Monday, October 22, 2012

Halloween Home Tour...Take A Look

Happy Halloween Y'all! We love Halloween, NO we do not paint a pentagram on our drive way or sacrifice a goat...a chicken, maybe. We DO pass out candy to over 300 trick or treaters in the MOST PRECIOUS costumes you will ever see! If you don't like skull, don't come to our house during I'd say you might need to "Lighten Up." It's Halloween, pumpkins and few bones are to be expected and why not?? Here's a little peek into our home with a few of our Halloween decorations here and there. When you walk up to our front door I have the typical urns on either side and in the past I could stack three different pumpkins and and basically call it a day. I have two children a girl and a boy, neither drive, they are 5 years apart, they can make a sandwich if they needed to, pee on their own, pick out clothing that actually "works" together, and one of them can even start the washing machine, my point is they are at ages that they like a little spooky in their Halloween. Not gross or uber scary but spooky-ish. Little Einstein asked if I would put the spider web up last year and I did, well guess what...he wanted it again this year. I AM NOT A FAN, it's messy, usually looks like $&^# and it is even worse to clean up, but how can I say no. Halloween is fun because of children and sugar and a lot of both. So I got out the ladder and went to work on the spider webs and if we are having spider webs then we have to have spiders.

The right side of the door. One of my sweet neighbors said that her children have a Halloween Bingo board to play in the car and that once they drove by our house they almost had the entire board covered. Lucky them...right???  Maybe she was trying to tell me something entirely different. Who knows.

A small patch of pumpkins, bones and vine in another spot in the yard. I swear those are the only two spots I have Halloween decorations, the front door and this spot. That's it on the outside of the house. Halloween night I will add a path of candles to the front door.
Our Halloween wreath...sort of.
 Once you've made it past the Skeleton, you will be in our entry way. The Judge and I painted these stripes (it's time for something new) and when we finished he said, "Never ask me to paint again, hire someone, we suck at it." The lamps are from Ballard Designs and they are solid crystal and weigh a TON! I love them. Books, books, and more every room of our home. I read a lot, my children read a lot, we love books.  On top of the books are three different metal Haunted Houses, Halloween night we will add tea lights to them while we are busy passing out candy.

To the right of the entry way is the formal dinning room and yes it is a bright green, kind of a apple green color. I was almost standing on the table trying to get this picture (see the chandy peeking out to the right). The garland has pumpkins and bones and headstones in it and after looking at this picture, I can safely say this Halloween look will be retiring after this year, R.I.P. Halloween garland ( I can not believe I shared that awful looking garland). The lamp shades are linen and handmade by Michelle Fritz (MAKE), she lives local, is incredibly talented and a super sweet woman. She has sewn many slipcovers for me as well as lots of lamp shades, bedding and window shades, drapes, and on and on...she has a real gift for creating beautiful things with fabric.
A closer look at the lamp shade by Michelle Fritz. I love the box pleat detail.

I posted a very similar picture to this one on Instagram and the questions have been over and over, "where did you get those pumpkins?" Well that's a simple answer, HEB grocery store the only problem is that I bought them last year.  If you know where readers can currently find these please let me know so I can pass the information on.

Another one of Michelle's lampshades and the table skirt is actually made by Michelle too! I bought the lamp during Round Top Antique Show last spring. I love that the little people are three dimensional. 
The mosaic pumpkin rose bowls I have had for years, I purchased them on sale after Halloween one year and used them the following Halloween then they went missing. This year while The Judge was bring the Halloween bins down for me, I opened a box and there they were ( I had not seen them in 3 years), I literally let out a yell in excitement. My daughter pipes up (she never missed a beat) and says, "wow Mom, it's a Halloween miracle." 
I have no idea where she gets that from.
I had to work silver trays into the mix, so why not in the mantle with the skulls and pumpkins. I did mention we get TONS of trick or treaters???? Plus I have friends and family over to eat, help pass out candy and oodle over the adorable children in their costumes.

Side view of the mantle. Ugh, I need to polish the silver.

This is in my kitchen ( you can see the ovens), I mounted three towel bars down this wall. I switch out according to holiday (by that I mean Halloween, Christmas and Easter). Otherwise my white linen towels are hanging in that spot.
So I know it's time for some updates in our home, I want to paint (it's beyond time) but the woman I have always used retired and now I have to start all over and find a new person. Eerrrrrrrrrr!!!  We are not formal, we are not super casual, just lived in and decorated with what we love, what represents us and what feels like home.
Have A Happy Halloween Y'all


  1. I absolutely love, love, love your mix of high and low!! It's spookey with with a twist of nature and posh. Great job!

    Happy Halloween!!!.

  2. SUPER-DEE-DUPER CUTE! As always.... Spooky mixed with classy. I love it!

  3. Love it as usual!! BTW...I need to get with you regarding Michelle...I have some chairs and an ottoman that need slip covers!

  4. Yes, me too. I would like Michelle's contact info. Keep making us smile! :)

  5. I would also like to have Michelle's contact info..thanks!

  6. You have a beautiful home! I am so ready for Halloween! Even my golden retriever dresses up! Ha!

    Btw, I'm one of your newest followers! Love your creativity and honesty and sense of humor/sarcasm!

  7. I love love love your house! I am so envious! I can't wait for my husband to get out of the military so we can have a home of our own to decorate it the way we want too!

  8. Fabulous decorations and I'm loving the peek inside your home! My faves are the mantel and the front door!!!!

  9. Kristin and Patty,
    I will talk to Michelle and she if she is getting back to sewing. She was taking a little time off. I'll let you both know.
    Thanks, Love and Limes,

  10. Galle/Vogler Wedding Central,
    Thanks! The skeleton is not huge, I added the burlap bow and I think the skeleton came from Target or Walmart (nothing exciting).

    Happy Halloween,

  11. Love the decor! And Happy Blogiversary!

  12. I've been MIA lately but I have been reading. Love your decor, of course. I love the skeleton wreath!

    Have you heard anything about the HGTV show?