Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Erin Condren Life Planner Review & A GIVE AWAY

Funny how a post comes about sometimes. Monday while on Instagram I made a comment on a picture of a local gal's photo of a planner from Target. From what I could see it looked pretty. She mentioned being torn between a couple of other brands as well as the Target planner. Innocently I suggested she take a look at the Erin Condren life planners. I have one and love it. One thing lead to another and (thank you Virginia) I'm doing a post/review of my Erin Condren life planner. Hope it's helpful,the new year is just around the corner. Time to purchase those planners and get geared up for the coming new year.
When you visit www.erincondren.com and click on the life planners you will find many options to choose from for your cover. I believe they all have the option of adding a photo to the cover if you wish (you can even download an Instagram photo). I skipped adding the picture and went strictly with my name only. Seemed easier at the time.  Like the polka dot background...those would be my pajamas. I keep it super professional around here when I'm blogging.
The Erin Condren Life Planner is 7.25" X 9.25" with a personalized (with or without a picture) laminated super duty cover that can be wiped clean and an aluminum coil binding to hold it all together. You can choose the month you start your planner and either a 12 or 14 month run. They start at $50.  The possibilities for these planners are open, I'm the CEO of the Cone Household and I run this high end super sophisticated blog and it's perfect for my needs (please tell me you sensed the sarcasm). Mines more of a social planner for both my children and myself. The Judge has his own system. If you need a planner for work meetings, appointments and projects it will work. My daughter needs a new planner for the new year and all her academic, sports and horse events, I know she would be thrilled with one of Erin Condren Life Planners.
There are no limits with their planners and who they are perfect for.
First page...I love the "on the go" it's a perfect description, we are all "on the go."
Second page is this fun inspirational quote... a nice reminder to slow down and make some memories.
 Throughout the planner you will find great inspiring quotes here and there. In the picture you can see the dividers for each month, they are sturdy, laminated, easy to ready and grab.
Next up you will find a couple of pages dedicated to Birthdays and Anniversaries. I need to work on these pages. Email me your birthday, I'll add it!
Many, many, many months at a glance.
This picture shows you the design of each month, this particular one is December. I blocked out my personal stuff...boring! The Christmas trees are not printed on the calendar, I added stickers. Yes, I am a dork...

After each month the weeks are layed out for you to add more detailed information, broken down into Morning, Day, and Night. As well as GOALS and TO DO list on the left side of every week.  I usually have way more TO DO's than goals. Most weeks my goals consist of: get some sleep and  work on to do list.
Another look at a month (March), minus all the blocked out information. March is still a ways off  so I still have days open. Busy, busy, busy...oops I meant "on the go."
After the months in the back of the planners you get twenty pages of lined and blank pages to write or doodle your thoughts, ideas, list, anything you need or want. I do wish they would have made these pages perforated.
The blank pages have a fun, whimsical trim.
Following the blank pages you will find a sweet quote and a page for important numbers. Hhmmmmnnn I apparently do not have any important numbers.
Behind all my important numbers (which after this I'll be making up and adding to that page) is another page for addresses (again mine is blank). But the good news is...after the addresses are stickers and I have used those! You get 240 colorful stickers (with the exception of that one icky greenish/brown sticker, I can't seem to make myself use those). You will get stickers for any and all kinds of events, appointments, reminders, birthdays, dates, manicures and pedicures, hair, sports, exercise, and more!!!  If 240 stickers are not enough,
 you can purchase an additional 120 stickers for $3.
I honestly thought that for the $2.50 extra it was going to cost to get this stick on pen holder that I would hate it or lose it. Well WRONG, I am glad I spent the $2.50 it's handy. You choose where you want to stick it and it's not coming loose or falling off!

Also at the back of the planner you get a pocket, which is a must. Who doesn't have misc. papers that need a home and can't be thrown out (at least not just yet). 
The last items in the planner are a 2013 and 2014 calendar and a zip lock clear pocket. I would love to have one of these pockets in the front as well. A front pocket for the need to do stuff, where I can see it each morning and the back pocket for "out of sight, out of mind" stuff.
Currently I have the 12 labels and "let's get together" cards you get with your order in my clear zip pocket.
With all the planning and stickers, a box of colorful pens is a MUST! I have NO code for certain activities/events and pen color. I use the color pen according to my mood or the color I associate with the month or season I am in. I love green and pink and have a tendency to grab those, but my December is getting red and green marks all over it. The set of six pens is an additional $8.95.

 Almost forgot, each planner comes with a snap in and out page marker/ruler. Its helpful and handy and doesn't fall out.
That's it in a nutshell. What more can I say? Not exciting I know, but hopefully useful and informative. I do keep most information in my planner as well as my phone. Over kill I know, but I'd forget! I run a million miles an hour most days (which I love) I need to be able to see my weeks and months in my hands and at the flip of a page. 
There are tons of pretty, fun and functional planners/agendas available, it's all about personal style, preferences and needs.
Give there website a look, I don't think you will be disappointed. I haven't been.
I'd love to GIVE AWAY a Erin Condren life planner but...
Anyway, a give away is a give away and who doesn't love something free and adorable?
As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, a local gal Instagramed a picture of this brand of agenda/planner (greenroom, from Target), which lead to a little chat about different fabulous brands of agendas/planners. Which then lead to someone (Virgina) asking for a blog post/review of the EC life planner.  Any whooooo, I've gotten side tracked, back to the GIVE AWAY... It's adorable, turquoise with gold foil polka dots (hard cover), weekly and monthly pages, sections for Holiday, Notes, Contacts, Resources and Geography. It's a precious and made of 60-70% recycled fiber and printed with nontoxic soy based ink. In addition to the Greenroom Agenda/planner I am throwing in a glitter notebook, what a cute notebook to keep in your handbag for all your Christmas notes and gift giving list.
TO ENTER: Leave a comment,  for additional entries have a friend leave a comment and I'll enter you again and your friend. Contest ends midnight, Saturday, Nov. 17, 2012 (open to US residents only).
 Winner will recieve the turquoise and gold polka dot planner in the picture as well as the silver glitter notebook.


  1. Love reading your blog Tikaa!
    Misty Hodde-Maynard

  2. Thank you SO much Tikaa!!! You're THE best for detailing about your planner! There are so many, it's hard to choose and I had not heard of this one! Wouldn't you know, tho', before your Instagram post, my 2013 "May Book" planner came in. LOL! It's small, BUT it is what I wanted: to put in my handbag. And, like you...it's all on my phone too. Nuts, huh? Thx girl. Stay sane with all there is to do in this BUSY SEASON! xoxo

  3. Alexis - lexi_latelyNovember 14, 2012 at 5:30 AM

    Maybe I can talk someone in to buying me a gorgeous Erin Condren diary! Love it! And of course, love these too....did you know glittery gold is my signature color? lol ;)

  4. What a fun giveaway! Great review on the planners~~perfect for busy moms! Your blog is too cute~~love your style.

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  15. Hi! Just started following you on instagram and I look forward to seeing your posts everyday. Such great fashion style and I love your tips! This planner is awesome! I have my calendar on my phone and it's helpful but somehow I'm the jotting down type of gal. I prefer writing things down and seeing them all in one glance! :)

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    But I still need help in keeping this passage of my life in good working order.
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  23. My phone works for most things, but I would rather see it all in front of me. Great post about an awesome planner!

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  30. Nice review! I just ordered my first EC Lfe planner & I'm so excited to start using it & playing in it too ♥

  31. If you are a new Erin Condren customer and are interested in ordering, you can use my link to save $10 off your first purchase (you’ll get a code via e-mail after you register).