Friday, October 19, 2012

DIY Cap Toe Painted Shoes

I saw a picture (post) on Instagram from an adorable lady I follow (her Instagram user name is: LUNA_BELLA003 I don't think she has a blog, check her out on Instagram). Any whoooooo she posted a pic of some adorable flats she painted, so I thought let's try it.
 So I ran to Payless the perfect shoe to get flats to paint, inexpensive and who doesn't love that! I spent $16 on this pair of Nude Flats and the tan flats in the first pictures. The Ballet flats with the bows (blue and leopard) were a whooping $10. So for $16 or $10 you don't have to freak out if the attempt is a failure. Trust me it's so easy you won't fail and you will love them. Plus you can learn from a few of my mistakes.
Use the blue painters tape it removes from the shoe after the paint dries Easy Breezy!!!! Now my first mistake you can learn from is that I should have used more tape and went down the side of the flats, I have one word for ya...OVER SPRAY (oh, that's two words, or should it be one, who cares). I'm guessing you can use any spray paint, I did. I grabbed what I had available at home. On a side note I did do a nude pair of flats and sprayed the toe in a high gloss black, CHALLENGING only because it wanted to slip off, so I suggest maybe scuffing the painted area, or kilts it, then do light coats drying between each.
The result! I love how they turned out. I loved it so much I did four more!! And I am currently on the look out for a simple pair of pointed toe nude heels so I can cap toe them with black (very Chanel looking, thanks for the tip Anne).
The glitter turned out cute, but UGH the mess of it. I wore the green/leopard pair already. I love green.
Hit Payless and the hardware store and make some adorable little cap toe flats.
Here are some recent OOTD - Outfit Of The Day
White t-shirt, Burbery Scarf, Red Skinny Jeans, Tory Burch Leopard Revas, My security blanket (denim jacket), Longaberger Picnic Basket (full of Baseball goodies), Raybans, Michael Kors watch.
Wrap top and white t-shirt (No idea, it's OLDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD), jeans, Old Gringo "Love" boots, Pearls, monogrammed silver necklace and armcandy.
Denim button up from Wrangler (can not believe I admit that, but I saw it, loved it and who cares, right??), green skinny jeans (available everywhere), uber sky high leopard wedges, Louis Vuitton Backpack, and pearls.
Ariat riding pants (briches), Brooks Brothers white button up, Target plaid blazer (in stores now), monogrammed bag, Ralph Lauren chocolate boots, Michael Kors watch, misc jewels.
Miss Me jeans, White T-Shirt, Green and White Polka Dot Cardigan, Sperry leopard and gold glitter cap top flats, Stella and Dot Necklace, misc other jewels.