silver. I must admit I did have a small obsession with silver sandals at one point too! This HUGE shell bowl is gorgeous, footed and has beautiful details. I couldn't leave it in the fields, unprotected, not polished, no one to love it or use it...I couldn't.
A few other pieces I may have dragged home with me. Don't start with the "dragged" it is incorrect to use drug. I would hate for the grammer Nazi to come after me, after all I am writing earth shattering, Pulitzer prize winning stuff over here.
 My favorite piece of silver today was the covered dish at the top, kind of under the "ham" in Brenham. It's deep, ornate, and the pineapple is Bakelite. I think it will look perfect at the holidays with peas in it, actually nothing would look bad in that piece.
The sign made me giggle, but I do like the pretty blue mason jars. I know they look great with wildflowers in them.  Thank you Pinterest for the Mason Jar BOOM! It's crazy, paint a jar, glitter a jar, put a candle in it, fill it with sweet tea (I'd rather fill with a cocktail), serve a dessert in it, and on and on and on. I like a mason jar with flowers (if the occasion calls for it) but please remember that mason jars are not a fab fix for EVERY event or occasion.
This was taken "just in case." Well, you never know what people are looking for, I might have reader or run into someone who says, "I really need a big Earth for a design, have you seen one."
I like these, but please do not nail this (or attach it in anyway) to your wall. Then it goes from gorgeous to gag! They come in several sizes and are pricey. On a big table or ottoman how great would it would be beautiful made into a table.
 Go to for TONS of details, dates, and etc... about the Antique show in Round Top, Texas that is going on now till this Sunday, Oct.7 and again in the Spring.
What's your favorite Round Top find or favorite place to shop in Round Top?

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