Sunday, October 7, 2012

Andrea Bocelli...Swoon!

I sat down last night after a fun and final day (till next spring anyway) at Round Top and the homecoming dance preparations and to my surprise Andrea Bocelli was on PBS!!!! Well a concert performance, PBS was holding a fundraising drive.  If you know me, then it's no surprise I love BOCELLI. When my daughter was about four years old she would try to sing along with him and all I could do is "giggle."  I was afraid she's grow up with a speech impediment after listen to so much classical music and not being able to understand the words but yet she was trying to sing along with them all the time.
The first time I saw Bocelli in concert it was three months after my hip replacement and I still had to use a wheel chair and walker to get around. I remember going to my doctor and begging him to please let me out of the wheelchair to go to the concert. He did and I did so good, I never went back to the wheelchair and keep right on getting better and better at walking by myself. Anyway, that was twelve years ago and I have seen Bocelli since and GOD willing I will see him on November 28th in Houston. I'm kind of a dork about Andrea Bocelli, but WOW how does that incredible sound come out of someones! His voice is mesmerizing.
Andrea Bocelli will be in Houston on Wednesday,  November 28. I think The Judge is surprising me...but then again the last time I took him to a classical concert he asked when they were going to put the words on the screen. Needless to say, it's not his thing, and that 's okay classical music isn't for everyone. I bet if Katherine Jenkins was on stage it would be his thing (she's gorgeous). 
Fingers crossed I'll be ooooodling Bocelli in the Toyota center soon.


  1. My mom tunred me and Melissa on to him and WE ARE ALL IN LOVE WITH HIM and THAT AMAZING VOICE!! Melissa and I are surprizing her with tickets! Hope to see you there...