Thursday, October 4, 2012

Necklace...Trends or Traditions

It's no secret I love ALL pretty things. I obsess over somethings more than others, jewelry and accessories (handbags and shoes).  I did a post and a give away about the fun Monogrammed Necklace trend, who doesn't love that look right now. I went into the vault (my closet) and started reevaluating my jewelry, because last night I had a NIGHTMARE that someone went into my closet and ... well there is now a dead bolt on my closet door.  After all that, one thing lead to another, I'm taking pictures, re-organizing and sorting jewelry, next thing I know I'm writing this post. 
As I mentioned I went into my closet and started pulling out my long time loves and also pulled out somethings that I have decided need to find a new home. First to be looking for another neck to hang on, my bubble necklaces. I have an original JCrew bubble necklace (turquoise) and three others ( \brown, pink and royal blue). They are fun, super trendy at the moment, but when it's over it's over (for me anyway).
Now on to some long time favorites (and some new faves).
Pearls, traditional and beautiful and my addiction (one of my addictions, lets be honest I have many). There is a jewelry designer (she primarily makes necklaces) who comes up and does a show at friends house and a few other shows during the year, her name is Ruby and her necklaces are not only AMAZING, but incredibly priced. Each one is designed and created by Ruby and her husband makes all her clasp and closures (they are equally as pretty).
The necklace in the middle is almost a staple in Texas,  like boots, if you are from Texas you have turquoise and coral in your jewelry wardrobe.  The coral necklace in the middle I bought in Round Top (surprise, surprise), she's so sweet and if you like her necklace, you will LOVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVVEEEEE her earrings. Irene is the designer of that incredible necklace and Jan (her business partner)  will come and do home shows for us to.
  These are the wonderful clasp and closure Ruby's husband makes for all her creations. I just got up and put one of her necklaces on, all these pictures and talk I had to!
I'm into far on this post to stop, but I just had a horrible realization...The Judge reads my blog.  Eeeeekkkk, it's coming..."How many necklace's does one woman need?" 
My answer: "what?"
These pearls are going to be buried with me. Mariquita Masterson creations are like no others. Large chunks of dripping glass, attached to pearls (pearls are not the only choice, but I'm partial to pearls), a beautiful statement on anyone, with anything. Generally I wear mine to dresser events or gatherings, but I've worn them for no reason other than I wanted to. 
Mariquita Masterson is located at 2505 River Oaks Blvd, Houston,TX.
 Surprise, more pearls. I just realized it's kind of weird that I have my own necklace forms and more than three of them too. I might be a tiny bit, just a tiny bit weird about my closet and how and where items go.  I have another closet in my home I am thinking about converting to a jewelry closet. It's full of shelves, walk-in and then I would have more room in my master closet.
 So out with my bubble necklaces and in with the monogrammed! From one trend to the next. No, I do not wear one everyday, even though the picture looks like I might. The pearl and rhinestone necklace is attached to a ribbon and yes I bought two, but I had to. They looked better together.  They are either from Ann Taylor or Talbot's. I saw them in a magazine ad and the search was on!
I didn't go out and buy all of these necklaces last week, I have been "collecting" for years. Traditional pieces are timeless I guess that's why I love pearls.  When I wear a big necklace, I usually  wear stud earrings, and one or two small bracelets (sometimes no bracelets). A larger statement necklace looks better when it's not competing with big earrings and a ton of bracelets. It's a statement necklace for a reason, let it have the spot light. That's my opinion, but I also say wear what you love (just not all at one time).
A few OOTD
Dress: Old Navy  Shoes: Tory Burch Reva's Cardi: JCrew  Handbag: A Bientot (Houston)  Jewelry: pearls, monogrammed necklace, charm bracelet (have had forever)
 I put this one up to show the two necklace's together.  That's a sweet lady next to me named Sharon, she's has some crazy talent with a paint brush and she can handle a shot of Patron. What's not to love?
Dress: Target  Shoes: Gold Jack Rogers  Accessories: Black sash. Oops looks like I forgot to add the jewelry before I took the picture.
Wanted to show the white necklaces, I love white! It look so crisp against the chocolate brown.
 Round Top outfit
Dress: Linen from Etsy  Backpack: Louis Vuitton  Necklace: Pearls by Ruby  Denim Jacket (I've had that FOREVER, it's my security blanket)  Boots are a long time favorite.
Side note: This is the last weekend for Round Top Antique Show. For more information go to   


  1. I just ordered 8 different coloured bubble necklaces online for just over $20, how crazy is that?
    & I have finally convinced my partner to buy me a monogram necklace. He insists all my "proper" jewellery come from him, so he got himself into a little pick with that one because I consider most jewellery "proper" hehe :)

    My favourite piece of jewellery is my silver chain bracelet with a little love heart clasp. It looks like a Tiffany bracelet but it was only a fraction of the price from a local jewellers, and my Nan bought it for me for Christmas last year :) It's very simple, beautiful & sentimental :)

    Also, you look wonderful! <3 xxx

  2. I love your bubble necklaces! The trend is not over for me yet - I have an orange one and a white one and I'm desperate for more! Of course, my closet is always open if your babies need a new home :)!

  3. Oh Tikka, your a gal after my own heart. The statement necklace is my favorite. I have lots of different styles and enjoy wearing them all.

    I LOVE that coral and turquoise necklace in the top pic. *SWOON*.

  4. Tik, LOVE THIS POST!! I LOVE necklaces as well and Pearls are one of my FAVE!! I like wearing them with crisp white shirt and jeans! Very comfy and cute!

    I also ordered 2 of the monogram necklaces from ETSY! Can't wait for that package to hit my door step!

  5. It's too hard to pick a favorite piece of jewelry; like choosing your favorite child! :-) M. gave me a gold Tiffany bracelet when P was born, and I really love it.

  6. Such beautiful necklaces and ALL of your outfits are fabulous. Love that pocketbook {from Bientot}.